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GMC Yukon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • godson2godson2 Posts: 3
    Are there prepaying penalties when buying brand new w/ gmac.
    interested in 07 yukon denali

  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    Anyone would pay new 07 Yukon Denali price with 600 miles on it? or even with little over 100 miles on it?
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    What month do you think the '08's will come out?

    We're in the market for a Yukon Denali, but considering we might be nearing the end of a "model year", would rather wait for an '08, avoid the depreciation hit, or find better incentives for '07's they're trying to clear out. Our salesman says there "probably" won't be better incentives since his Yukons were flying off the lot, and we might be waiting until October/November for an '08. Of course, he had 20 Yukons sitting there, I re-test drove the same one a week later, and I'm looking for other opinions.
  • raimuraimu Posts: 4
    Same issue for me - what is the best guess availability date? Also, what are likely small improvements (no major body changes) and tweaks for '08 that might - or might not - be worth waiting for? Particularly interested in the standard Denali.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Sept or Oct is probably a good guess for 08 availability.
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Interested in 2007 Yukon Denali Ext Version w Nav. Live in PA but willing to travel for purchase. Can anyone offer pricing information? There was one on the lot on sale for 49k. I think i can do better giving the current market. Look forward to any responses. Thanks.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
  • skazskaz Posts: 7
    i have been offered a fully loaded yukon denali - the electric running boards.. a sticker price of 55,650. if i can get a selling price of 45k with the 0% financing on an 07 is that a good deal or can i do better
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    If you can get $10k off AND 0% for 60 months, that would make you the king of all deals. $10k isn't too hard to do because of the rebates and profit margin, but getting the 0% AND $10k will be nearly impossible. Unless you're getting absolutely killed on your trade...
  • Will be purchasing a yukon denali soon, was wondering how much a GMPP Major Guard and alarm upgrade should cost. How much did recent Yukon Denali owners paid for these add-ons?
  • 2007 SLE 3SB 4x4 with MSRP's between $41-$42K for $14K under MSRP? We also have $1000 GM points, could we get to the $14K under w/o and then tell them? Dealer willing to locate does this hurt our chances? Not looking for 0% but will be taking rebates instead. Likely not going to purchase until early Nov.
  • So what did you end up paying? I'm looking at a similar 07 Yukon MSRP $40,295.00. I made an offer of 30k and the dealer accepted. I put $250 deposit on the basis that I can close the deal on Friday (my 2 months old baby was crying and wife was pushing to go home). Manufacturing date is Aug-06. I saw the invoice and it had a supplier price of $37,467.05.

    Feedback is much appreciate.
  • A reporter seeks to talk with consumers who just purchased a new large SUV. Please send the make and model of your vehicle along with your daytime contact information to no later than Thursday, November 8, 2007.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I got my new 07 Yukon today, MSRP $40,980 & OTD was $31,885 (including doc fees, MA taxes, reg).

    I'm planning on adding the OEM navigation and backup camera for $1500.
  • Gannon where did you get the great deal from? Please E-mail me with the information (NOLUCK7541@VERIZON.NET)
  • Hi CarMan,

    I need some help. My BMW 5.30 XIT with 26K miles ('06, loaded) has 1 month left on the lease. My residual is approx $43K. Here is my question: I don't want to lease again, I want to buy a car/SUV that I can keep at least 8 more years. I don't want to spend more than $40K before TTL (absolute max). Should I buy my wagon if I can get it for $40K, buy a used 06 Cayenne CPO with 10K miles (few options) listed at $36,995 - or take advantage of the Yukon XL SLE deal of the month on I've never owned a non-German car -- am I too much of a car snob?!? HELP! I want a great deal, and a reliable fun family car.

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • Hi, sandiegogogo .. you sure have a lot of questions!! ;)

    You might get a better response in a less model-specific discussion...

    Like this one: Please help me decide between...

    Good luck!

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi kyfdx,

    Thanks for the hint!!! I'll take your advice, sorry to be so jumbled on this forum.

  • I remember like 6 months ago it was very easy to get 9 k off MSRP and eventually to 10k after a little haggling. I'm trying to pull the trigger before the end of the year but it seems hard to get 10 k off an 08 SLT in Texas. The dealers I visited had plenty in inventory. Is anyone else seeing these kind of deals?
  • I got an 8k below MSRP after the cashback and rebates. It is for a Denali. I am tempered to pull the trigger before year-end. I email other dealers and none are willing to beat this yet.

    Interested in seeing what some Dec buyers got.
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