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Jeep Liberty Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Don't know if you already purchased the car as it has been over a month since your post but I don't think the $25,936 you were quoted is very good. In July 05, We bought our 2005 Liberty Limited 4WD 3.7L Fully Loaded except the Navi for $24,000 out the door, GA tax and everything else included. Check it out at, have had it for 6 months, 6k miles and loving it. At this time, if you are able to find a Loaded 2005 Liberty Limited with Navi/Siriurs/Chrome Wheels, I don't think it should be anything over $24,000 + ttl. Good luck with your search.
  • neens_waneens_wa Posts: 1

    I've decided to purchase the Jeep Liberty CRD, Limited. Specifically the 22G package. While I've located one (en route to the dealership), I've not yet made any commitments because I am furiously doing my homework.

    I need a bit of help... I am a member of the Chyrsler Affiliates program - this is a new benefit for me which I've enver used before (my company was a recent acquisition by a larger company, so none of my coworkers have any experience either). According to my internal employee website, I should ask the dealer to see the actual invoice, as there will be a line item that specifically states "Affiliate Price - - - xxx.xx" to ensure I get the actual affiliate price.

    So, while shopping, I tell the sales staff exactly what I'm after, and what I want: Make/Model vehicle, to see that line item on teh invoice.

    It's getting tougher, as a woman, to shop for a vehicle. I would expect less of a "little lady" attitude these days. I'm frustrated since some dealers, after me asking about the affiliate price line on the invoice, have looked at the sky, and said things like: "Ohhhh figure about 1400.00 off the price on that window sticker, that'll be YOUR affiliate price..." (I looked at that sky... I didn't see any magical calculation... ;o( ) I had one fleet manager raise his eyebrows when I specifically stated I wanted the diesel... and he said "What do YOU need a diesel for, why do you want that????" When I spouted the towing capability, HP, torque, etc. he quickly backed down and said "OH, well, i have to see if we're members of this affiliates program..."
    When I explained to another dealership that I was shopping for a good dealership as well as an auto, the salesman grinned and said "Well, you get the best thing here, you get me as your salesman!" OMG... I'm wilting.

    This behavior is making me realize my internal website suggestion to look for that specific line item on teh DEALER paperwork was given to us for a very important reason .

    Now, when searching for factory invoice pricing online, I come across a passle of differing things, e.g. dealer invoice, etc.

    Does anyone "out there" have any experience with purchasing a vehicle using the affiliates program OR knowledge of what to expect on the REAL factory invoice price?

    The jeep I'm looking at is a Limited CRD, and has an MSRP of about 32k.

    All input will be greatly appreciated!!!!!


  • swanneeswannee Posts: 4
    After one solid week of intense car shopping & internet searching at night, finally scored a deal! Nina, the whole attitude towards a woman purchasing a car is frightening. In fact, me experience at a Toyota dealer left me so pissed off, I sent a 2 page typed letter to the owner of dealership plus the CEO of North American Toyota. There should be flames shooting out of the envelope!
    Anyway - here's my scoop - just got the car 2 days ago. Sticker price for Ltd package & all the upgrades - $29,465 (no taxes, doc fees). I paid $24,759 which $3123 UNDER what Edmunds says "others are paying". I never negotiated, I just said "I'm not buying a car tonight". They say, whoever says the number first is the one who loses. Well, I never said anything. I think I got a killer deal! Love to hear from others!
  • We were planning on buying a small SUV in a few months, but recent catastrophic failure of my wife's '96 Camero pushed that decision up to this past Monday.

    First off we live in Houston, TX and we went to Carmax since I had a great experience there buying my car. We knew we wanted a small SUV and after test driving a bunch my wife fell in love with the Liberty. So we found a 2005 Liberty Sport 4x4 with ~12,500 miles on it for $17,000 +ttl. After all the paperwork and trading in her car (they gave us blue book for it even though it needed some hefty engine work) we ended up paying a little less that $20K for the Jeep with a 5yr comprehensive warranty.

