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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What finance rate is Infiniti offering on the 2009 FX?
  • 9 K off MSRF and 5 K under invoicef or a fully loaded 09 FX 35 is an excellent deal. Go for it.
    Yesterday, I got a lease quote from a LA deal for a 09 FX 35 FWD MSRP 42,00
    $871 down includes first month payment and license for $445 plus tax per month.12K/year. Free service for 2 years. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Also, I looked at the 2010 Lexus RX 350 and it looks great. Anyone out there has any pricing info for the 2010 model?
  • Does anyone know if the 4k loyalty discount is applied if you buy your Infiniti at the end of the lease term?
  • I was in your situation. I wasn't a current Infiniti owner but my brother was buying an Infiniti. I thought adding my brother to the title was enough but the dealer told me we'd have to live together for that to qualify.
    I ended up getting the discount by buying the car under my brother's name. We'd do a gift or sell later to change the title.
  • From what I read in the Lexus forums, it's going to me slightly more expensive than the 09 models. The thing is, unless you wait for a while, you'll most likely be paying MSRP for the car.
  • I don't see the comparison of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 vs. ANY INFINITI! I think the RX 350 is one of the most uninspriring looking vehicles ever produced. You can't say that about any Infiniti esp the FX.
  • Very true, too many RX350 on the road and they are anything but bold. Even with the 10 model, just some internal front panel improvements which are overdue anyway.
  • Think you are right. 8K off MSRP will probably be all we can get do with a 09 FX35.

    Is 8K off MSRP really what can be expected? I spoke with a Houston area dealer last week (that I bought my old FX from) and he didn't seem willing to budge much at all :confuse:
  • Have an offer on the following car: 09 FX35 AWD Premium/Nav/Deluxe Touring.
    MSRP: $51,914, Invoice $47,923, quoted at $43,000 (including $4K owner's loyalty)

    Anyone hear about deals like this in the Houston area?

    Has the $4K owner's loyalty been extended?
  • What is the average deal doc fee? I was quoted $595 which I think is high? any comments?
  • I live in one of Chicago subusrbs and I think I saw only a handfull of the 09's out on roads. Any thoughts?
  • Situation in Los Angeles is different. I counted the company parking lot this morning there are at least 10 RX 350 among maybe 40. The percentage is higher on the roads. I think at least 15% in Los Angeles.FX 35 maybe in range of under 5%.
  • Are you asking what do we think of the 2009 FX? If so, here's my opinion: I don't like the new body - namely the front end. It's just too much, the vent is wrong, the bottle nose 'thing' is wrong and the headlights are over the top and just plain Ugly.

    Inside is a different story however. I think the interior is excellent. Good stuff inside tech wise and layout. Very nice.

    But driving an '09 is just 'ok'. I was not blown away by the pickup, the ride, etc. I may have to defect to BMW. I don't think I want to be seen driving this model. And I predict the 2009 FX will get a quick makeover (say two years) due to low interest. We'll see.
  • It varies from state to state and dealership to dealership. I bought my FX in California and I was only charged $55. I think that's the state law. If you're paying over $100, then the dealer is probably marking it up. Unless it's a fixed amount required by law, the doc fee should be negotiable.
  • I live in Vegas and I've only seen one 09 out on the roads. It's clear the 09s are not a big seller. From what a couple of salesmen told me, the 09s are not moving much at all because there're basically no incentives, rebates, or special APRs, other than the $4000 loyalty cash program for previous Infiniti owners. And the lease payments are pretty high too. But I heard Infiniti is coming out with a special lease program for the 09 FXs..
  • Rising star Sales for the 09 FX35 is hurting due to reasons cited. With incentives and similar trims, ithere is a price gap of almost 7K or more between the Lexus R35 and the Infiniti FX350 and more for the non Infiniti owners. It is just a no brainer and they must recognize this so that they can move their units. They should close the gap to say 2K and make it interesing.
  • Dealmaker: I don't think it's just the $$$ gap that is driving potential buyers away from the FX - I think it is the styling and handling of the 2009 FX.
  • when I visit the local Costco it seems that every other car is a Lexus RX350 (or 330 or 300). No 2009 FXs whatsoever, though there are at least 2 Infiniti dealerships in close proximity. As I mentioned before - very few 09's on the street. I was offered 2008 FX35 black/black with 13500 miles for $29K at a local dealership. I passed. I'll wait till Infiniti comes up with some incentive for the 09's.
  • Jay, Your are correct.
    The RX is still an old reliable SUV in the market for years. It is also the same reason that people prefer the highend Toyota(Lexus), Honda(Acura) and Nissan(Infiniti) in that order.
  • I noticed you mention LA, then metro in phx..I always thought it was too big a hassle buying out of state and registering in CA..was this a problem? (I'd like to expand my options to phx..Thanks
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