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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • boxerdog1boxerdog1 Posts: 3
    I am looking to purchase an 09 yukon xl/denalixl/suburban for a trip in mid july. I want fairly loaded, but without nav. I am being quoted invoice with no financing deals. I remember 10-15off sticker in years past at this time of year, but these dealers here iowa are not budging. Any different experiences out there??
  • motucarsmotucars Posts: 5
    Whats the invoice price they are quoting you?
  • boxerdog1boxerdog1 Posts: 3
    The price is about the same as on Edmunds, I have talked to both GMC and Chevy dealers and the story is about the same. Invoice minus the 1K that GM is offering.
  • motucarsmotucars Posts: 5
    I bought my denali XL 08 fully loaded for 51800, but I went with the 0% 72 months. Possible could have gone lower but I wouldn't have gotten the 72 mo 0%. The 0% and nothing down was the most important to me. I got the deal without walking in the dealerships, did all negotiations via email. I had 6 six dealers in a bidding war and went with the lowest one.
  • biscuitsbiscuits Posts: 2
    how much are taxes when buying one of these cars, is there a sales tax?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    That all depends on where you live and register the car..

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  • aquariaaquaria Posts: 6
    As an Oregon resident we dont pay sales tax, not in Idaho or Washington state either. Whatever state youre in it would be the standard amount of sales tax at the the time.
  • carlady8carlady8 Posts: 2
    Hello there,
    I am in the process of buying a 2009 yukon. I am wondering if there is a way to find out what the dealer paid for the car. Not sure how much to knock off and how much I can talk them down
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Washington state has a sales tax... it's over 9% for Washington residents..

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  • carlady8carlady8 Posts: 2
    Yes but is there a way to find out how much the dealer paid for a vehicle?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Sure... Here is a link to the Denali, but you can click on the New Cars tab at the top of the page, then click on Price w/options, and get the invoice price to any car..

    2009 GMC Yukon Price with Options

    Good luck!

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  • Im looking for a 2009 Denali with Navigation. I was wondering what people are paying right now on these. At invoice? Over invoice? Any examples of recent buyers would be helpful. I want to capitalize on the 0% interest.

  • I just got a 2009 Denali AWD with the sun, entertainment and destination package for 58,000 drive out. and 0% financing. Hope that helps.
    There aren't many of these around where I am, so I think I still could have negotiated more if there were. I was fairly specific on what I wanted.. black on blacks sell fast..
  • GM is pushing hard to get decent sales results for the quarter ending 9/30/09. I got the following deal via internet dialogue/bidding with 2 dealerships who had the identical color and features on a vehicle in stock. I got a 2009 rear wheel drive Denali with the Sun, Entertainment and Destination package plus front heated and cooled seats. MSRP $55,625. Dealer Invoice $51,320. My cost:
    $49,970 discounted base price
    minus $4,500 mfr rebate =
    $45,470 (nearly $7,000 below invoice and over $10,000 below sticker)
    $4,877 CA sales tax
    $699 license and DMV fees
    $55 doc prep fee
    $51,102 total out the door
    Keep in mind that I was able to pay cash - no financing.
  • hi all. can anyone chime in with experience on either of these two deals is good and/or which one is better? i am new to Denali world and have the money but don't want to throw any away needlessly. thanks

    first is a 2007 XL Denali 4x4 with 28k miles on it - White with cashmere interior, fully loaded with all options and has 22" bling chrom rims brand new with new tires. They started at $40,500 and I have them down to $36,800 plus fees. Still has 1 year on the warranty and is being sold by GM of a local Honda dealer

    second one I am looking at is a 2009 XL Denali Black with cashmere interior 4x2 with all options other than non-moving running boards and no cooled seats.comes with 20" chrome rims. I got them down to $46,000 plus fees. there is 100 miles on this one. please know that if I buy the 2009 I'd have to lay out another $2,000 to get my wife the 22" bling rims she won't drive without.

    thus I see the 2 trucks being at a $12,000 difference after all said and done. My thoughts were that I won't ever make up for the depreciation of the new one where the used one already has taken a hit for being 2 years old...............and I'd have to keep the truck at least 7 or 8 years before I'd start seeing the payback of buying the new one. again, I am just not used to buying used but know there is usually the most economical and value in doing so.

    please send me all of your comments ASAP b/c I don't want to lose the one that is best if you think either or both are strong deals.
  • I think you need to look at what the 2009 gives you that the 2007 doesnt have. Heated and cooled seats in the 09?.....Onstar Bluetooth?.....XM NavTraffic?.....3rd row DVD screen. 2 years more warranty.

    Is that worth the difference?

    Is it worth it to you more importantly?

    Have you done a CarFax on both too make sure neither was in an accident or had a major problem?

    I would go back to the 2009 Denali dealership and simply say "make me an offer to buy this one or Im going to buy the 2007"

    Let us know Im interested too because I have a 2007 Denali and Im considering a 2009 0r 2010.
  • tx for the reply. the 07 does not have bluetooth but my wife doesn't care for it. it does have Onstar so that is a watch. no third row DVD but again not important as we hardly ever use it anyway. neither has cooled seats so it's a wash. it will be a $10k difference no matter how we slice it. plus the 07 has $4000 bling 22" rims that my wife loves. $2200 will get me a 5 yr 100k extended so I am covered for a long time. i should know tomorrow but I am leaning toward the 07 as it is white vs. black and I have looked on the internet everywhere and this seems to be a deal no one can really beat - the truck is the GM at the dealership whose wife drives it so I know it's been taken care of.
  • I have been quoted a price of $31,900 for a Denali Black w/ dark leather, nav, dvd, moonroof, etc. Mileage is approx 47,000. GM certified so it includes a 12mo/12k bumper to bumper warranty.

    Is this a good price or should I be looking for a better deal. Any help and suggestions would be helpful.
  • is yours an xl? i just bought an 07 xl denali in white and it came with 22" brand new bling rims, retractable runniing boards and every other option including reverse camera and all other goodies and they tinted it darker and detailed it and did the 30k service - i got the truck for $36,700 oh and btw, my truck only has 27k miles on it. i know i got a strong deal but i am good at negotiating and the it was the GM's wife's truck. I got an extended bumper to bumper good to 100k miles for $2k extra. good luck, let me know what you end up paying. if you really want a black one, I know a place (b/c i was close to buying it) here that has a 09, brand new with everything, black ext, tan inter, 20' chrome rims, all options package, you can get it for under $47,000!!! sick price. i just don't like black, that's why I said no.
  • Cinti, not a bad price, but i can do you one better. I have an 07 slt yukon 4x4 with every option on it (sunrood, navi, dvd, black with grey leather. 20 inch tires, remote start ect. Bought it last year with the gm certification, but now my wife wants an acadia. Great yukon and actually i would like to drive it for my own, but since mama wants a new one i'd sell it to you for 29,500. It isn't the denali appearance package but has everything else. Mileage is right around 50k. Let me know how to best contact you if you are interested. I'm in Zanesville, Ohio.
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