    Its the kakhi color with cloth interior, V6, and a few extras.

    So far its driving great, I can't get my wife out of it.
  • steve05steve05 Posts: 52
    3 weeks ago I nabbed an 05 Sport CRD for $20000 out the door. It stickered at 25,830. This was in Southfield Michigan. I had searched 35 dealers on Jeep's website and called 8 of them to find the best deal - two different salesmen at the same dealer in the end, to get the best price. One dealer in Flint (VG) I had visited back in October to see a CRD had never heard of biodiesel. I left, but returned in February to see his one remaining CRD. Price posted on the vehicle was about $22000, but "you can't have that price beacuse it's a military special." I was told I could not have the price clearly posted on the vehicle, even though the little sign mentioned no restrictions. This is NOT a five star dealer BTW. I did end up buying from a much much larger dealership in Southfield and am quite happy with the purchase. Also, out of convience, I went back to the dealership (VG) I started at (it's only a mile from my house) to get a few goodies out of the accessories catalog, quickly found out, they stock NOTHING in the catalog, and everything I wanted had to be pre-paid and ordered with a two to three day wait. Left there again and found me a 5 star dealer about 10 miles away (Fenton, Michigan) with much better inventory. I guess the lesson here for me was the bigger dealers had the stock and were interested in moving it, whereas the little local dealer was the least knowlegeable, and much less willing to deal. Good luck in all your hunting, just be willing to walk out.
  • swanneeswannee Posts: 4
    When I bought mine ('06 Liberty V6, 4 x 4 loaded), the sign on the window was $28,000 - just the price in red lettering like a sale sign, list price approx $31,500. When it came down to talk turkey on the vehicle, the guy mentioned that $28,000 was the military price. I questioned him as we really don't have any military around - "oh yes, people that fought in Iraq, ..." Anyway, I kind of rolled my eyes because it didn't say on the sign "military price". I never mentioned a price, he started it all. Long story short - I got it for about $25,000. Apparently they must teach "military price" as a sales technique in Jeep Sales School!
  • xkmailxkmail Posts: 36
    The Jeep LIberty ahs absoluteley horrible resale value. I mean like 50% devalue + in one year.
    Don't buy one, or buy one used.
    I bought my 2005 for $24K, now 16 months later the honda dealer offered me $11K, and the dodge dealer where I bought it offered me $9000!
    Thats 67.5% devalue.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    what's the current situation with buying a CRD model? Are they in limited supply and do they qualify for all the same incentives & specials?
    Also, are you able to still get a good deal if dealer doesn't have one in stock and has to transport a vehicle you want to their lot?
  • Did you ever get a response to your message? I live in Taos NM and actually ordered a 2006 Liberty Diesel...they are trying to charge me ALOT of money, over 25,000.00 after the rebate and employee pricing etc. Do you know what anyone has paid for this vehicle recently...with tow pkg and 4wd, the 22c pkg I believe.
    Thanks for any advice on do I get the price down?
    Lisa in Taos
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    haven't seen anything new.
    Did you factory order a 2006 CRD to be built or are they transporting an exisiting vehicle to your dealership?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    joe233: If you intend to buy a new CRD you will have to spend some time on the Jeep site and check inventories. They stopped making the 06 CRD about May 1 06. As a total they made 11,000. 8,333 were made in 05 and the rest were made in 06. Not very many when you consider it. DCX tried to get the maker V M Motori the Italian maker of the CRD, to get a CRD that would pass the 07 Federal Emissions standards. Even VW has dropped their diesel for 07. Dodge is still working out the Ram's diesel and may be late fall to be ready. But all the diesels are going to cost a lot more from now on. DCX is having a MB Bluetec Diesel in the grand C. in Jan of 07.
    So if you are serious nows the time. You can get anywhere from $2,500. to $4,000. off depending on the dealer. In Kansas City I saw some dealers add $2000. to what was employee pricing. Hope this helps.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    joe233: any order had to be made bfore April. They stopped making the CRD on May 1, 06

