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Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • theicon29theicon29 Posts: 6
    I have found a dealership willing to take a $35,760 Trailblazer 4WD LT which will basically boil down to $375/month after rebates, discounts, and my down payment and GM card earnings. I am about to jump at the deal, anyone have any suggestions. Also, the car must be ordered and the salesman claimed it would add $200 to the truck b/c of a dealer trade fee where dealerships basically trade vehicles and the $200 covers transportation, etc. Does this sound fishy to anyone else, I hate to haggle over $200 when they are basically giving me $10,000 off sticker price not including taxes and what I can put down...any ideas?
  • 69ponycar69ponycar Posts: 2
    I bought my Envoy SLT 4x4 with just about every option in November 2003. It was a Demo/Mgr unit with 4k miles. I paid $28,500.
  • carm11carm11 Posts: 13
    test drove a 04 sle today, nice truck, was there to test drive only but rep told me 7,000 off msrp automatically thats with the 4,000 rebate.msrp was about 32,500 as i said wasn't there to negotiate, but that would make it 25,500 without tax and tags, whats the bottom on a deal like this. thanks
  • 4by44by4 Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I have been reading the messages around here for a while. I thought I would share my personal experience with my 03 TB EXT...
    First of all, I got it at the end of Aug 03 and paid CDN $7500 less than MSRP...I thought I got a good deal...
    Problems with the vehicle...windshield wiper motor replaced (slow speed died on me in the rain), rear lift gate shocks replaced (lost gas pressure).
    Other than that, so far so good...I like it for it's power and cargo space...looks aren't bad at all...OnStar helped me find my way around in the mountains.
    All I do is change oil every 15000 km and fill the windshield washer :-)

    Hope you all have a good experience with yours...

    by4 now
  • After months of researching what were some of the higher recommended SUV's versus what my budget would allow me to buy, I went with what I felt was the most SUV I could get at a fairly livable price.

    Just purchased a medium red '04 Trailblazer LS with a preferred equipment group 2. Sticker was $31,730 with painted pinstripes, with the $5000 owner loyalty rebate I paid $24,400. After much negotiation on both the price of the vehicle and on my trade, sales manager acted like I was pulling his teeth and taking his first-born, but sent the paper back with a big "YOU WIN" written on it. LOL Yeah...whatever. I still owed money over and above what they gave me for my trade, so the above price does not include anything off for the trade-in, it was the final negotiated price for the car itself. They tried to sneak in the extra $159 for the painted pinstripes after I thought we were all settled, but I wouldn't go for it and made them take that off as well. Gotta watch these guys. Overall, it wasn't as bad an experience as what I've had in the past. I was better informed this time around thanks to Edmunds here. :-)
  • joefoxjoefox Posts: 5
    Its pretty basic but has XM radio, Power driver's seat, cruise control, dark tint, and running boards. We paid $23,140 plus ttl.
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    I got what I thought was a great deal on my new SUV, so I figured I'd share. I hope others can get the same deal.

    MSRP $32800
    Invoice $30200 (I bought at invoice)
    Rebate $4500
    Loyalty Rebate $500
    GM Card $1367.50

    Total financed before TT&L. $23,832.50

    I love Chevrolet's, and as long as they keep giving great discounts, I will keep buying their cars and trucks.

    I have had the SUV for one month and love every thing about it. I am leary of the A/C issues every one has posted about, but I am thankful to know what to look out for.
  • sihansihan Posts: 5
    My coworker just bought a 2004 XUV V8. I think it was SLT - fully loaded minus 4x4, navigation, & XM radio. She said paid $28K after $5K rebate. It looked nice and got me interested. If you are trying to buy this in So Cal, try GMC in Tustin Auto Center where she bought.. If you buy V6, you may subtract ~$1800 from 28K.
  • 2004 2wd LS stickered for $29,640
    found a dealer out of our area offering $8000 off sticker, called St Johns in Palatka FL asked if he could match the offer, at first no way, then yes. Went in made the deal and added my $1000 certificate for GM for a pickup we own (exploding fuel tanks). Got it for $20,640. $9000 below sticker. Got Sandstone. Only options were power driver seat, LS package 2. We love it so far.
  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    I am currently looking at the opportunity to smartbuy a 2004 TB LT 4WD from a dealer in central NY state...The MSRP on the truck is $34,525.00.The dealer's latest offer to me is a bottom line monthly payment(including all taxes,etc...)of between $325.00 and $330.00...I'm putting $2,600.00 down at the signing...I had a an offer from another dealer nearby to smartbuy a 2004 TB LS with power drivers seat,etc.list MSRP at $32,000.00 for $289.00 bottom line payment book price(inludes all other taxes,fees,etc.)and the same $2600.00 down at signing...I REALLY like the LT,as it has many more likeable features that I want...I need lots of input on this subject SOON as both of these dealers are extending these terms to me until August 2nd....HELP!!! Thanx...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    I'm not good at figuring out the math of monthly payments (I save for 10+ years and pay cash to avoid having to figure this stuff out!).

