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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hi, i wanted to know if there were any manufacturer to dealer rebates for the 05' i wanted to get a 05' with tech, sport, and touring for 42500 out the door, is that a fair offer in phoenix, arizona? thanx
  • Please visit our rebates & incentives page to see what's being offered in your area. These offers can vary from region to region. You can also visit the new cars page and build your vehicle to see what other shoppers have paid in the Phoenix area.

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  • julia3julia3 Posts: 1
    I saw this post and want to know the dealer you had in NJ. I live in PA and might travel if there's a good deal. Thinking of getting the same car w/ same options as you. Your lease price is great. BTW, how you you like the car after a month? Thks.
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    I get my Infiniti 2005 FX35 AWD New Touring Package,Sport package,splash guards,trunk at,cargo net. Black/black 38725$+Tax+fees
    How is my deal?
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    Wow, personally, I think that is a great deal!!! Base on, this what I use when I buy my cars, you brought only $300 over the dealer's invoice. Where did you buy it, I mean in what state? If in California, then where exactly?

    I got a question for you, are your leather seats perforated or the regular smooth leather ones? Because the dealer loan me a loaner car, an 2003 FX AWD black on black with out perforated leather and from what I can tell the leather in that car appear to be a lot thicker then mine 2004 FX AWD. So I am curious to know if Infiniti has gone cheap on their leather quality from the '03 to the '04 or even to the '05. If you don't mind let me know what kind of leather seating you got on your new FX. Congratulation on your new purchase.
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    i bought it in Glenview Illinoiss dealer.This leather is perforated on center on sides is smooth.
  • drgr2005drgr2005 Posts: 1
    I'm located in NJ and got a quote from dealer.
    It is '05 Model FX35, AWD, touring package, tech. package, splash guards, cross bars, wheel locks, cargo net, etc.
    the price is 40,100.00
    How's the price sound? I may decide to buy it within few days.
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    How it passible if INVOICE PRICE in NJ is 40600$ something and You will get it cheaper with zip code 08822 for dealer ??
  • Replaced my 01 Qx4 with an 05 Diamond Graphite/Black 2WD, touring, sport, cargo protector, splash guards, XM radio...$37,575 ($175 over invoice). Can't stop the grin on my face! Considered a Lexus RX330, but no was not impressed..the 05 RX330 wasn't as smooth and quiet as my previous '00 RX300, but was equally boring. The FX, however, is awesome and so fun to drive, definitely a keeper. Nothing else compares for the price!!!!
  • sum0890sum0890 Posts: 1
    I live in Dallas, TX and am trying to lease an FX35 with touring and tech package.

    I wanna be at a 36 mo. lease with $400 a month including taxes and $1000 down payment.

    Any Suggestions on how to approach the dealer.
  • jstagerjstager Posts: 14
    I am looking to lease a 2005 FX35 AWD with tech and touring packages. Still debating XM radio. This is the quote I got from one dealer:

    Term: 39 months
    Miles Per Year: 15,000 miles per year
    Total Sale Price: $40,800
    $3240 due at signing

    Breakdown of Acquisition Costs:
    $45 - dealer fee
    $1726 - sales tax
    $65 - transfer plates
    $515 - first payment
    $795 - bank fee

    Monthly Payment: $515/month
    Interest Rate: 4.7%

    This is what they have offered... Is this a good deal? Also, is it true that you can have your Infiniti serviced at Nissan dealerships? This would be a lot easier for me because the Nissan dealerships are less than 10 miles away whereas the closest Infiniti is 30 miles away and with a lease, I'd rather not waste the miles. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • cooper6cooper6 Posts: 1
    I got an offer on the following...

    Infiniti FX 35 (touring package)
    39 months/12K
    $1500 due at signing

    MSRP appx. 40,000

    Good? Bad? More room?
  • jstagerjstager Posts: 14
    Your acquisition costs are lower than mine. What state are you in? Also, I wouldn't pay MSRP or anything close to $40K for that. My deal above is $40,800 for a fully loaded FX35 AWD with touring + tech and 15,000 miles per year for $515/month. For a $35/month increase, I'd rather take the FX35 AWD loaded. Just my .02 cents.
  • gilk3914gilk3914 Posts: 5
    Just call any internet manager at almost any LA area (Orange County) dealer and you should get an FX at $200 over invoice. I also am getting XM installed (labor + materials) for $698 (their cost).
  • In need of advice: A local dealer is holding two '04 FX45s. I'd like to put no money down, but I'm willing to put up the first month's payment. With 39-48 months @ 15K miles/yr., how much will I have to pay a month?
  • Hello,
    I live in bay area and is looking for a FX35 AWD +touring for 37k including tax+fees..etc
    Is there a dealer near here that will be able to give me that deal and how should i negotiate with the dealers, like the steps , the things that i need to do.
    Thank you
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    If you're new to the negotiation process, you might want to visit our topic about Buying Tips: Negotiating advice, resources and more...

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  • Hello All,
    Can anyone please share their paid price for a 2005 FX35 with Touring and Technology Options? I live in Washington DC Metro areas.

    Alternatively, I am also looking into a 39 Months lease. Any feedback is appreciated.
    Many Thanks.
  • Hi,
    I am thinking about purchasing a new 03 FX35 or 04 FX45 from a dealer.
    Both of their MSRP stands in 39,900.
    What is the real price that i should be paying for these cars??
    and difference between the models, pros and cons,
    thank you for your time
  • mick3mick3 Posts: 7
    I'm looking at an '05 FX35 with tech and touring, dealer in Pittsburgh will not budge off $43,300 (Edmunds shows MSRP $44,600, Invoice $40,576, TMV $43,143). This is the only dealer in a 100 mile radius, and they have the attitude that they don't care if they earn my business (dealer actually had the nerve to claim that TMV in this area is at MSRP). As much as I like the car, I'm ready to walk since in other areas it seems people are paying less than $1000 over invoice. Has anyone else had this type of dealer experience in this region?
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