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Mazda RX-8 Owners - Meet the Members



  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    15.9 gallon gas tank according to the mazda promo booklet.
  • 15.9 huh? I looked in the manual and could not find it so thanks. I have a 2004 GT with a Racing Beat exhaust and in-take. I have 14000 miles on it and the gas mileage has always hovered around 14 mpg in the city. I filled it today when the light came on and it took 13.1 gallons. I always thought that it came on when I had a gallon left in the tank and had 14 miles to find a gas station. Nice to know that I actually had 3 times that (if confirmed). Thanks......
  • aj3aj3 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. I have not vistedthe site 4 awhile. I have just my first service.How are you doing with your car. Love to hear some news from you. I have AT also.
  • Hi All,
    I have a 2005 Shinka 6speed that I bought in August, are there any mod chips that work for RX8s? I see some on EBay that increase 25HP. Any experiences or cautions? Does Mazda sell any?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You can't add a mod. chip to the RX-8 as there is no socketed chip in the computer. The only thing you can do is use a "piggyback" computer, such as a Greddy "e-Manage". It fools the stock computer into changing the air/fuel ratio and the spark timing. Installation requires some technical knowledge and then you have to learn to tune the car. We have seen around 25 HP increases in "street tune" and up to 50 HP with race fuel. This is not legal however for a car driven on the street and it will destroy the stock cat.

    Mazda doesn't sell any HP increasing devices. If they had any they would put them on the stock car, as HP increases is one of their chief aims for the car, as it already handles so well and increased HP is the main thing their customers want.
  • Bought today! '05, Nordic Green, 6 speed, sport package, spoiler, appearance pkg, rotary accent pkg. Also did the full extended warranty. Only problem is it rubs the curb when backing out of the driveway, but not when going in...

    Oh, and the dealer has the "new" sparkplugs to combat the cold start (restart) problem some have had. Starting Monday.

  • cutnorx8cutnorx8 Posts: 1
    my name is Tammy I am a new owner of the Mazda rx-8 I have had it a little over a month It's yellow fully loaded except the navigation I really wanted a navigation but wanted the car even more I luv it it was a great choice as having a toy for my husband and I.
  • currpinkcurrpink Posts: 1
    I have had my RX8 - silver, metalic, loaded including GPS system. Loved it until last fall.
    Have had a new engine, 2 catalytic converters, Computer engine control module, crank sensor, starter, tires and battery.
    The dealership service department is awesome. But.... starting to trust the reliability of my car.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    with Rex. I'm still in love. His Lightning yellow exterior still sets my heart to racing!!

    Hey, this is going way better than my marriage was at 1-year!!!
  • slb1slb1 Posts: 3
    Hey everyone!

    Just bought a new 05 RX-8 6speed, silver on last Saturday. after losing my 99 Millenia S to a flood last month. I've owned three Mazda's and by far the 8 is the cream of the crop
  • rx8bearrx8bear Posts: 6
    Welcome to the RX club! I wanted an RX since 1979 and finally fulfilled my dream last October.
    The good news is that the car will continue to grow on you the longer you own it!

  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    Hello. I Just bought and is now being detailed overnight at the dealership a 2006 copper red Shinka RX-8, there is supposed to have only been 2150 of these gems made. I have to say I am so impressed with the little I have driven this car. Any advice for a new rotary engine car owner? Like Idle warm up or shut off?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Like any car, don't use lots of power (hard accelleration) until the car is warmed up (temp needle is off the cold peg). No need to let it idle until warm - that would be expensive anyway. Do not shut off until the engine is warming up - again, temp needle is off the cold peg. We like to rev. to 3000 RPM and turn off the key letting the engine coast down to 0 RPM just to be sure most fuel is out of the engine when it's not running. Just a little insurance against flooding.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I like the rev to 3000 alot! Probably not required with a warm engine, but it sure is fun! I go the extra step of doing the rev to 3000 for 10 seconds, then let off the gas, then 1-2 seconds later cut the ignition. This procedure is over kill I know, but it seems to produce the following effects:

    1) The 1-2 seconds before ignition cut insures that the spark plugs keep burning gas.

