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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking for a FX35 with Touring package in the Indy area. I hear everybody comment that they are getting FX35's for $1000 below invoice.

    The deal I am currently being offered is for $38,228 for a FX35 with the touring package, sun visor air deflector and mud guard model.

    Can I do better?
  • anyone know how much a '04 FX45 with premium and tech, etc. is going for at this time? How much below invoice?


    MSRP is $51,965 for my config.


    Here is an intial offer from a deal:

    "msrp is $52865.00 cap cost is $48800.00

    money factor is .00101 which includes .00015 to waive security deposit. residual is 56% of msrp or $29604.40 for 15000 miles. 36 months x 15000 per year = 687.57 with 687.57 on delivery."


    I can't seem to figure out how he even got to the 687 price. Too tricky for me. Help me out here, please!
  • 05 FX35 w/touring will run about $35,600 if purchased 1K under invoice. Assuming NJ 6% tax/reg fees it will run around $37,800 plus $350 for 4-year registration (WHAT A GREAT NEW LAW) and roughly $150 in doc fees (variable). If you are not in NJ, you probably do not ahve to pre-pay registration for four years so the fees should be lower... My point is that 1K under invoice does not add up to $39,050 price out the door. What was the vehicle's selling price? and what state?
  • I am not sure about Indy area, but in NJ I got $37,000 as one of the initial offers, and I know I could have come down at least to the invoice (but my wife said G35, so I did not continue). $38,200 sounds definitely high. I am not sure about a $1000 under invoice, the numbers are somewhat off in that message, but more info is needed to validate. The best result I have seen so far in this forum is a couple of hundred below invoice (sometime in November or December, I think the poster was fxguy). If you buy it out-of-state for $36,500 and ship it to Indy for $500, you are still better off than buying for 38K :)

    and I think it's possible to get 36.5K
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Hi, are you talking about the '05 model?
  • Yes the following is the options:

    1. touring package

    2. roof rails

    3. Splash guards

    4. xm radio

    5. dvd installed


    Invoice + Dvd + dealer profit = 37K + 1300 + 1300 = 39600 total

    bad deal?
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    That is a pretty good deal, I think, for a '05, right? Is this an AWD?
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Sorry I take it back, I think that price is a little high if it is not an AWD. Check out


    I hope this help.
  • How much would you pay for an '04 FX45?

    I know there is a $2000 dealer cash, but only applicable for a purchase; I want to lease one.


    How much, below invoice, should I ask for?
  • Lets see, I am located in the Bay Area, California.


    It is '05 Model FX35, AWD, touring package, splash guards, cross bars, wheel locks, cargo net, trunk cover (forget exact name of piece)


    So i was able to negotiate to about $35754, after taxes (8.25% CA) was $2953, and doc, lic fee another $340. So out of door was just a shade above $39000.


    I think MSRP was around $40,100


    So from what I am reading... I think a better deal can be optained with enough patience and persistance. Still think I could have done better...wanted $1500-2000 below invoice =)
  • How did you get to $1000 below invoice on a '05?

    The best I got sofar is $500 over invoice.


    I think I need some negotiating advice from you!

    How should I begin? What should I say?

    Help me out here, please!!
  • lv1lv1 Posts: 4
    i just got fx35 touring 42mo for $,$200 out of pocket.At ray catena NJ
  • lv1lv1 Posts: 4
    36.900 at Diffeo NJ
  • jono2jono2 Posts: 7
    I'm looking to lease an fx 35(2wd with touring pkg) in los angeles, msrp is 38,460. I'm thinking a 39 month lease with no more than 2000 down, any suggestions for dealers and what kind of payment?
  • jono2jono2 Posts: 7
    Did you have a trade with equity or was it basically $0 down? Or was the $200 missing a zero?
  • Yes, please elaborate :))) I have not heard of 1K under invoice on 05s. How did you arrive to that price?


    It isn't demo model, is it?
  • lv1lv1 Posts: 4
    Why you care if you in LA anyway,this is happened in NJ,sorry but i am never missing anything in my life and i never give my money away to the dealer.

    Like i said iam only lease cars,that means no trade involve,and yes i inceptions was $200 not $2000 and yes this is AWD not 2WD,and yes its $469 mo for 42mo incl.,tax. with touring pack g.

    Sticker was 40,200.I just got it a day ago. Come to Jersey and i tell you who is the sales person was,ill be happy to help you. Dont give your money to the dealer. no down,no any money.Good luck.
  • I think alot of it depends on the sales associate. Basically, I started out on the phone, asking for quotes. And so I told him what specifics, I wanted, ie. color, awd, model, options, etc... And wanted it for $35,000 Out of Door (low ball the dealer), and worked my way up to there price. Eventually, I was asking for $38,000 out of door, before I would even come into the dealership. Many times, he (sales assoc)rejected my offer, and said there was no way any dealership was going to sell the car at that price. (Thought they were lying) So I said no, I was not going to come in to negotiate. Eventually, he caved and after many phone calls, later, he told me that the fleet manager was willing to sell for $39000 +/- out of door, IF I came in. So in I went, and even then, he backtracked... And I wasnt going to buy unless he gave me my asking price. And eventually, I got it... The sales associate told me not to tell anyone about this offer. But you know what, heck with that, if a offer is out there, we should all be cash in! So I hope this helps, good luck!
  • btw, no its not a demo =)
  • Where in NJ? PLease provide info, I would travel up there to see the same sales person. Thank you.
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