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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The $3000 owner loyalty is a big chunk of money. I do not own a Ford vehicle and I feel it is unfair to pay an extra $3000 just because I am not a Ford vehicle owner. I will not pay $3000 more than others and I will look elsewhere.
    I do not understand how Ford is going to attract new owners with such unfair policy. Make loyalty $500 or less like Hyundai but to make it $3000 is for sure a stupid management policy.
  • jvosjvos Posts: 61
    Allsherri -

    Read the news. Ford's problem isn't gaining new customers, it is keeping its old ones. Scream all you want, but its is a BIG incentive to stay Ford!
  • The $3000 rebate got my intention. I was going to buy my first new Ford vehicle until I was told I didn't qualify for the rebate. I understand the use of the rebate to induce previous Ford owners to stay with Ford.

    But, if you don't already own a Ford, I think the loyalty rebate will have the effect of potential customers looking elsewhere. It sure had that effect on me.

    I agree with Allsherri, there is no way I would buy a Ford knowing that I was excluded from a $3000 rebate. It doesn't make sense to me.
  • Ford is thinking backward in their loyalty promotion. Most companies try to get new customers by offering special discounts, free installation, free introductory rates, etc to increase their customers base. Ford needs new customers to get rid of unsold cars and trucks especially after their big loss. This promotion will do nothing to keep a previous Ford owner who is angry and unsatisfied. To keep sales high Ford must allure new customers not rebel them by nonesense promotions. $3000 is about 10% to 15% out of the door price which is very significant especially when the economy is in free fall and the money in short supply.
  • I visited the local Ford dealership recently and the internet sales manager told me that the promotion may change at any time. I hope Ford will listen to their dealers because they are suffering.
  • I'm in northeast PA and I'm looking at a 2008 F-150 Lariat with a MSRP of $44710.00. I'm getting a price of $33280.00 plus tax and tags. Is this fair? I'm was hoping to get closer to $30K out the door. Is it possible? Thanks in advance!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter with a large newswire would like to speak with consumers who purchased a truck or SUV in the past couple of months and received a good deal as demand was low because of gas prices. If you just purchased a truck or SUV recently, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Monday, August 25th.

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  • Austin Texas Area:
    The following prices were advertised in the Austin American Stateman (newspaper) on Sat. 8-23-08. If you are interested remember buy "direct" from the "FLEET manager" and skip the sales rep commission and also email me and we can buy together and maybe get an additional discount. I'm buying cash unless the interest rate is good.

    1. Mac Haik Ford in Georgetown texas has: A). NEW 2008 Ford F-15- XLT Super Crew TX/OK 4x4 w/chrome Package for: $25,468 or $24,468 with Ford Motor Credit (financing) and the same truck is only $21,468 if you have a ford/factory owner loyalty bonus
    B.) same truck as above WITHOUT 4x4 is $20,999 or $19,999 if financed and if you own a ford $16,999.
    2. Maxwell ford Supercenter (in South Austin off the motor mile)
    A. NEW 2008 Ford F-150 Super Crew NON-4x4 for $19,988 or $15,988 with Ford MCC (financing) AND Loyalty/(if you own a ford).
  • I'm not in the market to buy a Ford product anytime soon, but I would guess you can get the equivolent of the $3,000 "loyalty" cash regardless if you are a Ford owner.

    It's really just a ploy to make you feel special. Every dealer has a bottom line price and there are a dozen ways to get there. The "loyalty" cash isn't much different than the bogus "employee pricing". I'm confident you can get the same price just being armed with good information of what these trucks/cars really go for to the well informed.
  • jvosjvos Posts: 61
    Aalsherri -

    the 'loyalty cash' is a Ford incentive, not a dealer one. As I've been told, the dealer needs to provide the customer's Ford VIN to get the cash.
  • Could have rode home in a brand new F-150 STX Extended Cab today for 13K had I been the owner of a Ford already. Too bad for me...guess I'll keep driving my old Nissan.
  • Yes it is a Ford incentive. It is not something a dealer can play with.
  • The salesman from the Ford Dealership called me today to let me know of some new incentives from Ford...I'm interested in seeing what they are.

    Looks like all of the dealerships were moving vehicles pretty good this last weekend. I don't think we're in a recession!
  • "Looks like all of the dealerships were moving vehicles pretty good this last weekend. I don't think we're in a recession! "

    "we" may not be in a recession, but the big three clearly are. Have you seen their numbers of late. BTW a recession would be defined by two consecutive quarters of negative growth. It's worse than that for Detroit.
  • Anyone here if Ford is going to bring this back on the F150, possible over the entire line-up of F150s not just the STX Sport Supercabs like before?

    If they'd come up with about $5,000 more between retail rebate, loyalty, & Ford Credit, I might think about trading my '04 Ranger Edge on a STX Sport Reg. Cab.
  • jvosjvos Posts: 61
    I'm getting ready to order a 2009 F-150 SuperCrew Platinum. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what incentives may be applied to the 2009s. I'm really hoping owner loyalty applies.

    BTW, the dealer I'm working with told me he sold "a ton" of 08s in August. In fact, he only had a couple one the lot and no supercrews.
  • According to the online dealer inventories here in Central Florida there still are quite a few F150's, mainly looking at STX's (w/ Sports Pkg.), both reg and supercabs. I really don't want a supercab or else I would have jumped on the August incentive of $10,500 discount (-2000 package, -3500 retail rebate, -3000 loyalty, -2000 FMCC).

    So right now you still have, on a reg cab STX Sport, $6500 off (-2000 package, -3500 retail rebate, 1000 FMCC). If Ford would bring back loyalty, maybe add some to retail and FMCC or even additional X-Plan money I might trade my '04 Ranger Edge.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    And you believe him? I would NOT. Look at the latest August inventory numbers. They, Ford, did move some more trucks than usual but at an incredible COST to them.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    YES. About 75% of sticker. Can't beat that price sir.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    Extended cab: $4K. PLUS another $2K if the truck has been sitting on dealers lot for a certain period (don't know how many months) PLUS another $1K if you finance SOME of it. It used to follow that one could take the extra $1K and pay off the loan fully after 3 months.
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