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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's a bit of a tough call. You can drop it in the paper or Craig's list and sell it yourself. But on the trade your paying tax(at least in Ohio) on the difference so the question becomes, "Can I sell it for that much more myself to make it worth it?"
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    We have 3 small boys, a dog and seem to always have a bunch of gear on trips. We have never been SUV people, always foreign wagons. We rented a Suburban last summer on a trip and I love it. The gas mileage was better than expected, managing the right foot and the cylinder de activation on the highway makes a huge difference.

    Now our lease on our volvo wagon is close to coming to an end. I am thinking Suburban/Yukon XL. What should we truly be paying? Is a 2009 better than a 2008? The 2009 do have the 6 speed, that has to help highway miles.

    Any advice to a SUV rookie would be appreciated.
  • Does anyone have any idea if they will up the rebates for the 09 Denalis stating in Feb? I am trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on an 08 with all of the rebates that isn't quite what I wanted or wait and see what they do when these incentives expire. As of now the 08 models have 9K in rebates compared to 4K for the 09 models. I would rather have the 09 but just wasn't sure what was going to happen. Any predictions?
  • Any updates on Feb pricing? I saw a sign in the window of a Denali in early January at the local dealership that said $18K off MSRP, but based on the rebates I'm seeing and the markup from invoice to MSRP, I don't know what other components get to an $18K off price. Anyone with a recent purchase, please share how much off MSRP you ended up at before TTL or trade-in. thanks
  • The SLT's equipped the way I want are stickering for about $53k. I test drove one a couple weeks ago and they cut right to the chase with a "buy it today price" of about $45k (included $4000 in incentives) - I was ready to make the move so I didn't negotiate.

    They're now offeing 0% financing on top of the $4000 incentive. If I walk in Monday morning ready to buy, where do I start the negotiations?

    How much lower will they go than the $45K
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    My local dealer is now showing $10k off plus 0/60 on Yukons. They are so hurting for sales, that they're making money-losing deals just to give their staffs something to do.
  • I'm having trouble finding the 4x4 yukon w/ color and specs that we want (nav/backup cam). We've finally located one a ways a way but their starting internet offer was still too high. $52k sticker down to about $46k before TTL.

    What deals are you all getting these days? I thought they were hurting...but they still expect close to 50k for a truck?
  • kwolf1kwolf1 Posts: 2
    Sticker: 55040.00
    Dealer Invoice: 50877.23

    The Deal:
    - 4000 (ending lease cash)
    - 1000 (cash back)
    - 1000 (cash back)
    - 500 (dealer so call discount)
    so that is $6500 under the dealer invoice price. Now this is no way the 18k off the Sticker that was advertise a few months ago. Does anyone have any feedback for me??
  • helenb3helenb3 Posts: 1
    I wonder if the bailout has made them not quite a paranoid as they were a few months ago.
    January 09 I purchased a 08 Denali XL AWD.
    MSRP was 59,010. And before trading in my Honda van I had the price down to 40k. 4k extra for my van and I was down to financing 36k. Not a bad deal I thought.
  • kwolf1kwolf1 Posts: 2
    Im already approved with GMAC and just need the right dealership to give me that same 18k off the sticker. What dealership did you use?
  • r3markeyr3markey Posts: 1
    Basically, you take the sticker, multiply that by 0.886, that gives you a starting point. Then subtract all the rebates; there are also dealer rebates that they don't advertise, so if they are willing to knock off some even amount, like $2500, it's probably a rebate.

    The way things are going no days though, people are getting vehicles for more like 20% off, but the former will give you a good spot so that you won't get too hosed.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • jhetsaljhetsal Posts: 1
    These forums are the best!

    After one particularly bad snow storm, where I barely made it up a pass in my Acura TL, I'm toying with the idea of a Yukon Denali. I have found a gorgeous white one, fully loaded (dvd, retracting running boards, leather, captain chairs and the larger engine). It has 10,400 miles on it and they are asking $43,000. Based on the posts for the new Denali's, I'm thinking of offering $34,500. Any thoughts?
  • dkirkcondkirkcon Posts: 1
    Hi I am very close to buying a 2008 Yukon Denali. It was a demo and has 7000 miles on it, its MSRP is 56,165, and they offered it to me for 46,500. I did not know whether this is a good deal or whether I should be able to get it for a lower price, and if so what price would be a good deal. Thanks.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    BAD DEAL. You could have bought it new for 16-18K off MSRP a few months ago. Book value used is still 10K less than your offer. Check EBay for reference...
  • jim10jim10 Posts: 6
    $61,900 MSRP
    $57,175 agreed upon price (basically at invoice minus $100)
    $3500 rebate for having a lease with Volvo which expires before 10/31/2009
    $1000 cash back
    $1000 GM bonus cash
    $1500 rebate from my GM credit card
    6% Michigan tax
    $54,300 (give or take $100) delivered price

    Any thoughts? This was purchased in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Sun/Dest/Ent Package, Cooled Seats & Blind Zone for $53,800 Doesn't include 200 doc fee and taxes or rebates and GM card.

    I took the 0% financing and applied my GM Card for another $2200.

    Loving the Denali and glad I didn't miss a big bump inthe rebates for May.
  • hwytravelhwytravel Posts: 1
    All - thank you for sharing your experiences. Would you include the dealership name? After an initial conversation with my local GMC dealer the Denali MSRP is $57,970.00 and the first pass at a negoitation netted $51,379.00.
    Thx again.
  • MrsRMrsR Posts: 1
    kwolf1, sorry I took so long getting back to your question. The dealership I used was in Western Oregon. I wont say the name because the 'after sales' service bordered in beligerent and abusive. I turned them in to the owner, GMC direct, and the BBB. After all that I dont feel good about turning any business their way.
    But the deal I got wasnt rare at the time (jan09). I had been to 3 other dealers besides this one and had 2 talked down to 44/42k from the 59 with no problems at all.
    Im pretty happy with the deal I got though. 59 down to 40 w/o any rebates, refunds, etc etc. Just a straight up drop in the price.
    Good luck and I hope you get what youre looking for at the price youre wanting to pay.
  • dmogiedmogie Posts: 1
    I purchased my black 2001 Denali XL early in 2003. I found it on ebay from a Porsche Audi dealership in Minneapolis. Cool wheels and tires, 17k miles. Perfect condition. I only paid $31k, similar vehicles in Colorado were $38-$40k!
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