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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • New to this board, but so far mostly I'm seeing talk about good deals on 2009s. I'm wondering if anyone's gotten a good price on a 2010 and if the 5K applies to them or only the 09s? I'm asking b/c searching in my area I'm finding the 2009s are getting scarce and I probably won't buy anything till after the first of the month. (I'm looking for an FX35 AWD with prem, tech and nav.)
  • Those are the packages we wanted also but couldnt find one in a 3 state hunt in August. Good luck to you in your quest. We ended up dropping the tech package (which we don't miss, except the wipers, but I can flip that switch on myself and save $2000). The $5000 doesn't apply to the 2010, nor does the financing. We got an excellent deal on our 2009, plus a bonus $500 back from the Amex deal. Where are you located? And how far are you willing to go to get one?
  • I'm in Michigan and I have found a couple near Detroit, both have touring though. they're already knocking off nearly 10k, which is good. Don't know if I like the color, plus I'm starting to see some demos come available in 37-40K range, and that's kind of appealing.

    On a different topic, what do you think of Infiniti's CPO program?
  • I was told by 2 different dealers that it costs $895 to certify an Infiniti into CPO.
    One should also consider the Infiniti Elite Extended Warranty which is better than CPO since it covers items like the radio, nav, and belts and hoses.
    go to for coverage and free quotes. You can get extended warranty cheaper than what your dealer offers. These are real infiniti warranties and not third party. You are buying it from an Infiniti dealer
  • email me at
  • Just bought in Tampa for 41,200.
    Sweet car.
  • I am conisdering to buy new FX 35 and here is the negotiated price i gopt from the local dealer.

    2010, FX 35, RWD,Black obsydien/wheat interior
    Premium Package,
    Touring Package ,
    Navigation packg ,

    Final Purchase price:$41,000 (After 4k dealer cash back)

    is it a good deal to buy? Please advice
  • I am considering to buy 2010 FX35 and here is the quote i got from the local dealer.

    2010, FX35
    Premium Package
    Touring Package
    Navigation Package

    Purchase Price: $41,000 + Tax

    Is this a good deal? Please advice
  • It sounds like a good deal. I mean, how often does a dealer knock 10k off a new model year car like? They must be carrying the 09 deals over to the 10s.

    The questions to ask yourself are, is the dealer giving you financing, and what's the rate? That's one way they can make some of that 10k back. The other is by tacking on document fees and the like. Even in the worst cases I've seen document fees are never more than a couple of hundred, so it sounds great to me. I've got an appointment to look at one just like it when I'm in Detroit next week. The salesman seems pretty hot to make me a deal, and if I were to get something like what you've got, I'd be hard pressed not to take it.
  • Thank you very much for your response.
    I got loan from my bank @ 4% for 36mos.

    Dealer's documentation fee is $600.00

    That's seem bit high as per your comments.May be they are trying to make it up.
  • The loan sounds great, but the 600 is pure markup for them. Try to get them down, for sure b/c since you're not getting a loan from them the only "documentation" they have is the title and registration paperwork which usually isn't much.
  • FX35ROCs,
    there is an identical car spec'd like the one that you are interested in at an Atlanta dealership in Gwinnett County. Its a 2009 so there is 5K dealer cash back. Your price looks good. This one I was interested in, and they were asking $41617 if you paid cash, MSRP: $51560.
    Good luck
  • If you guys are looking to buy from Infiniti of Gwinnett. They are a great dealer to work with. I bought my 2009 FX35 from them. Email me at and I can tell you who to talk to over there.
  • There is 4k cash back for 2010 . So i dont see a point to buy 2009 when i can get 2010 for 41k.
  • I'm in the Atlanta area, what dealer gave you the price and can I call him?
  • you are right. what dealer gave you that price?
  • Nice prices, but all the models are RWD. I'm in Michigan and therefore need AWD. Any ideas for good deals up north?
  • Ruperttenma,
    If you want good deals, you should try Infiniti of Lisle outside of Chicago (30 miles).
    Largest Infiniti dealer in the midwest. They have deals on new and preowned. All of their FXs are AWD.
    PM me for salesman name at
  • That'd be great. I sent you an email. Hope it gets through.
  • I've heard others in this forum talking about getting ~10K off MSRP for 09 or even 10 FX35. I am in the market for a RWD. Anyone knows dealers in the LA or OC area that are willing to offer deals like that? Much thanks in advance.
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