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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    I am the proud new owner of a '05 LS. My last 3 cars were 2 MBs after a BMW, but reliability concerns pushed me towards Lexus this time. I went into Lexus of Rockville (MD) (closest dealer to me) for a test drive and maybe to look for a deal on a remaining '04 or demo, and ended up with what I believe was an incredible deal on a 2005 Black/Cashmere with a $62,734 MSRP (Modern Lux, Smart Key, 18" alloy wheels, Preferred Accessories). As the last LS in stock on the last day of the month (and dealer is building a big new facility and looking to kick up sales to justify larger allocation next year), I negotiated a bottom line price of $55,985. This appears to be a bigger discount than any on even a comparable '04 I see reported on this forum! Excellent buying experience with the salesman (former service mgr). Good luck.
  • duvalduval Posts: 6
    Thanks Ron and I will check this location today. I did check the Huntsville, Alabama location and the Tom Williams dealership last week. I was thinking of calling the Mobile location this week. Noticeably the Huntsville and Tom Williams final offers are a lot higher versus Hennessey and South Atlanta, Georgia Lexus. Of course Florida's JM Lexus offer was the lowest so far although as I factor their sizable dealer fees and shipping to my home or office, the cost elevates the total near other grand totals. Perhaps I can receive an acceptable grand total including minor shipping and no dealership fees from your source.... This I will attempt.

    I will keep you posted and announce your recommendation response soon.

    Thanks again.
  • duvalduval Posts: 6
    Hello and my thanks goes to you as well Gary. Per your purchase and price experience am I left astounded. How recent did you make this Ls 430 w/Modern Luxury and smart key purchase? I ask since posing a similar offer to JM Lexus (reputed Lexus distributor and largest Lexus store in the WORLD) only to receive "we cannot at this time since a recently received low production announcement." It appears the manufacturer has decided to slow production for the Modern Luxury with smart key package (few hundred dollars extra cost feature it appears). "Only 6% will enter the United States this year" is what was uttered. Perhaps you committed your purchase a few months prior? Of course you did mention that the store was upsizing at the time.

    Email me or log more details Gary, thanks again.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Well, all I can say is that the first time I ever talked to anyone was when I walked into the dealer on Saturday afternoon 10/30, and made the final deal by phone Sunday morning 10/31. I was the last car delivered later that evening. I guess that's what you call being in the right place at the right time.

    In terms of availability of the specific package, all I can tell you is that if you go to and put in 20852 as your zip and build an LS, it shows the exact combination of features I got with a "T" next to it, which apparently means it is a commonly available option combination. Also, the last 2 cars this dealer had left were exactly the same.

    The key seems to be to find a car in stock from the dealer you want to use and push at the end of the month. If you would like me to call my salesman and ask what he could do for you, let me know, and we can exchange emails. Of course, I know they literally had no LSs left as of Monday morning, but they sell a lot of them and have more coming in all the time. BTW, the Smart Key is a $1,000 option-- it's cool but not worth that much IMHO. That's frankly how I did my final negotiation-- refused to pay for it!
  • duvalduval Posts: 6
    Hello again and I am definitely encouraged. I appreciate your insight and response. I should have time to investigate things more this evening. Meanwhile, I learned from my wife that JM Lexus committed a voice mail to our home voice mail box. Likely they offer us a counter offer of sorts. I will see and keep you all posted.

    Thanks again.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    JM lexus will do ANYTHING they can to sell you a vehicle. They are a volume dealership and if your credit is excellent and are willing to deal right away with no games, you'll get a VERY decent deal.

    Their most recent lease offer to me for an '05 LS430 was 48 months/48 thousand miles with modern luxury and smart access @ $719 per month with $850 to start the lease. That deal puts the cap cost for this vehicle very close to invoice -- otherwise they've got a lease deal going on that they are not publishing with higher residual values/lower lease interest rates, etc.

    I'd take that offer but I still have a month and a half on my current vehicle lease and am waiting for that to be done with. Unless I fall in love with another vehicle, I am more than likely going in the last week of December to get my LS.

    I'll let you know the final numbers then....
  • duval:

    Back when I bought, I traveled a lot and was in a position where I could buy anywhere in the country.

    Ill. Ohio MD and Cal. were the states were I found the best prices....As I said LONGO LEXUS In So. California is a terrific dealer.
  • duvalduval Posts: 6
    Hello again Michael and I am familiar with Longo. Per the posted experiences offered from members, I am definitely intrigued. Immediately I am considering an offer from a recommended source in Alabama. I am 'working the details,' as to say although they appear very limited in supply. I was told to wait for their next telephone call and response to my color request. I also have to wait and see if traditional dealership fees can be waived and if shipping can be included in my deal... Noticeably they are a rather small store so I await to see if they can comply. Meanwhile, JM Lexus seems to have committed their final offer. It remains as the lowest grand total including shipping to my door. I might commit to them if the Montgomery, Alabama store offers us difficulty. So far the representatives tonality and interest appear genuine.

