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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    edited May 2011
    My wife wanted Red, so I was limited in what I could buy. There were a ton of left over 2010 T&C's on auto trader . com. If she would have taken white I'd have gotten it cheaper.. I wanted a 4.0 Limited, she wanted red.

    I got mine at Carl Burgers in the San Diego area, but it was the only 2010 they had left. The guy didn't really want to let me buy the car, he was trying to get me to buy an '11 for quite a bit more, he told me it was sold. I hung up and called back asking for the Manager, sure enough he told me the car was still there and I bought it. You have to push to get the loss leader, they don't want to part with those as they make the phone ring. Once I was dealing with the manager the experience was fine, I'm no party to deal with so they did pretty good in my book.

    There is one out in Avondale AZ, but the dealer misslead me trying to say it was new... 3,500 miles ain't new. The folks in Avondale had so many BS fees it was crazy, they even have a special city tax in that pathetic little city that is something like 1.7% on top of everything else, plus the dealer added on for snake oil, auto butler... I did have them down to $30,500 but they didn't mention the miles until I got the GM on the phone while I was on the road from So Cal to go pick it up. These clowns in Avondale were a horrible experience, I just made a U turn.

    It's not easy, but if you can't find one on auto trader (search by New, 2010, chrysler, town and country), you need to go to each dealership website (one at at time) and look in their inventory to see if they have any 2010 models. If you find one make sure you get the price (out the door price, broken down) in writing before you go to see it. There really shouldn't be much more than about $400 in total dealship fees, anything else is BS.

    We've had it for a little over a month, the car had 25 miles on it.
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    There are 584 new 2010 T & C's on auto trader right now. You have to look through the whole list, the Limiteds are hiding among the others. Don't use any limiting features in your search, just 2010, New, Chrysler T & C. Then look through the whole list, they're in there.
  • wirkinmanwirkinman Posts: 12
    Having my car in the body shop, I rented a T&C @ Enterprice. We absolutely loved it. So, I just purchased a 2011 T&C Tourling L in Deep Cherry Red w/Crystal Pearlcoat, with the following options...

    •2nd Row Overhead 9" Video Screen
    •3rd Row Overhead 9" Video Screen
    •50 State Emissions
    •Engine: 3.6L V6 24V VVT Flex Fuel
    •Entertainment Group #2
    •Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats
    •Quick Order Package 29J
    •Single Disc DVD Player
    •Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic 62TE
    •Video Remote Control
    •Wireless Headphones

    MSRP: $35,290.00
    Price: $29,685.00 w/rebate ($1,500.00 & 4.04% financing x 72mos)
    $33938.00, Total out the door with Warranty, Gap Coverage, Lic, Title & Tax.

    Does this seem like a decent deal??
  • megrosmegros Posts: 5
    Hi! I've been looking at a 2011 Town & Country Touring and we really like it. The MSRP is a bit over $29,000 and there is a deal going right now that brings the price to $22,378 -this is with $2,000 cash back from the manufacturer and then another $4,000 in rebates for financing with a particular bank with a $3,500 balloon payment at the end of the loan -I would refinance the loan, pretty much immediately and the dealership has told me that I can absolutely do this refinance at any time without any penalties or anything. I'm really not sure of it though -the price is great and the 2012's are rolling in, so I would have to act on this pretty quickly I think. Oh -the amount I end up financing would actually be $21446.

    Has anyone had experience with refinancing a balloon loan? Is there something that I'm missing? You know what they say about "if it sounds too good to be true"...
  • How did you get thst deal? Is it just at a specific dealer or wit a specific financing company?
  • Frankly there shouldn't be ANY fees. They are there to sell a car and if they want to sell it for 30,000 so be it... but I'll be d(*&ed if I'm going to agree to 29,000 and then give them 1,000 for some BS fees.
  • newhere79 - I think that deal was just from a specific bank. I have not purchased yet as the whole balloon deal with re-financing is confusing to me. I have been looking around still though and there is now another dealership in my area (Rochester, NY) that is listing rebates of around 7k on Chrysler T&Cs Touring trims and bringing the price down to $22,995. I have just emailed them to see if that is with a rebate for a balloon payment.
  • I was just at transittown chrysler in clarence ny and was looking at the same deal. It just sounds a little fishy to me. I am not sure I want to sign a finance contract and trust that I can pay it off without any penality.

