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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    $1000 under invoice for an 04 is a rip off. I have been offered 04s for $2000 to $2300 below invoice. I even have 05 offers at invoice.
  • Anyone have any recent experience with leasing a 2004 versus a 2005? Any comments? Should I expect the same pricing on a lease for the vehicle? I am looking at a 2004 with tour, tech. (perhaps) and sport here in Atlanta. The dealer I am working with has about ten 04's left and has gotten 05's on the lot. However there is a dealership in the burbs that has about 40 04's with 05's on the lot. Maybe a better deal there? Any comments would be appreciated.
  • Yes, I just leased an 04 with tech and touring. (I am the one who posted above about the terrible buying experience)

    My cap cost was 39,255 ($1000 under invoice) for 42 months. Only $99 documentation fee. Bank fee was $550. Money factor was .00178 (4.2% APR not bad).

    My monthly payments are $512 per month, but that is with rolling the tax into the monthly payment to lower my initial out of pocket expenses. if you pay tax up front, mothly payments should be around $480 I think.

    When I left the dealer swore on the holy bible that the $1500 could not be used for the lease. Of course I don't believe them, but another dealer told me this also.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    A newspaper reporter is looking for vehicle shoppers and recent buyers age 20-29 who live in either the Atlanta or Raleigh-Durham area. If you're willing to talk about your vehicle preferences and shopping experience, please send an e-mail to with your age, location, and contact info by December 13, 2004. Thanks!

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  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Just bought the 2004 Infiniti FX 35 with Touring, Tech and Sport Package, brilliant silver with black leather. Paid exactly $1,500 under invoice. Awesome price, awesome car, awesome dealer (Fletcher Jones-Chicago). Dealt with a very nice yet professional young woman but Edmunds will not allow me to provide her name so...

    Jon B.
  • to my understanding , there is a 6.3 in info display monitor in the ones that dont have navigation, what is displayed in the info display monitor?

    tnanx in advance
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    It has radio information (RDS info if station transmits) climate control information. trip computer information and a variety of other features it is almost exactly the same as a Nissan Murano without nav screen.
  • Worked out a deal for 04'FX35 with the "Internet Mgr" with $1k adjustability for condition of my trade to be determined when I get there. Drive 4 hrs, I get some other salesperson but does have my paper work. He comes up with $7K MORE NEEDED! Brings in Sales mgr. he says OK $4K MORE! I have copies of emails and: HERE IS THE PRICE! Answer: "We don't know how he (the internet sales mgr.) got those no.s, want to buy an 05 for just a little bit more?". So much for "internet sales" that will only happen when we order direct from infinity web site and drive car off boat. So much for car salesmen; where do they get that bad reputation? So much for an agreement with a deposit made and reproducible nos on paper. Would like to complain to Infinity if I knew a good address. Also, need good dealer in PA, NJ, NY, VA area to start from scratch with. Ideas?
  • May I ask where are you coming from? "lots of quotes for 1700 and 1800 under invoice in VA, MD, PA, and NJ" Looking for a good dealer now out of PA since PA dealers won't deal that well. If you have "lots" of experience how and where? Thanks
  • Hi, Would you mind sharing what was total down payment.
  • skb123skb123 Posts: 13
    Jon, Congrats on your purchase of FX 35. Would mind sharing the original MSRP and the exact sale price before taxes? thanks
  • I have quite a bit of experience with the dealers in the Philly area. First of all, Inf. of Ardmore and Inf. of W. Chester are really two branches of the same dealership. They share stock, ownership, etc. Oddly enough, they will occasionally 'compete' with each other in the sense that they will direct business to the branch that needs the numbers that month. Since they pretty much control the market here, they compete more on service than price. Both of them have decent sales people, but they will bargain VERY hard on price and are you must not be afraid to walk away from deals. You can get a decent deal from them, especially if it is a hi-margin vehicle or you finance through them, but be prepared to work hard. I was willing to pay a small premium for the convenience, but if you are making a trip, use the dealers in central and north Jersey. Search this board for specific names and places.
  • sure,
       my down payment was about $1,300. first month payment of $512, plus the security deposit of $550, plus a $99 documatation fee.

    remember, I rolled the tax into the monthly payments to lower my down payment.
  • Rosenthal infiniti in Tyson's Corner, VA was very courteous and friendly. Only problem is their best offer was $500 under invoice- and that was after fairly persistant negotiation.

    They did tell me that you cannot use the $1500 with a lease, but I don't really believe that.

    Good luck with your search, this is a fantastic vehicle. Too bad the dealers are terrible, I wonder sometimes how they look themselves in the mirror every day.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    41k for 05 Fx 35 w/Touring and Technology package. Black with Brick interior? This is in the Orlando Florida area. Any thoughts?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Is tax included in that 41K price?
  • 2005 FX35 with every option, except tow hitch, is gonna run me approx. $800.00 over invoice. Got them to commit. Trade in on 2004 p/t cruiser turbo was $10,000.00 Selling on my own. This is an all cash deal. Shop around. Go to find dealers with-in 100 miles. Do your homework. 3 weeks ago the 05' just came out. Now dealers have huge inventory. It's all supply and demand.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    The vechicle is $ 42,880 that breaks down $ 34,750 base, Tech package $ 4,200, touring $ 2,900, cargo protector $ 70, Roof Rail Crossbars (black) $ 240, and Splash Guards at $ 130.

    I am thinking about using a broker service like USAA. Of course the salesman immediately said I would pay more than is 41k offer.
  • Terrible Price.........That is list Price....I am paying approx $800.00 over invoice. My deal is ALL cash. If you finance thru them they can give you a much better deal but they will raise interst rates. My price is from Atlantic Infiniti in Lynbrook N.Y. They are part of the Atlantic Millennium Auto Group which I beleive also have 2 out-lets in Fla.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    How do you get the invoice price? They have to show it to you right?
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