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Kia Sorento Accessories



  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    The recommended towing capacity for Sorento is 3,500 pounds (includes your trailer). I read somewhere it can be 5,000 pounds with aftermarket parts. You know, I called the Kia when I first picked up my Sorento and asked about the use of 4Lo. They had to look up the owner manual. I don't think they are properly trained and sitting in a huge room and waiting for your call like those telemaketers. The transfer case is factory installed on 4WD model. Why he has to installed it at the dealer? Is he mean the tow hitch?
  • :cry:

    What in the h*ll is going on with the aftermarket parts departments? No one knows (even Kia parts dept.) when it will be available.

    I have never heard of a vehicle that does not have a locking gas cap available.....even after 2 years on the market!

    Does anyone know of a cap that will work on a 2004 Sorento EX?

    THanks for your help!
  • Yes there is one available. Fram makes it and it is carried in Checker Parts and Autozone or you local eqivalent of these. Bought one for my 2003 that I just recently sold. Had no emmission/check engine light problems w/ use. Make sure it clicks 1-2 times after securing. :) Wagvfr
  • Dennis

    I am a factory trained Salesperson at a Kia dealership in Wisconsin. Everything that I have ever been told is that the Kia Sorento cannot be flat-towed :cry: . Due to the fact that the 4x4 system is an electronic-control on-demand four-wheel-drive system, there is no neutral selection switch on the transfer case. The only way to flat-tow a Sorento is to disconnect the drive shaft from the transfer case :confuse: . Otherwise you will have to get a flat-bed car trailer to lug the Sorento around. The only SUV on the market that can effectively be flat towed without running up the odometer or without added stress to the transmission and transfer case is the Jeep line-up. That's hard for me to say being a Kia dealer :blush: ...but thems the facts!!

    Best of luck in your searching for the perfect vehicle to tow behind your RV :shades: .
  • I have the Sorento and a small motorcycle. I also have a motorcycle carrier that fits my 2" receiver. That puts about 400 lbs on the hitch behind my rear bumper. Kia offered a rear air ride option on the 05 and earlier models. Is the air ride difficult to install? will it fit on my Kia? Will it solve my overloaded rear problem?

    Ray Kelly
  • you might find the OEM KIA kit (if available, very expensive)

    so try this site.
  • kokokoko Posts: 4
    I am going to install a set of Lightforce lights to the front the Kia on a westin bar. I want them to come on with the High beams. Does anyone know which wire/colour of wire that I should tie into? This power source will be for the relay trigger only and I will take power directly from the battery to operate the lights. I guess I could just jump in behind the headlights with a tester and be done with it but I thought if someone knew it would save me some time. Thanks
  • are these available for a Sorento?? Looking for the ones that fit in the factory mounting holes on front bumper cover. :confuse:
    Had "Dealer Issues" with use of non-OEM parts (threatened to void entire life of warranty with remote stater and alarm system). :mad:
    So I'm looking for something OEM ;)
  • From what I understood, the trailer hitch KIA provided was only rated to 3500 lbs. Get any aftermarket trailer hitch for the Sorento, and it's rated beyond that. The Sorento is a full framed vihicle. 5000 lbs towing is certainly within its limits
  • I think everytime a dealer threatens your warranty if you go with something non-OEM, they should be fined 1000 bucks! It's just plain stupid. Now, if you install something aftermarket, and it screws up the car, and it can be proven to be the aftermarket item, then of course the warranty on that item could be voided (say, frying the computer while trying to hook up the auto start)
  • I have a Sorrento (05) with auto start. Can anyone tell me where the Manual for operation can be bought?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Did your dealer give you one? Is this dealer installed or factory installed? How about the owner manual? It covers a good part of the keyless remote entry system. Not sure about the auto start part. What features that you don't understand?
  • :confuse: I have an 04 that I have loved. It has been having a few issues though. Sometimes, when at a stop it will just die, and we've even had it do it when idling. Also, if you touch the gas sometimes it will jump, almost like a hesitation. It's been doing this on and aff for the last year. I took it in and had the scheduled maintenance done (the expensive one for like $400) and they thought that might fix it but it dodn't. Any thoughts out there on this one? :blush:
  • jonmckjonmck Posts: 2
    I have a navigation system and I need to know how to easily ground the parking brake wire on my Eclipse AVN-30D (the dealer version of the avn-5435). If my passengers want to watch the DVD while I am driving...that should be fine. I will not watch. I have read on many forums that you just need to ground the parking brake wire. However, how do I get to it? The dealer installed the nav system for me. I have a 2005 Sorento EX.

  • hey i have 03 sorento and ihad the same problems try a induction cleaning if that dont help more than like ill be your t.p.s :shades:
  • I am looking for these wheels. Anyone knows who makes/sells them?

  • Sorry, pic link was wrong.

  • hereagnhereagn Posts: 2
    i also looking for gas cap that locks for 2006 sorento. have gone to auto stores and nothing showing for them..will another type of kia gas cap work?? :confuse:
  • jesusvejesusve Posts: 1
    Hi, I try to find a Original, floor mats, fog lights and running board. Any of yours can help me to find those, in any sites in the internet?

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