    Did you buy the vehicle with the balloon rebate just wondering how it worked out for you.
  • dp007dp007 Posts: 4
    This is my first post on this forum.
    Last week I got new 2011 Chrysler T&C Touring (Flex-Fuel) with following sticker for $22K + taxes + other fees. (Upstate NY Area)

    Window Sticker
    Base Price: $30,280
    Tech Equipment Credit: -$1,100
    Driver Convenience Group: $810
    Destination: $835
    MSRP: $30, 805
    FYI Driver Convenience Group includes:
    Bluetooth Streaming Audio
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Remote USB Port
    uConnect Voice Command w/Buletooth
    Heated Front Seats
    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror with Microphone

    Tech Equipment Credit
    Removes the following options:
    Blind Spot Monitoring
    Cross Path Detection
    Rain Sensitive Wipers
    Smartbeam Head Lamps
    Premium Tire Pressure Monitoring
    ParkSense Rear Park Assist
    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
    Adds: Body Color Ext. Mirrors

    The final sale price ($22k) was including the Balloon Cash ($3000, with 5.25% APR) and the my employers discount (do not know how much it was), however overall ended up paying $22k + NY taxes + fees. All together on road cost was $24,278.

    I was also told by my dealer that, there will not be any penalty for refinancing after one or two monthly payments . I hope everything will go smooth when I try to refinance and hope the deal I got is a good one.

  • What dealer did you buy it from. I was at transittown in williamsville.
  • dp007dp007 Posts: 4
    Sorry for the delayed reply, was on vacation.
    My dealer is in Olean, NY.
  • Hi Guys
    I live in Atlanta and I am getting a deal from this dealership for a Chrysler T&C 2011 limited van (fully decked out, with everything on it and a cherry on top).
    The van is a demo van, however (with 4500 miles on it), and the dealer is asking around 33,500 for it (msrp is around 44). Does anybody have an opinion on whether this is a good one?
  • dp007 - I'm looking at the same deal down the Thruway from you (Syracuse).

    Did you pay off the loan? If you did, did you pay the balloon off as well?

    Any things to watch out for in this deal?

  • Did you pay off the loan? If you did, did you pay the balloon off as well?

    Any things to watch out for in this deal?
  • rzcarrzcar Posts: 3
    DO NOT BUY. The new Pentastar engines have many troubles. Stay away from T&C.
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 62
    edited January 2012
    I was going to say yOu bought a 6 months used van. 6 months for a reason and you got a lemon, however it seems there are some serious problems with these new engines...

    Was looking at a new 2012. A lot more features than similar priced Oddy or Sienna. However I am now reconsidering...
  • Any more info on the balloon finance pay off? extra fees, charges when pay off. I'm looking at the same $3000 discount on the balloons finance and trying to find out if there any catch with it.
  • dp007dp007 Posts: 4
    Few weeks ago I was successfully able to refinance and took the advantage of balloon pay off with no issues, so far.
  • Hi all, First time buying a new car/Van.
    I am getting a quote for new 2012 Town and County for $24.5K with Balloon cash. Is this a good quote? what should I be looking at if it is not a good price?
  • jal183jal183 Posts: 5
    Trying to help others - bought yesterday (4/30) - worked with internet sales manager:

    New 2102 Town and Country Touring L - Driver Convenience Package

    Black exterior, black interior. Had been on the lot about 3 weeks.

    MSRP - $34,125
    Selling Price (includes destination) - $31,561.83
    Rebate - $2,000 (1,000 trade in allowance, and 1,000 I have no idea)
    Adjusted Price - $29,561.83

    That's before TTL which was adjusted because of my trade in. I THINK showed $30,900 as a "great price" (included $1,000 rebate) and Edmunds showed $32,380 (no rebate included). That suggests to me that both may be a bit too high.

    I hope that helps others do better!
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