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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It looks like a Touring package car. Are the wheels 18" or 20"? If you want an idea of the value from a pro, post all the info you can in the "Real World Trade Values" forum. Terry there will give you a retail value on it.
    Bear in mind, it's possible to get a new 2004 2wd version of this car new for around $34000 to $34500, I really wouldn't pay more than $31000 for this one.
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    I'm the person who purchased one just like the one you're looking at for ~$29K + TTL. Since these vehicles depreciate pretty fast, I think you should be able to get one around $30K w/o too much trouble.
  • Thanks a lot guys. That is around what I thought I should pay.
  • hi guys, just wondering, whats in the tech package can someone help pleeez
  • jpa300jpa300 Posts: 8
    Here is everything you can get
    Optional Equipment

     2004 Infiniti FX35 AWD 4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl 5A)

    Option Code Option Name and Description
    U01 Technology Package
    Includes DVD-based Infiniti Navigation System, intelligent keyless entry, intelligent cruise control, rearview monitor with camera and tire pressure monitor. REQUIRES P01.
    P01 Touring Package
    Includes leather appointed seating surfaces with multi-level heated front seats, memory system for driver's seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors, power adjustable driver's seat lumbar support, power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, heated outside mirrors, power tilt/sliding glass sunroof with one-touch open/close and safety reverse, 300-watt Bose audio system with 11 speakers, Homelink universal transceiver with rolling code capability, auto on/off headlights, steering wheel audio controls, black roof rails and cargo net. REQUIRES Brilliant Silver or Black Obsidian or Diamond Graphite or Laser Red or Golden Sand or Ivory Pearl. NOT AVAILABLE with Brick/Black.
    V01 DVD Mobile Entertainment System
    Includes Infiniti DVD mobile entertainment system which includes 7.0" flip-down screen, wireless remote control and wireless headphones. REQUIRES S01 and U01.
    W01 20-inch Chrome Wheels
    Includes 20" x 8.0" chrome wheels. REQUIRES S01.
    S01 Sport Package
    Includes 8-spoke 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels and P265/50R20 all-season tires, sport-tuned suspension, aluminum pedals and polished aluminum roof rails. REQUIRES P01.
    T93 Tow Hitch
    A97 Sirius Satellite Radio
    Includes activation fee and 2 months service. Additional service subscription sold separately. REQUIRES U01.
    A96 XM Satellite Radio
    Includes activation fee and 2 months service. Additional service subscription sold separately. REQUIRES U01.
    H93-H94 Roof Rail Cross Bars
    M95 Splash Guards
    F94 Cargo Area Protector
    Includes water-resistant heavy-duty PVC vinyl mat, and Includes cut-outs for tie-down rings mounted in cargo floor. REQUIRES P01.
    N93 Sunroof Wind Deflector
  • I have been looking at the FX 35 and really like what I have been reading. It seems like the technology package is the way to go which requires the sport/touring. I would also like the entertainment package.

    1) How much can expect to pay ?
    2) is now the best time to buy?
    3) What is the best way to structure the purchase?
    4) Should I stick with the 18" wheels for the smoother ride?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • 1. $40k for 2004 model w/tech FX35 AWD & XM.
    2. Unless someone knows Infiniti has incentive coming.
    3. Offer directly w/lowest price in mind.
    4. Yes
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    You should be able to get a FX35 for $1K under invoice without too much haggling. Just call the dealerships and negoitate with the sales/fleet manager directly over the phone. Don't even bother going to the dealership if he doesn't want to quote you over the phone.
    I've been waiting for a while and I think I'm ready to pull the trigger. You may be able to negoitate a even lower price after the 05 arrives but you might not be able to get the car exactly the way you want it. I called around (SF Area) and there aren't many cars left with the interior/exterior color and the options I want.
    I'm going with the 18' wheels (most cars have the sports package) because the ride is way too harsh with the sports package. I have a 6mths old and I don't want him bouncing around in his car seat.
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    After following this forum for couple of months I have finally joined the FX owner club today. Went to Frontier Infiniti in Santa Clara and everything went perfectly. I called the sales manager and negotiated the deal directly with him. Very straight forward transaction. The manager was very honest and straight forward. No come down to the dealer and I'll give you a great deal crap. Told him the car I want and the price I want it (1k under invoice) and that's it.
    I'm leasing the FX for 39mths 15k miles/year. FX35 with Tech, Touring, splash guards and cargo protector. Invoice is 39,987. Negoitiated price is 1k under at 38,987. $0 cap reduction, mthly payment before tax is 528.48
    I think this is a very good deal. If you are a repeated customer of Infiniti Financial the payment could be $10 less as the security deposit is waived.
    Thanks everyone here for the info. Special thanks to Wibble and car_man. Without your info I will not be able to negoiate with such confidence.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "Thanks everyone here for the info. Special thanks to Wibble and car_man"

    Congratulations. You're more than welcome and I'm sure you're going to love the car.
  • vickvick Posts: 5
    I printed out the pricing data from for the FX35 AWD. I am looking for the Technology package, Touring Package, not the sport package as I've read the ride is way too rough, and roof rail cross bars, splash guards, cargo protector and sunroof wind deflector. Any suggestions on what I should offer either below invoice or above invoice for this package? I live in San Luis Obispo area, but will travel to larger city for better selection and price. Thanks for any help.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    You should be able to pick one of these up in either the Bay Area or L.A./Orange County for $1000 under invoice minimum.
  • I can't say enough about the tech package. The navigator is state-of-the-art birds'-eye-view and the "no key or remote" to open the doors or start the engine is great. The backup video is very helpful.

    I didn't go with the sport 20" wheels because of the comments on this forum about the harsh ride.

    I'm also happy about having the satellite radio installed. You get about twice the music in the same amount of time since there's no commercials and almost no chatter on the music stations. The XM has some annoying software problems, but that's discussed in another thread. I believe the Sirius units may have similar issues.
  • I am currently on the market to Lease an Infinity FX35. This is my first lease expirence. What would be top 5 things I should look for, when signing a lease.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Try asking here: Lease Questions - Ask Here

    tidester, host
  • how can you get it for 1000 under their cost? Are their dealer incentives on this model now?

    they told me they would do it for 500 over cost.
  • vickvick Posts: 5
    To: wibble - Thanks very much for your response. I'll start responding to some of the emails I've received. I'm getting quotes at the $41K mark for the FX35 AWD with the tech pkg, touring, roof rail, spalsh guards cargo protector and sunroof wind deflector. Sounds too high from what I'm ready for this package.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    The 05s are now at some dealerships in the US. I was told that LDW is included in the tech package. I was also told that the overall increase in price is about $1000. Super cheap 04s, here we come!!
  • vickvick Posts: 5
    I've been receiving quotes from dealerships at $38,102 and they are including the Tech pckg, touring package, Roof Rail Cross Bars, Splash Guard, Cargo Area Protector and Sunroof Wind Deflector. Any comments on this price? If you add up the invoice price on all of these items on an ala carte basis, it adds up to $39,711. The $38,102 is $1,609 below Invoice. Does that sounds like a pretty good deal to you all? Thanks
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    Vic, if it's really $38102 for AWD with all the packages and options you listed then it sounds like an awesome deal. I tried using to price out your car and it invoice at 40301 and and not 39711. You may want to make sure the quote you got is for the AWD model and not the RWD. Good luck.
    I got mine last Saturday at 1k under invoice and I thought I got a pretty good deal....
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