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Jeep Liberty Prices Paid and Buying Experience

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Have you recently purchased or do you plan on purchasing a Jeep Liberty? What did you pay? How did you negotiate?


  • VSQRVSQR Posts: 5
    I was looking at an 03 and dropped a email to a dealer. He didn't have an 03 I was looking for but said he would order me an 04 give it to me at invoice. And today I got an email from him telling me about the 1500 rebated, in case I was on the fence.
    That Help?
  • xmongerxmonger Posts: 14
    I thought there was only a $500 customer incentive on the '04s. What is the $1500 the dealer emailed you?

    I'm debating on whether to go 03 or 04.
    How much below invoice should I shoot for with an '03 if the '04s are hitting the lot now?

    Thanks for any advce,

  • VSQRVSQR Posts: 5
    Yes you are correct the Rebate is $500 on the 04s.
    He has quoted me the $1000 off invoice and the 3.9% on an 04 already.

    I was going to order one because I want the off road packages and the tow package. I could not find a LTD with an Off Road Package in Atlanta.
    Dealer told me 4 week delivery.

    I've told him I'd let him do the financing at 3.9% if he'll give me the 1500 off Invoice. I also told him if he'd put on a K&N Air Filter for $50. swap out the tires for Beefer A/Ts for a $150 and put a Borla exhaust on for $500 I might give a little on the 1500. Waiting for his response LOL
  • V-6, auto, power locks/windows, a/c, sport rims, etc. Purchased at invoice, with 0% financing for 5 years. This dealer was the only place in town that would give me a reasonable trade-in allowance.

    I like the looks of the Patriot Blue Liberty, it drives well but my only worry is the MPG. I have been reading other message boards to get info on fuel saving ideas.

    Dealer was easy enough to deal with, once I got rid of the novice sales man & dealt with the manager.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    I bought my Liberty Ltd. with the help of a chrysler employee who got me a number that allowed employee pricing. They are still available so if you know of anyone who works for the company , the process is simple and the deal is about as good as it gets. My liberty is a 2003 and the list price was 27700. The deal with 2000 rebate was 22700 out the door. But the best part about it all is that I love this vehicle!!
    Good Luck!
  • 28g, antilock breaks, moonroof, heated seats, OWL tires, power seats, light khaki, had 6 miles on it

    24400 plus tax tags. How did I do?

    Nice people but idiots and thought I didn't notice their circular speaking and lack of knowledge of the vehicle, tag process, etc.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    and I really like the color. All the stuff that they try to slip in at finance time requires good concentration. There was a great story on 60Minutes II a few weeks ago on all the deception. Sounds like you stayed the course. I love my Liberty, looked at an xterra but passed. Have fun!
  • Just two weeks ago I purchased the "04 Liberty Sport for 2K below invoice and then another 2K rebate on top of that.So far I'm enjoying drivivg the car. My biggest concern is how far the car can be pushed without fear of rolling it.This is my first SUV and I know that there is some concern about this car's center of gravity. Any suggestions? Thanks,Martin
  • At my local Jeep dealer they said a 2004 Auto. 6cyl. Liberty "could be mine" for 16090. It's got AC,CD player, cloth seats. I'm thinking, not bad? I'm still shopping and comparing the Liberty vs. Escape vs. CR-V . Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  • ckw27ckw27 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to buy an '04 Liberty Limited Ed. The MSRP is 25,480. I offered 22,500 and they accepted it immediately. They also increased the offer on my trade by $1,400 in a matter of five minutes. At that point, we were only about $300 away from my "secret" number.

    Therefore, my thinking is that they are still making too much money from me.

    The question is this: If the rebate is $2,000; should I be subtracting this figure from the $22,500?

    Otherwise put: The homework I did on showed the TMV "Total with Options to be $26,515. Right below that, it subtracts the $2,000 Rebate... to show "Customer Cash Adjusted to True Market Value as $21,515. Help please!
  • tarbottarbot Posts: 1
    I think I got a great price... 2004 black Liberty Limited; 28G package, heated seats, power sun roof, towing package,ABS, seat covers, tubular side protection rails for $24,948
  • is it including tax & fee?
  • jwebyjweby Posts: 1
    Patriot Blue Liberty Sport, 28B - air and electric package, V6, 4-Auto, Deep Tint Glass, Power Sunroof, Fog Lamps, Speed Control and Cast Aluminum Wheels.

    The sticker was $24,470.

    Dealer offered price of $23327, less $2000.00 rebate, and $1000 from Chrysler financial, $20327.00 plus tax and fees.

    156 miles so far and loving it. On the bumbiest roads not one rattle, good stereo/cd and fun to drive.
  • mcspoomcspoo Posts: 3
    Just purchased a brand new Silver 2004 Liberty Renegade. Sticker was 27500. Got $1500 off from dealer, plus 1% under invoice and 0% finance. Got good value on trade in of 2001 Ford Escape. Only 21,700. I dunno, but that's a good deal. Walked into the dealership at 10:30am and walked out with new Liberty at 1:30pm.

    Only downside of the Renegade: that plastic roof basket on top was too high for my garage, but it's very easily removed with a torque wrench. Otherwise, drives with plenty of grunt, feels more powerful than the old Escape, and (at least I think this is a plus) drives more like a truck should drive.

    I've wanted a Jeep ever since I was a kid, and now I have one. And a good deal to boot. Yeah!
  • bmwloverbmwlover Posts: 9
    I have a daughter that is soon 19 and she wants a new car. she is intrested in the liberty. Can you get a decent model under 20,000? Would you reccomend it for a 19 year old girl? How is the safety?

    thanks for your replies
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    Your daughter needs to understand fully that this is a truck with a relatively high center of gravity and should be driven as such. The crash results are good but the roll over risk is much higher than a car. Get the side curtain airbags [hard to find]. I wouldn't have trusted myself at 19 with a Jeep full of friends but your daughter may be different.
  • I paid 26,500 for a fully-loaded Liberty Limited. Two months and 3000 miles later, after fighting with them over repairs (see they insulted me by offering me 17,600 for it. And they would not budge. So now you know what the thing is really worth. Don't pay more than 17,600!!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I think that's a little unfair. Certainly the dealer is entitled to a profit on the original sale and, when they buy it back, they're not just going to keep it as a decoration. They going to sell it at a profit. Moreover, you're trying to sell them a used vehicle.

    I wouldn't be so quick to take offense although I wouldn't be particularly happy about needing a lot of repair work.

    tidester, host
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    There are lemon laws. Does it qualify? Probably a lot of red tape, but might be worth the hassle to investigate. Good Luck.
  • Yes, I am pursuing it as a lemon law case, but it is a royal pain. Chrysler has not been easy to work with, either. I'm sure they are just hoping I will go away, but there is no way I am going to let them take me to the cleaners because I made the mistake of buy a car from them.

    I have learned that the problems I am having are not uncommon for the Liberty. There have been recalls in previous model years, and it looks like they still haven't fixed it. I pray that no one has been in a serious accident becuase of it, but I'm afraid it might take something like that for Chrysler to actually correct the problem.
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