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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • we've started shopping these vehicles seriously again this week and im having trouble sifting through all these posts. how close to invoice can i expect to get on a new 2009? we're in texas if that helps.
  • they have $5K dealer cash back on the 2009s. Depending on the motivation of the dealer you could reasonably expect 3-4K below invoice.
  • Today I went for the first time shopping around at my local Inifiniti dealer in SoCal as I am in the market for buying an Audi Q5 or Infiniti FX35.

    As the lease on my current Volvo ends in 7 weeks I decided to do some orientation at the local dealer.

    My interest is in a 2009 2WD FX35 with a Premium Package only. My plan is to pay the car by cash or finance the car for 30-50% as the APR of 0% sounds attractive to me (having a 700+ credit rating). Things became complicated to me as:

    The sticker price for the RWD + Premium was $45.700 (+Tax, Registration). They offered me the car for $40.700 if I paid it cash. If I would finance the car based on that amount the APR would be 5.9%.

    If I would take 0.0% finance option the car would be around $42.900 (+Tax, Registration). As I am the owner of an old FX they told me that the Loyal Customer Rebate applies to Lease terms only.

    It feels to me they are BS-ing on the terms related to the 0.0% APR and the Loyalty Rebate program. Of course reading the thread here there must be a better price on the car to get knowing another Infiniti dealer is less than 15 miles from my local dealer.

    Who can help me sorting out what the terms are related to the 0.0% APR and the Loyalty Rebate? Or in the end what do you guys expect what the price should look like considering I am an existing FX owner, want to use the 0.0% finance partly?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Fisrt of all, find out your invoice price. is a good place to do your research.

    so, looks like the invoice for RWD FX35 w/premium is $41,824

    Second, we know that currenty the dealer offers either a nice APR or Cash back in the amount of up to $5K. Theoretically, you could get both, however practically it would take a really motivated dealer to agree for these terms.

    Say, you chose the cash, so, your target price should be no more than $41,824 - $3,000 = $38,824. However, I'd push hard for $38,000.

    Anyway, email every possible dealership and get the best price. Let them know you are aware of the invoice and the cash back. Do not show up at the dealership, unless you get close to your target price. Bring the paperwork (e-mail trail) with you. Don't hesitate to stand up and walk away if they start changing anything on you. In this economy, you should be able to get your price.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks a lot fear_my-catz, I will take your suggested $38k as my target price and will start sending emails to the different dealers in my area.

    According to the Infiniti site there is a 0.0% APR if I want to finance a part of the $38k. Do you have experience if the 0.0% still applies or is the financing % something the dealer can play with depending on the negotiated price. I was surprised that the dealer gave me a lower price with a 5.9% APR, and a $2k higher price based on 0.0%. Reading the 0.0% terms on the Infiniti site I do not see any restrictions related to a negotiated price.
  • well, I was not able to negotiate both, the price and the rate. I paid 37.9K for the base awd, which has an invoice of around 41k.
    I did try to push for the special rate, but I was told its either low price, or special rate. I ended up financing for 5.9% which I plan to pay off shortly anyway.

    I doesn't hurt to try though!
    Push for both, maybe through in an extra 300, but get the rate. I admit I made a mistake by showing up at the dealership before negotiating the final terms. They felt I'm ready to buy. So, try to get the final terms via e-mail, so you have the paper trail.
  • For Purchase (decided against leasing):
    2009 Infiniti FX50
    Base FX50 (No tech package and no sport package - everything else is already included)
    MSRP: 57,935
    Sale Price: 46,700

    This is in the Philadelphia area. I think this is an outstanding deal- can anyone else comment?

  • very nice! The invoice is $54K and change, so you got it 8K under invoice. $5K incentive plus the loyalty credit I guess.

    Swesome deal! congrats!
  • Thanks for responding! No loyalty credit actually. I wish though! Would have made this a 44k deal.

    Looking forward to picking it up saturday.
  • g_maxxg_maxx Posts: 1
    Been lurking... but thought I'd chime in here.

    If you know you have good credit and have a loan lined up already or are paying cash then I don't think there is any reason to pay anything more than invoice minus the 5k incentive. Try to get into the dealer holdback if you can.

    Just do you research and then negotiate through the internet sales dept. Always tell them you are going to purchase now and have a better offer than they are offering.

    I got my 2009 FX35 in the beginning of April when the incentive was $4k.
    Ended up with an AWD w/prem, cargo holder, splash guards and roof rack for $38,100. I probably could have done a little bit better but needed the car by that weekend. I got them to give me some of their hold back on top of the invoice minus $4k and never stepped foot in the dealership.

    The internet is a wonderful thing. :) Hope this helps.
  • I cant get anyone to give me anything below msrp. Im in texas- is anyone else having better luck? We're happy to go out of state for the vehicle, as this is ridiculous. I cant even get one dealership to go below so I can start playing them off each other.
  • did the rebate go away?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 47
    these are the deals in atlanta.

    click on the new specials. advertised is a 2009 FX 35 RWD premium package
    $36298. MSRP:$44485.00

  • shweta1shweta1 Posts: 12
    I purchased Fx35, RWD, black on black, premium package for 35,340 last week . The car costed us 36700 including all taxes, tags n fees. The MSRP on this car is 45300.

    I negotiated with almost all dealers in VA and Maryland through internet department and closed on this deal. The vehicle was not in their inventory but they got it for us from some other location. I did not get in financed from Infiniti.

    I bought it from JBA Infiniti in Maryland. They have the best ongoing deals on all Infiniti models and are offering almost $8000 rebate.... I will recommend always go through internet department. You get the best deals through them.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Dealer Cash on the FX35 is $5000, it is $6000 on the FX50. In Dallas, our average FX35 sold for $7000 off MSRP last month. This is roughly $3500 below invoice. This dealer cash is NOT good if you take the special financing or lease the vehicle. :)
  • nunez1nunez1 Posts: 5
    Do they have loyalty cash along with Finc. or cash back. Also if going for the Finc what should my goal for price be over invoice or below
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    There is a loyalty rebate of $2000 IF you choose to lease an FX - it does not apply if you buy. I know in Texas, the FX's are hard to find. Each dealer has 4-7 of them it seems. Most dealers will discount the vehicle around $2000 then you can decide to take the special financing or take an extra $5000 off and use your own financing. If you have good credit and can get a competitive rate on your own - take the extra $5000. This new FX is awesome, you will love it! :D
  • I plan on buying a new FX35 by the end of September or October. I don't know if I should purchase a 2009 model or wait to buy a 2010 model. I'm sure that the Dealer Cash Incentive of $5K for a 2009 will drop after September (or after the 09 models are all gone.) But in this depressed economy, I'm certain there will still be an incentive for the '10 models (how much is another question.) My main question is: is it worth buying the 09 model, taking into consideration the depreciation for "last year's model?" Or is it worth paying a little more for the 2010 model? Your thoughts & suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • My 2006 FX35 awd lease will be expiring shortly and I would like another. What would be a good lease rate for the following vehicle 12k miles/yr 36 or 39 month ?

    FX35 AWD black w/premium package $46,815
  • I think if you can get a $4000 difference then it is a wash, if you can get more than that go with the 09 if it is less go for the 10. The 2010 FX's are due in November, I seriously doubt the $5000 dealer cash will go away (it may even get better). The vehicle is selling well with that incentive so it will probably stay the same until the US is sold out.
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