    But it seems like it'd be better to figure out the price of the SUV and work that number and then apply the payments. Dealers love deals like yours because they can hide all kinds of stuff in there and tell you it's just another $20 a month (and throw in another 3 months on the back end). It gets confusing and you want to know the bottom line before you bring out your checkbook! Here's a couple of links:

    Low Down, Low Payments

    Edmunds' Financial Calculators

    I wouldn't get too hung up on the August 2nd deadline either. The incentives may change and the $5,000 Smartbuy incentive disappears on Aug 2nd (unless GM extends it), and the colors/options will change and the '05's will start arriving making your selection smaller, but it's just a car. Detroit is building lots of them every day and the dealer will have another deal for you on August 3.

    The sales staff will try to pin you down today, but you have all the time in the world to find a great deal (unless your current ride is on its last legs or something). And if you are willing to walk away from the Smartbuy, the dealer may sweeten the deal even more to get you to buy today.

    Steve, Host

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  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    Thanks,Steve,for your insight on my question, I appreciate your input...The monthly payments that I told you about were firm (out-the-door)pricing with any/all other things included(TTL,etc...)No hidden stuff...With that in mind,do you still think that this is a fair monthly payment??? The salesman(a longtime golf partner of mine)said that if the programs weren't any better the day after the Aug.2nd "deadline" he would still honor these terms for a week or so...Does this sound any more fair to you??? I've known him for years and several of my other friends have had favorable results with him...In addition, he sold my girlfriend her car a couple of years ago....If you could, please reply back to me on this subject...If anyone else would like to throw me an opinion on this, it would be greatly appreciated..Thanks, ~Eric~
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    You do not mention what the vehicle would be worth when the balloon payment is due. That to me is they key to these offers. If you are paying $300 a month for three years and then still owe 20 thousand plus on the truck balloon payment, you are getting a raw deal. Interest rates get associated with smart buys, and unless you get a rate that is around 5%, do not do a smartbuy. You would be stupid to pay the balloon payment, and if you decide to trade the vehicle in, you might be inside out. If you cannot afford the $500 a month for a 30K SUV, than make sure the interest rates on the smartbuy are low or just lease one.

    Best of luck.
  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    HI imadad...The balloon payment after 48 months is $16,100...I cannot afford to buy the TB as payments work out about $125.00 over our monthly budget...That's why I'm thinking strongly towards the smartbuy end ....Originally around mid-April , this dealer offered the same truck to me for $375.00 a month, out-the-door everything included, no hidden stuff price...So I believe that I have gained some ground since then...I'm almost ready to pull the trigger here,but would still love to hear much more input from all you great people out there...Thanx again, ~Eric~ P.S:The interest rate is 3.5% and it's 4years/48k...I don't drive over 10-11k per year,either...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    The balloon payment threw me too and I edited my draft message yesterday because I couldn't figure it out. You still haven't told me what the rig costs and what you're going to wind up paying for it.

    lol, I'm not even sure if this deal is a purchase, lease or some hybrid. I can't operate that way and I've walked a few times when the salesperson tried to sell me a car by focusing on the payments.

    I think you should also try the Lease Questions - Ask Here discussion for more advice.

