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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2010 FX35 in Platinum Graphite with Graphite Leather. Factory Options – Deluxe Touring Package, Premium Package, Navigation Package, Roof Rail Crossbars, Cargo Area Organizer & Protector, and Splash Guards. Dealer-Installed Equipment – Wheel Locks ($105.00)

    MSRP: $52860.00
    List Price as Equipped: $52965.00
    Deal-cember Sale Price: $48436.00
    Infiniti Core Cash**: - $4,000.00
    Purchase For: $44,436.00*

    Total Savings: $8,529.00!
  • I'd jump on that. It's one of the best deals I've seen lately. It might get better if you wait another week or two, but it also will probably be sold b/c somebody else will snap it up.

    Who's the dealer and is RWD or AWD?
  • It's AWD...and I'm keeping the dealers name for now....

    I guess I'm being picky but I want a Liquid Platinum not the Graphite. I admit the Infiniti has throttled back production. But I also think NO ONE is selling any cars. 90% of the buyers were satisfied by the "cash for clunkers" program. Many of the dealers were holding out for winter hoping it would drive up sales and it hasn't.
  • We originally wanted the graphite but when we saw it in person switched to liquid platinim. i think it shows dirt more, but i LOVE the color. never been a silver fan until this car. good luck on the search.
  • I am in the market for the same car. Dealer in Columbus, Ohio is taking 7500 off MSRP. Can you send me the name of the dealer and salesman? Thanks
  • riko9,

    Could you post the MSRP on your deal so we can compare apples to apples?

  • MSRP 47500
    Sale Price 40000
    I offered 38500. Dealer not interested.
    I may end up buying a toyota 4runner instead. I have tried to get the names of dealers that are selling this car for 10K OFF MSRP, but people are not responding.
    This deal is at Infiniti of Columbus Ohio
  • Can you send me the dealers and salesmans name that sold you the car for 38200? My email is
  • Truthfully I signed up a couple of days ago just to save some poor [non-permissible content removed] from paying to much. I put a lot of effort putting my deal together and there isn't much supply. I'm currently negotiating $11k off MSRP. I think just knowing that, is is of itself, a big help to most people. When I'm finished I'll tell you all how I did it. You can read my new book "How to buy a new car, Chapter 1 - The Basics" or "Chapter 2 - The Low-Ball Offer". No one is selling cars so don't believe what the salesman tells you. Just offer $10k below MSRP and negotiate from there. If they laugh or argue with you just call the next dealer.
  • You should call your book - "How to Waste Time"...."no one is selling cars" - where do you live - Wyoming? We've sold 115 New Infiniti's this far. :)
  • Dinoman!...Have you made your decision yet? If'd better not buy a "Toyota 4 runner"..r u for real>?...FX...thats the way to go...i will hunt u down...LOL!..just kidding of course. No really...follow your heart!
    Disregard if decision made already. Good Luck...Be Happy w/your decision. Not downing Toyota, because i have both an FX and a Toyota...Absolutly love both my babies! 2000 Toyota has 120,000 + miles....Its my go getter...But my 04 FX is my the road car! :shades:
  • I'll second that, Crest is right behind you.... Tux
  • So, any word on what's up incentive-wise for January?
  • badderbadder Posts: 6
    Based on online price quotes, the same incentive is still in place AFAICT...
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    2009 - none, they gave us dealers $5000 and said you are on your own!

    2010 - special rates (0% for 36 up to 3.9% for 72) or $4000 dealer cash

    If you lease, you get neither of those, but there is a $2000 Loyalty Rebate along with strong residuals and good money factors. :)
  • FX35 Midnight Mocha/Java with Premuim, NAV and a couple of minor things. MSRP $49,975 bought it for $42,200.

    I live in Va Beach and bought it at the local dealer here. He was a nice guy and it was pleasent experience. I think I left a couple of bucks on the table, but that's OK. I'm happy with the deal.
  • Although I didnt buy it but wanted to share with members in case anybody interested.

    2010 FX35 w/ NAV/PRM/ AL cross bar/ ILLUM Kickplates/ Cargo Organizer/protector/Rear Bump protector for 41500$+TTL+400 Doc fee. This is in N.VA/DC area, One of the best dealer I worked with. Toobad I didnt get the vehicle, This price is w/o any trade-in and include all rebate/incentives w/o infiniti special financing. Msg me if you need salesperson name. This is the best Deal I've seen in 300 mi radius of my location.
  • 2010 FX35 with Prem/Nav/Hands Free/ Tour Package's.. ONly want tour b/c required with hands free.

    Might consider optional accessories (DVD headrest, Splash guards, & bumper protector)

    Carman can you give me money factor & residuals. Can anyone tell me where I should be at in price with MSRP of $55k - $58k (depending on options).

  • dino - how are you working with in columbus. i'm looking to buy a at columbus
  • I did the same as riko9. Infiniti of Ann Arbor. text me for contact info.
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