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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm sorry, I made a huge mistake on my post, LOL.

    The car's MSRP is $40,180
    I paid $36323.29 (it's 500+ under invoice)

    So is that a good deal?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    Ok. glad its not as bad as i thought.

    i hope someone else can answer you more thoroughly because I'm really not sure of the current deals. I believe there was $1500 in incentives on the '06s last I heard, but Edmunds isn't showing any incentives currently. It could mean they expired as far as the manufacturer was concerned, but each dealer was given that $1500 to get rid of their inventory.

    Anyway, if that is the case, then it seems you could have done better. But, I don't think you should sweat it. You got a nice vehicle for $400/month.

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  • How's this?
    FX35, 2WD, touring package, handsfree, roof rack, cargo net

    MSRP $40850
    Invoice $37480
    My Price $35980

    Good deal, yes?
  • It'll make it easier if you provide us w/ a monthly payment and out of pocket cost (which includes all fees, 1st payment, any down, etc).
  • I paid cash.
  • I'm not sure if it's coincidence or what, but you got $1,500 off like some ppl suggested w/ the 1500 off. Is that what the deal is? Or is it just so happens it's 1500 off?

    Looking at the invoice and what you paid, it seems like a damn good deal. But i'm not sure how that can be compared to those of us who did the 12 month lease.

    Since you did pay the car outright, i'm not sure how to calculate it.
  • I got $1500 because there was a $1500 dealer cash incentive.
    I asked for the vehicle to be sold at invoice then took off the extra $1500.
  • Do you know if this 1500 incentive only applies to certain dealerships or all? I haven't heard anything of it.

    How to find out which dealerships are having the specials? Call? When they even tell u then?

    I just visited the Edmunds site and the incentive for the FX now is $2500 thru the end of Nov, omfg, i feel like throwing up right about now.

    It showed $1.5k off for last month.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    yup. looks like it went up.

    You really shouldn't sweat it, and neither should pk3737. You both paid more because you got to take advantage of the old incentives. You had no way of knowing it would go up. Even the dealers don't know what will happen from month to month. The manufacturer keeps it a total secret until the day they go into effect. If they didn't, people would never buy vehicles because they'd always be waiting for the next deal.

    Enjoy your vehicles and stop thinking about it!

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • I believe the $1500 WAS for all dealerships.

    I just checked the Edmunds and didn't see a $2500 incentive available for November. Where did you see it at?

    If it's true, I'll be throwing up next to you. :)
  • It's at the bottom box setzip=94121&state=CA

    Even w/ the 1500 off, I only got 500 :( Thank God it's only a one yr lease, I would be drowning myself in my own barf it was a 4 years or something of that degree.
  • It's only $2000 in California. Looks like I'll throw up just a little bit.
  • I went to a local Infiniti dealer and checked out an 06 FX35 with Touring and Handsfree. They had an advertisement in this past weekend's paper for what looks like a great lease deal. I'd love to get some feedback from folks on whether or not this is a good deal? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

    2006 FX35 AWD Touring & Handsfree package.
    Term = 12 months / 12K Miles
    Monthly Pmt = $325 ($348 with 7% Sales Tax).
    Down Pmt ZERO
    Acq Fee 550
    Docs 300
    Plates 115
    1st Pmt w/Tx 348
    Total due at signing = $1313.
    $3,825 (remaining 11 pmts)
    Total 12 months + Fees = 5138
  • $429/mo.. for only one year?

    Dirt cheap..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks kyfdx for the response / feedback.

    Yes - only one year. The salesman also advised Infiniti may allow for a one year extension as well - which might make sense at that monthly payment.

    I have a 00 Acura TL with 104K miles that I'd like to trade as well. I'm hoping they can give me a fair trade value and then it's an awesome deal all around. Thanks again for the feedback.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 142
    Where are you located?
  • Anyone have experience with how the 2007's will be priced in the January timeframe? Trying to decide if I should buy a 2006 and essentially eat 3 mo worth of payments. Does Infiniti try to get full MSRP at the begining of a model year?

  • Providence, RI
  • I called my dealership about the 2,500 incentive and the GM wrote back saying it doesn't apply to the 1 yr lease.

    Is she lying?
  • Hi Carman, All,

    Please help me here.. I need to get a car today or tomorrow...

    * Do you know "November 12 months 15k miles AWD and/or RWD FX35 lease MF and residual"?

    * Do you know if the 2500$ incentive is also valid for 1-year lease?

    * I got an offer from a dealer and the details are as below:
    -> MSRP = 39,960 (06 RWD+ Splash guards + touring + Cargo prot.)
    -> Invoice = 36,679
    -> Drive-off = 1600$ (assuming this is 1st month + Bank fee + Doc fee + Reg fee). But he added the drife-off to the gross cap. Therefore:
    Gross Cap Cost = 36,679 + 1600
    - 0 down -> no cap cost reduction
    - He says residual went down for 2%, therefore I assume Res=79%
    - No idea about MF, but assume 0.00053
    - He says the deal is about 643$ for 11 months, i.e. 7073$ for 1 year.

    When I read the previous topics, I feel like this deal is way too expensive. Can someone help me here?

    Thanks in advance.
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