    Once again, I will keep all posted and thanks.
  • Keep in mind, if you are on the fence or looking ofr a great deal...wait. This is the last model year for this bodystyle. The '06 promises to be quite different from the current model which, as we all know, has not been visually changed in quite some time.
    One thing that is for sure, Toyota is very good at descretely clearing inventories of existing product before new models arrive.
    That being said, Lexus currently has less than a 20 day supply of vehicles in the US, "normal" is considered about 60 days, so if your dealers are telling you that cars are scarce at this particular just might be true.
    As far as "waiting till the end of the month"...many dealers got smart to this consumer strategy, and close their months on alternate dates as a result...
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    I believe the current LS430 has another year to go. The next generation will arrive in 2006 as a MY2007, at least from all the reports I have read.

  • I found a 2001 LS430 with modern luxury package, so it has nav, 19k miles, and is certified from lexus dealer. I can get for 40 plus tax and lic. any comments if this is a good deal or not would be appreciated.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I looked at the Kelly Blue Book site and used my ZIP code for NM and came up with trade in of 37K and private party sale price of 41K and high retail at about 43K (I think). The extended warranty costs the dealer around $1500 or more so I've been told. Your price sounds in the ball park for a 2001. I just traded in a 2004 with 18,000 miles on it. Offer him 38K and see what happens? Good Luck.
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    I have a 2001 LS 430 ULTRA with 47,000 miles. My lease is up in May 2005 , I wish to wait for the 2006 model which I hear has AWD. Has anyone tried to extend their lease by 1 to 2 years?
  • Thanks for the suggestion for a final renegotiation. I got them down to 39. I drove the car home 200 miles today. WOW, what a car, the handling and power are impressive.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Congratulations. Did you get them to throw in the 20K inspection? If they changed the oil, maybe you can skip it? I'm sure you will enjoy the car.
  • They did the 16k service and the 1st oil change is included. Also got a free golf shirt. Santa Monica Lexus was great to deal with.
  • Just did the 30K service on my 01 ultra....Put in a K&N Air Filter and synthetic Oil in engine and Semi-Synthetic in transmission...

    Milage is up between 2-3 unbelieve pickup was getting 25-26 on the freeway and now at 27-28...

    don't know if it is the Air Filter or the Oil.
  • jvcnjvcn Posts: 50
    Wanted to share my pleasant buying experience. I finally pulled the trigger and got a used 95 LS400. I did it by contacting a guy who didn't get the price he wanted on Ebay. After lots of phone calls and exchanges of digital pictures I decided he was trustworthy and bought it sight unseen.

    Took a big chance but it was worth it. The car cost $8800, had 95K, but above all had had $5000 of work put into it. Most cars with 95-100K miles have deferred work that needs doing but this has had everything: timing belt, hood struts, power steering pump, alternator, front brakes, plugs, even new tires. Very nice clean paint. Good leather with only one noticeable long crack on the driver's seat. Two different mechanics (one a friend of mine) managed to inspect after delivery. Both pronounced it A+. "Put it in your will" was mentioned by both.

    I lucked out but I had calculated that the price was good enough that I was willing to spend $1000 if necessary for "hidden" problems. No need. Only a $25 antenna replacement.

    I couldn't justify buying an LS430 as I don't drive so much. But this car is simply wonderful.

    Makes me wonder why anyone would buy a new Camry when you can get a used LS400. And I figure a 3 year old CPO LS430 must be like a new car. Thank heavens for the joys of depreciation! Let someone else take the hit for me.
  • tiny1tiny1 Posts: 26
    I'm trying to buy a 2001 LS430 on the cheap. (I like the 430 but am on a 400 budget). I've been following a LS430 BLK on BLK with nav, Mark Lev stereo, moon roof and heated front and rear seats, 43K miles on an Audi lot for almost 2 months (price $34,900). It looks to be in very good condition except for some small scratches and a "white film" on the lower portion of one of the rear doors, the chrome is discolored in the same area (road chemical?). Carfax says one owner, but a local Lexus dealer looked up VIN and said no maintenance has been done at any Lexus dealership (problem?, hopefully somewhere else?). His print-out showed only minor warranty work (CD changer). The salesman said they are going to wholesale the car next week and potentially take a loss...I'm thinking they would prefer to sell it to me rather than to wholesale it (maybe I have some leverage)...What do you all think a "steal" of a price would be considering some of the unknowns and lack of certification? What do you think a wholesale person would pay them? I'd like to come in just over that. Thoughts??
  • Just my opinion:

    On an 01 I would pass on the one you have found and get a certified 01 from a Dealer..You will get a 3 YR. 100,000 mile warrenty that is just like the new car warrenty...

    The car you have seen is cheap but my guess is you can get the same car from a dealer in like new condition with less then 40,000 miles and certified for $38-40,000 ..You don't want a car that has been neglected, and you have no clue as to if it has even had it's scheduled maintance.

    It is worth the extra money for a car that is fantastic and you will be able to drive it for 10 years if you want.
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