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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have the following offer for a 2008 AWD FX35 from Infiniti of Manhattan that has an MSRP of $48,725(Touring, Hands Free, Technology and Sport Package).

    Initial Down Payment: $1995
    Bank Fee: $795
    Destination Fee: $700
    Other Fees are taxes (base on NJ= 7%)
    DMV- I think around $200, I live in NJ
    39 Month Lease with $445/month at 10k miles per year

    Another Option:
    For 39 months with the (Touring, Hands Free, Technology package): $419/mo with $1995 down, and $479/mo with $0 down.

    Sport Package: would be $26.46 more towards the monthly payment.

    As of right now, I am currently driving an Acura TL Type S(2002) 4Dr Sedan with 48, 656 Mileage. Well Maintained with a 7 inch DVD/Navi System. I am also thinking of using it as a trade in, if the dealer give me a good offer.

    Do you think I can do any better than this?

  • Looking at an RWD FX35 with touring, tech, and handsfree package... just coming off of a an 06 12 month lease, and I love the car... Just starting off my search, and I got some lease numbers on a lease from my local dealer

    term: 36 month
    MF: .001
    Residual: 55%
    MSRP: 44,875
    Cap Cost: 43,000
    15,000 miles: $584+tax
    20,000 miles: $626+tax

    This seemed kind of high to me... any input on current residuals and MF's?

    about $1500 due at signing (supposedly includes 1st payment, but it is to my understanding that IFS is covering the 1st payment when re-leasing a new car. The dealer has to confirm this, but I got a marketing call from IFS advising me of this offer).
  • What is the pay off on your lease if you wanted to buy it?
  • I have a deal on an 06 fx35 with tech, touring and handsfree. It has 11K miles on it, looks pretty good. They are offering it to me for $30K, does that sound like a good price?
  • I am not sure... I would assume its the calculated residual value.
  • "Another Option:
    For 39 months with the (Touring, Hands Free, Technology package): $419/mo with $1995 down, and $479/mo with $0 down.

    Sport Package: would be $26.46 more towards the monthly payment. "

    Is there a name for this package? Seems pretty reasonable. Do you know if it is available in CA?
  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27

    How do I contact you? Want to talk about HC dealership. Got my M35X there and considering now an FX35.

  • bjammbjamm Posts: 5
    anyone know what incentives will be available for december? currently in dallas, tx area there is a $2500 dealer rebate. wondering if i need to cash in on that before 11/30 or if it will be greater in december. looking at a 2008 fx35 with sport/hands free/touring.

  • Chavez-

    Care to share the dealer you purchased that vehicle from? Would you recommend the salesperson? Did the sport package include 20" rims?

    Appreciate the post and any additional feedback.

  • bjammbjamm Posts: 5
    Dr J boston

    Just for your fyi, the sport package always includes 20" rims.

    S01 Sport Package
    Includes 8-spoke 20" x 8" aluminum alloy wheels, P265/50R20 V-rated all-season tires, sport-tuned suspension, black chrome exterior accent grille, tinted headlight and taillight lenses, etched aluminum interior trim with drilled aluminum pedals and polished aluminum roof rails
  • good deal. thanks for heads up.
  • bjammbjamm Posts: 5
    how is this deal

    2008 FX35 Rwd auto
    hands free
    cargo area protector
    roof rail crossbars
    splash guards
    sport package
    touring package

    msrp 43,175
    invoice 39443

    sales price 37980
    dealer cashback 2500
    sales price - 35480 + ttl

    im probably putting down 7500

    so with 6.25% taxes im looking at 557 a month @ 3.9apr
  • Bjamm,

    I also live in Dallas and just got an FX 35 today....I decided to pull the trigger since Infiniti is offering a tax credit which saves roughly $3k in taxes here in texas where you have to pay on the full amount up front (they did not know if this deal would be around in December). Sewell and Crest are apparently in a big war right now and you can get a great deal because of it.

    I was looking for a 24-36 mos lease on a car with touring/handsfree/sport. I basically got Sewell to $1000 over invoice and .00125 money factor which came to a payment of $559 with nothing down (literally just first month payment) on a 24 mos lease. I planned to go with them and just gave Crest a courtesy call since I had spoken with them at length, and Crest ended up coming back and offering the same car WITH TECH ALSO for $565. Needless to say I took it and ran!

    The sales guy admitted they were losing money on the deal but the GM was apparently just sick of losing deals to Sewell.

    *edit* I believe the tax credit is on leases only.


    Here is the exact deal:

    '08 FX35 RWD blk/blk
    hands free
    aluminum roof crossbar
    MSRP $47,225

    Cap Cost: $45,184.36 (includes all fees & ttl - taxes was $0 from incentive)
    Residual Value: $31,642
    Term: 24 Mos
    Rate: $565 a month

    All I paid at closing was the first month payment of $565.
  • I'm still so excited about the deal I made I can't sleep lol! For those that didn't notice, my money factor on the above deal is 0, the depreciation is $564.xx, they just rounded the payment to $565.
  • First off I know nothing about leasing. I want to get the 2008 FX35 AWD with hands free and touring package. They are offering it at local dealer with sticker price of 43500. It is the FX35 AWD they are offering on this months Infiniti page for 399mth and 3200 down for 24 mths. First off is this a good deal from the get go or can I get a better one? I would really like a 36 mth lease. Where do I start?
  • I am interested in leasing a 2008 FX 35 w/NAV, Touring, Hands Free. Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area purchased or leased one of these recently? If so, let me know how you did.

  • Target price for a 2008 Infiniti FX35 Base 4dr All-wheel Drive on is showing as $34,869. Special pricing expires on 1/2/08. I am thoroughly tempted. I see MSRP should be around 40K so actual price is probably around 37-39K. Is this legit? Anybody use carsdirect before?
  • I am a woman, and some dealers try to take advantage of that.
    So I need help on what to offer the local dealer on an FX35.
    The car I want is a FX35 with the Touring Pkg, Handsfree Pkg and the Technology Pkg.

    What should I be paying out the door? The dealer (Peninsula Infiniti in Redwood City) said that he would match any broker price, and he would "deal". Should I go with a dealer, or a broker? And how much should I be paying?

    Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  • I just leased 08 FX35 AWD Hands Free, touring package, ipod interface, splash guards, rear cargo liner, and roof rack cross bars MSRP 43,020. I put $2400 down and $452 a month for 12,000/24mths..... How did I do?
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    What is the marketing incentive for 12-07 2500 or 1500? Also, do we know anything about 1-08. Buying 08 fx35. Your past posts are awesome for folks who want to be "in the know". Can add some interesting posts down the road but first priority is gettin this Bad-Boy home.
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