  • xkmailxkmail Posts: 36
    Horrible resale value, heck in los angeles you can get a new 2007 for $16K +TTL, and they have hundreds on the lot.
    Mine has depreciated over 50% in jsut one year, buy used, save yourself a headache.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    xkmail: No dealer will just give you what you want off the bat. You have to deal just as hard for the trade in value as you did for the price of the vehicle. I traded our 2005 Liberty Limited in after a year and it cost me $5,000. after 15,000 miles. That's a far cry from 50%! In fact it was 24%. I bargin harder with the trade only after I have a final purchase price. They assume I have no trade, because I say I want the price for the vehicle all by its self. It has come to the point where I walked away from the dealer, but what ever I save is money I do not have to spend.

  • In Minneapolis, the CRDs hold their value much better than the V6s if you compare matching equipment levels. I read a thread about this awhile ago and then went to the statistics and also talked to the sales manager at my 5 star dealership who is actually someone who believes in being truthful.

    My dealer told me, based on what he can sell them for is getting a $2300 premium for the CRD on used 05s with 25000 miles on them.

    He laughed and said that isn't what they're offering for trade ins. Any trades they're getting are from folks that for whatever reason have decided that diesel was a bad idea and want something else. I can totally empathize with the situation. I did the same thing with a previous vehicle and really took a bath on dumping it after a year. It is a difficult situation. For any vehicle however, it is highly unusual to trade after a year.

    The reason for the premium is that the number of CRDs on the lot has dwindled and some people who want an 06 are happy getting what they percieve to be a deeply discounted 05.

    In hard numbers you can pick up a loaded V6 Limited gasser for around a shade over $18,000.

    An identically equipped CRD will sit for less time and the dealers are getting around $20,600 by the time you get done negotiating.

    A new one stickers for $30,400 and I paid $26,800 new for mine, identically equipped to all these examples.

    And I ain't selling. I love my CRD.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    05crdjeep: The only person who wins when buying is the dealer. They will not sell a vehicle for less than they owe on it. Same with a trade the dealer always wins. They may cry, and put on a huge act about how much they or going in the hole, but it's done to make us think we got the best of the dealer. And who does not want to tell their story of what a huge deal they got on a dealer?
    When it gets to the point where we all pay the same price, and no wheeling or dealing, they we all will pay less, and only then.

  • You know, the happy part of this situation is that if you look in the used market, there are some excellent deals out there. We recently purchased a lease return, Liberty Limited, 4WD, PW, PL, Auto, 3.7L engine, etc for just over $13K, with under 25k miles. Not as neat as the more trimmed out models (I miss cruise control! :cry: ) but the unit handles great, tires are good, and a real delight to drive.
  • high201high201 Posts: 1
    could you please tell me exactly what a Docking Fee is. Is it a prep fee? And how much would a docking fee cost for a 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport in MA. Thanks in Advance
  • i bought a 29f, nav, side air bags, limited, control panel, automatic, moonroof and few other options, 31000sticker and got it for 23500. then told my local dealer who is a friend and said he would take off 100 so i got it there (didnt want to ask him for the price...they go below invoice then take off rebates. 23400 all rebates to dealer but still. you can find the dealer on ebay by putting in liberty 2007, they usually show a stocl number and are in NC. no paper work charges, no bull. even swapped out the chrome grill for black for free. yea they can make money on it but i wanted black.
  • sunmailsunmail Posts: 5
    What's up with this site ?? 4 posts since last September ?? This can't be right, can't believe the inactivity. In the market for '06 used or what's the latest as Jeep tried to clear out the '07s ?? Know it's all new for '08 but I appreciate the current style, nice balance of style & size and it's solid. Lucked out with a loaded '07 Ltd 4x4 rentql when skiing Tahoe last March and really liked it. Not a fan of Chrysler quality but will roll the dice one more time. On the down side, lots of ex rentals in the market right now. There's been major depreciation on them but good opportunity for the used buyer.

    Anyone out there ?? Let's revive this site !!
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