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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Carguy.....your $29k sounds about right. That high mileage may have brought the price down so it could sell. That could be a blessing in disguise. It was for me, I paid $28,700 last August for my Ultra. When I did my research it was the same as you......they were all 35k to 45k. And yes most usually with less mileage. Tell you what??? I hope I dont step on anyones toes.......but I would buy a Lexus with higher miles on it before I'd buy anybodies Mercedes even with zero miles on it. Good Luck!!!
  • Appreciate the thoughts and advice. I will see if I can confirm that it has been dealer serviced and is accident-free. Are there any big (read expensive) servicings that I should make sure have been done? ANything else in particular that I hsould look for?

    Thanks again.
  • sfuadsfuad Posts: 15
    I bought today 05 LS 430 with Nav and ML audio (Black with Black). Lexus CPO with 45000 miles for 30500. Do you guys thinks is it a good price?
  • I have begun researching the LS 430, maybe an 04 or 05 model. My experience searching the usual web sites (Ebay, yahoo motors, washington post, CL etc as well as local dealers) in my area seemed to show most low to avg mile cars around $34-39000. The TMV on edmunds for CPO with approximately 40000 miles says $26000 (or there abouts). Did you all just negotiate a CPO or used car down $5000-10000? I wanted to get an idea on what to expect before I out financing in place and start trying to hammer out a deal.
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