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Kia Sorento Accessories



  • I'm looking to get side step bars for my 03 Sorento - has anyone had any experience with installing them themselves, rather than paying the dealer a couple hundred for installation?
  • tee335tee335 Posts: 3
    would like to know if the avn-30d fit perfectly or did the dealer did to do any modifications. can u tell anything
    about the avn-30d, price,dealer etc.
  • sailor97sailor97 Posts: 1
    I just purchaced a 2006 Kia Sorento LX and it didn't come with fog lights. the holes are there with the pop out inserts. I asked my dealer if I could purchase them I was told no! Where does a guy get factory Kia fog lights with the mounting brakets? The wires are there. :confuse:
  • tee335tee335 Posts: 3
  • try this website,as they carry about everything
  • your dealership lied.before i bought my 06 lx w/sport package,i also inquired about the lack of fog lights,and was told it would cost an additional of around $400-600.00
  • i have a 2006 sorento lx w/sport package,and have been do some website research on factory alarm systems.i have looked everywhere,including, would like to find a great system,at a reasonable price,and still use my standard factory remotes.
  • dew2dew2 Posts: 1
    We are thinking about buying a 2006 Sorento 4x4 to tow flat behind our Motor Home, can anyone tell me if this can be done safety? :confuse: :confuse: ">
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    sorentos can not be towed, only carried on a flatbed truck as per my owners manual
  • hoverhover Posts: 10
    just bought a '06 Sorento.came with the black side steps.Took them off as soon as we got home from the dealer.Anyone need them ? I'm in California
  • There remote start is also a very sophisticated alarm system....for only a few hundred 385...
  • Where do I buy a trailer hitch that looks good with the wire connector (4 pin) for 06 is pre-wired for trailer wiring; connector is adjacent to spare under vehicle
  • Does anyone know if the Stock in-dash 6 disk cd Am/FM radio has a anolog connection on the back of the stereo? It would be a single pin plug output cable that goes from the headset connection on any MP3 player to a single pin plug input on the stereo?
    I would like to connect the plug (cable) and leave it there for my wife so she can listen to her MP3 player without having to get a new stereo or a wireless FM transmitter which probably won't work so well out here in the LA area.
    If anyone already knows the answer to this please let me know. Thanks! :D
  • I know this post is old but if anyone is interested I bought my Locking Gas Cap off of ebay for like 10 bucks. I have had it now since April and it works great. Do a search for “Kia Sorento Locking Gas Caps” You might want to add the year of your vehicle too, to narrow the search and make sure you get the right model gas cap. :)
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I'm not sure what Kia is doing. The remote release fuel door is almost standard on most (maybe all) Kia vehicles except Sorento (US model). I've read that someone said that still no remote release fuel door on '07 model (US). BTW, '07 Sorento is here, at least in the port.
  • mkey58mkey58 Posts: 1
    Do you still have thoes black side steps? If you do how much do you want for them?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    You guys want to take it to your CarSpace email accounts? Members don't much like reading through ads in the discussion. Thanks.
  • I just purchased a New 2006 SORENTO this week. I could'nt believe how cool they were. Check out this website........... Also see how close it relates to the LEXUS SUV :shades:
  • I had also bought a Sorento w/o fog lights and installed a set my self. If you go to the Dealer and purchase a set of replacement buckets for the fog light holes in the bumper you can cut out a hole in them that fits up to a 3" light quite nicely. then you can use a good Epoxy to glue them into the buckets. Then it is a matter of removing the original buckets and installing the lights. The wiring is a simple set I got at a local parts store. I used one that uses a wireless remote so as not to drill holes in my new car. I hope this helps anyone with this issue.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    03 EX AWD here..anyone found some functional ones other that the dealer ones....they seem too small to provide much protection or coverage....

    also anyone experiemented with a CAI on the sorrento...either the one offered by customsorento...or several being offered on ebay?...just curious
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