    2) The 1-2 seconds insures that the rotors are still spinning to pump gas out even after gas stops flowing.

    3) When I go to start the engine next time, it seems much smoother, like turning on an electric engine almost.

    4) It's a lot of fun!, Oh I said that.
  • Hi, new member here. Just bought an 06 RX8 AT. Black with the sports package. Got it at msrp 26,995. I do not physically have the car yet, but I test drove it and it was everything I imagined and more. I had to break fast once, cause some idiot pulled out in front of me. I got up to 85mph on the interstate in no time at all and hit around a 120 degree curve down around 75mph. The salesman who was in the passenger seat said I can see what its got. I was a little nervous at first, since it was the first sports car I had ever driven. It is definately the car I was looking for.

    I am new to the enthusiast world, as my last vehicle was a Nissan Frontier. I will definately be in these forums a lot with maintenance questions. I could not decide whether to go fuel economy with the Civic EX, or go all out with a great handling sports car with a little power. I test drove an EX, and it was just too whimpy. No bash on Honda though, cause the SI is awesome.

    I live in a small town where mostly the sports cars around are mustangs, camaro's and firebirds. I have seen one red 05 rx 8. This car will definately be turning heads. I am going to add the high wing spoiler soon.

  • deaundeaun Posts: 6
    I lurked the lots for two years...drooling, fingers itching...sad, really. I owned a Miata for several years, and put 317,000 miles on her without any problems (regular maintence).

    So I bought a 2005 at the end of January, 2006, to be exact:
    Titanium grey with GT package
    All the goodies--except strikes--couldn't justify the cost vs. desire.

    Started with a sticker price of $32,165, subtracted downpayment of $5000, husband's job knocked off another $1500, and Mazda absorbed an additional $1000. After a little more dickering, I ended up paying only $21,163.13. Not bad--had a lot of fun marketing!

    I drive about 3000 miles a month just to work-and-back, so really rake up the miles--and only had one problem when my husband didn't warm her up to move her...guess you know what happened there?

    Love love LOVE my RX8!

    Thought about another Miata, except...knew I'd never be satisfied with anything less than the 8.

    Oh, btw, am 39, married with four kids (youngest is 18) and 5 3/4 grandbabies.

    Favorite movie quote: "let's face it girls: I'm older and have better insurance." :shades:

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    Good to hear from another female 8 enthusiast. I'm 37 (38 in March), no husband and no kids.

    Enjoy your car. I can be having a bad day and a hard drive in the 8 really makes things better.

    I'm the flip side of you, can walk to work, and have only 10,500 miles on an 04 purchased in March 05. Actually wish I had the opportunity to drive it more!!

    Happy New Year!!
  • I hope you enjoy it as much as I have mine. Purchased a Galaxy gray 06 Shinka in October 06, and so far has been the perfect vehicle. Granted, it does have it's "quirks" (warm up, oil consumption & not-so-good mileage), but then again so has every car I have owned (BMW to Subaru). I think this vehicle has been "as close to perfect for my needs". Can fit 2 car seats and one wife, or me, myself & I!! Can't tell you how much people admire it. I hear it at work almost everyday, "how nice of vehicle it is." The fact that we can get them for about 7k off helps offset "their quirks". Also, I am the only one in town who has one. Glad I did not get the Mustang, it does not stand out as well.
  • I can beat that!! I had the oh so sexy Pontiac Phoenix with more rust than paint!
  • Hey everybody!
    I got 04 8 in June of 06. Only had 17k miles on it. Guy that had it, had to give it up due to a medical problem with his foot. :( Bad for him, great for me! I hear he is a doctor in Ohio. If your on here doc, thank you so much for such an amazing flawless car (except one little tiny ding in the vinyl of the driver side door) Love it. What an upgrade from an old 95 Nissan 200sx coupe. Already done things in the 8 that would have got me flipped and or wrapped around a pole/tree or killed in the 200sx! Can't wait to put my "real" tires back on this spring.
    Mike :)
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