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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am thinking about purchasing a leftover 2009 Yukon Denali. Dealer has one listed at $59,465 MSRP. How much are they willing to go below MSRP to get rid of these leftover 2009s? What is a fair price for this truck?

    Thanks in Advance
  • I purchased a leftover 08 in Nov of last year and the MSRP was 59,010. I drove it off the lot for 40even.
    No matter what, the economy is still hard and dealers are happy to be selling anything these days, especially these big rigs compared to the greener cars coming out.
    Id hold tight or do some comparison shopping and come back with the lowest price to the dealer of your choice.
    Good luck.
  • Wow.....were there incentives on the 2008 you purchased or was the $40K just what you negotiated? That's incredible.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • I bought my Yukon in February 2009 - and got a great deal in NYC- but the dealer said if I had bought in October/November/December of 2008 they were giving them away - when the economy was starting to tank and gas prices were outrageous. It's hard to compare prices now with a year ago...
  • The latest post on this forum is from Dec '09. Anyone have any more recent experience on purchase price of a 2010 GMC Denali - fully loaded. Interested in pricing in Texas - DFW area.
  • I'm talking to several dealers right now in NY. Best I'm seeing is $54K for 2010 denali with sun/ent. pkg. I then can take the 2.9% or the $2K. What are you seeing for pricing? I'm going to pull the trigger by next week so I'll keep the board updated on what I get it for. If anyone knows a dealer I should talk to, I'm willing to drive anywhere in the NE. Looking for a black 2010 Denali. Thanks-
  • budnisa - can you provide me the dealer name in NYC that gave you a great deal? thnx-
  • yukon_ctyukon_ct Posts: 2
    i purchased my Yukon at City Cadillac Hummer Saab - they were great...they're in Long Island City...good luck
  • stone76stone76 Posts: 2
    for the month of May 2010.

    I am looking at a 2010 Yukon with MSRP 56,000. What can I expect to pay if buying it?
  • chilldog3chilldog3 Posts: 3
    I called all over the NE and couldn't get much off. They are limiting production, only making what they sell. FWIW, the deal I got last month in NY was invoice of $59,162 and I got it for $55098.25. I hope you can do better! Sweet truck thought, the AC seats are NICE!
  • I haven't looked at a Denali in person yet, but near as I can learn from Edmunds and brochures I understand that the third row seats in a Denali are vinyl covered and not leather. Can any current owners confirm this?

    I know GM has done this in the past on Tahoes and other vehicles so I guess it wouldn't surprise me that they do it again. If it's true, then I'd cross it off my list of potential vehicle purchases. If they skimp on the seating who knows where else they have skimped that you can't see.
  • mikeb1944mikeb1944 Posts: 1
    One dealer is trying to dump his inventory. Priced one loaded up that retailed for about $62k or so. His price was $58k including tax and license. I was offering cash and no trade-in.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    If he's trying to "dump his inventory" he will need to be much more aggressive than that. Offering $4k off a $62k vehicle almost nobody wants is not going to make his inventory disappear very quickly. Offer him invoice minus all incentives and see what else he'll throw in--maybe a $500 gas card.
  • Which dealer was that bruin4? Im in socal and none of the dealers are willing budge... geez...
  • sivysivy Posts: 1
    Looking at the 2010 Denali XL with Nav, Bluetooth, Sunroof, etc. What kind of pricing are dealers offerring on leftover 2010s? I need navigation and bluetooth, but do not have kids so the DVD system is a waste. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find one without DVD - I hate paying for something I will never ever use.

    Thanks in advance for any responses
  • vietcuvietcu Posts: 5
    Good luck Sivy, and also post if you find anything. I am searching for a SLT and a Tahoe LT. My local dealers are laughing when I am offering them anywhere close to invoice pricing. I had a dealer offering me a few hundred over MSPR OTD (TTL included). But that price had way too much options that I did not want or need. The search goes on, will post up once I find something.
  • vietcuvietcu Posts: 5
    Got me a SLT diamond white, MSRP 53290. Total OTD after TTL was 53,078. Plus I was fortunate enough to get a 1000 conquest off that price, opted for 0% financing. Had to go out of my state to get at that price though. Anything in my state was MSRP plus tax no negotiating, crazy is what I say.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
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  • I called all over the NE and couldn't get much off. They are limiting production, only making what they sell. FWIW, the deal I got last month in NY was invoice of $59,162 and I got it for $55098.25. I hope you can do better! Sweet truck thought, the AC seats are NICE!

    You got $4k off invoice or sticker? That seems pretty steep. Anybody know what these things are going for now?
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    I am interested in buying a new Yukon with Nav, Sunroof Etc. MSRP will be about 56K. Most dealers here in Texas are coming off about 6K. There seems to be a lot on the lots and not many seem to be moving. Any thoughts on when the push will be on the to get rif of the 2013's? Anyone bought one recently? Thanks
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