    Steve, Host

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  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    Hi, again, Steve...The balloon price($16,100&tax) would be the final buyout price after the 48 month GM "smartbuy" leasing period...I really thought that I had all the information necessary here from previous posts to allow a favorable or unfavorable opinion from the members of this town hall forum...Cut&Dried,the facts are as follows:MSRP:$34,525...Monthly payment for 48 months:$329.00,which includes ALL sales taxes,license,registration,destination,prep,blah,blah,blah...The final "balloon" end of smartbuy payment to buyout(own it) is $16,100 plus 8.25 NYS sales tax after the 48th month...The dealer is applying the $5,000 GM loyalty discount to the MSRP(which will lower the price to$29,525.00,P.S:The $16,100 is a SET final buyout figure,it cannot be changed) and computing the monthly payments based on that derivative @ 3.5%.....I now hope that I have provided enough information to get at least a few "Yes,it sounds good" or "No,it is not a good deal" type responses...Is there anyone out there that has "smartbuyed" on a TB(or any other GM truck with a $34,525 MSRP that has a monthly payment LESS than $329.00 based on a 48 month/48,000 mile deal,with a final buyout of $16,100+8.25% sales tax????? Thanks again,~Eruss44~
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    I guess the MSRP threw me too since I didn't think many people paid MSRP for a GM truck.

    Ok troops, let's weigh in the deal - the 2nd is almost here!

    Steve, Host

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  • Another reason why I don't mess with all this leasing and monthly payment stuff. I researched my vehicle, knew the price I should be able to get it for, and went in and negotiated the price of the vehicle (not the monthly payment) to where I wanted it to be. For an extra $100 a month for five years on the same sticker priced vehicle as the LS you mentioned, I will own my TB with no remaining "balloon payment" and no restriction on mileage and no worrying about what it looks like when it comes time to turn it in years down the line. Has always been my experience that if you're looking at a vehicle payment where you have only an extremely small amount of wiggle room in your budget left, then you're probably looking at way too expensive a vehicle to begin with. Good luck to you, but I'd have to vote against it simply because I think you could do better somewhere actually buying one. There are many '04's left on the lots and probably will be well into the fall. There are bound to be some really good deals to be had.
  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    Thanx for your perceptive analysis concerning my situation,shooterdave7...I am going to try the ole'sit and wait approach to this with my eyes peeled in the meantime...I'm certain that I can whittle one of these two dealers down(shifting towards an outright purchase now,as opposed to a smartbuy)...I'm sure that the deals will become sweeter as the 2005's arrive on the lots...I am trying to learn a little patience with myself...I hope that it pays off sometime before the snow flies here in central NY state,though....Once again, thank you for your sobering advice...~Eruss~
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    Your numbers look like they are at sticker. You should be able to get invoice easily on a TB. I know three people in my office that just bought Chevy's at or below invoice. Your smartbuy should be at invoice. I would insist on seeing the dealer invoice.

    How long do you plan on keeping this truck? The balloon payment will be over the blue book value when it comes due. I wish you could do a used car value search of a TB that is 4 years old, to see the resale value, but the TB was created in 2002, so no luck. If you are planning on trading it in before 8 years have passed, I would say do not buy the truck. If you refinance the balloon payment, you will be paying 7 or 8 years on the truck. That is a lot of interest, even at 3.5%.

    I walked out the door before TTL with my 2004 LS Ext at around $24,000. A 6 year (72 payment) loan can be had, if you have excellent credit, for 3.5% or less. The payment on that would be about $50 higher than you quoted, and you would pay a lot less interest, and own the vehicle in 6 years not 7 or 8.

    I generally frown on smartbuys. They are designed for individuals that can't afford the vehicle any other way. I wanted to buy a Sequoia, but I would have had to do a smartbuy to get one. I could not afford over $30,000 for a SUV. The Trailblazer is not selling well, they actually had to shut down the production of them in May. So, I have a hunch that in the next few months, you will see 2004 TB's on sale for the cheap. I doubt this deal you have been offered will go away, because oil is at $44 a barrell, and will not go down until after the summer. I would keep an eye on as many Chevrolet lots as you can and keep looking at the rebates. I have a feeling they may even go over $5,000 off MSRP.

    A bigger down payment will only help you, so keep saving and put down as much as you can. I hope this helps, but if you do a smart buy, you should always plan on keeping the vehicle until it dies (hopefully 15 years from when you bought it). If you don't plan on it, a lease is your best bet.

    Good luck.
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