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Mazda RX-8 Owners - Meet the Members



  • Hey blueskymike, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have mine. It is definitely a unique car to drive & have. Where in OH do you live? I graduated from BGSU.
  • 4_my_84_my_8 Posts: 10
    my name is Joe and i just married a gorgeous, brilliant black 2004 machine that i fell in love with the first day i drove her. i consider myself a driver and this is a driver's machine. (i feel it's a slight disrespect to refer to the "8" as simply a car) the high points of my day are the commutes to and from work. i live in jacksonville, fl and i'm really hoping to find a local rx8 club to join. hell if i don't find one i'm gonna start my own. my machine has inspired me to be great at everything that i do. (yes... it's got those types of capabilities) i researched my purchase for about a month and i've been very pleased with her so far. i love the forum, you guys provide some very helpful information. the only problem i've had so far is driver side mirror rattle which seems to be a common problem. i'll have the guys at mazda take a look when i take her in for the 1st oil change.

  • rx8bearrx8bear Posts: 6
    My baby is a 2005,titanium gray which I got in October of 2005. The car definitely sets the standard for sports cars under $50,000: awesome piece of engineering and a sheer joy to drive! ;)
  • 4_my_84_my_8 Posts: 10
    it is definately an awesome piece of engineering. it's funny because i stopped at the car lot to look at the G35. i had never considered the RX8 until i found the G35 was out of my price range and the salesman suggested i take the "8" for a spin. it's been a love affair every since.
  • dee3dee3 Posts: 2
    Hi there,
    I'm a young 47 and just bought my third RX yesterday. I still have my 1990 RX7 which was a 30th bday present that I bought on a whim. I just can't seem to part with that car which has gotten me home even in a major Colorado snowstorm! Anyway, I was having some mechanical issues w/my 04 RX8 so traded it for the 06 Shinka model, not that I needed the xtras, but that was the only 06 the dealership had (the warranty on the 07's changed to 3 yrs instead of 4). I'm excited and hope to have better luck with this one. It's gray like the last one and drives real nice. I like the 6-disc CD, the keyless entry is cool, and it's great having nice rims again since I kind of tore up the other ones :) Still justifying paying the $11k difference but hey, it's a NICE car!
  • Just purchased a brand-new 2007 stormy blue mica, manual, sport, w/ spoiler. This car is so beautiful (I think I got a great deal) -- so glad I've read these boards religiously, I know exactly what to expect and how to take care of my new baby!
  • 26, up in Montreal, In A Relationship with a great college girl and an RX-8. Both take all my paycheck every 2 weeks :) :P
  • gtimsgtims Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 mazda rx8. I have a generic owners manual. it does not tell me if it is a coupe or sport. How can I tell?
  • fantasmafantasma Posts: 1
    I bought a rx8 a little over a year a go. i like to find and meet other rx8 owners in my area. my location is sarasota, fl. I been looking for a mazda club or rx8 club and i had no luck. so i been thinking of maybe starting one with help of other mazda owners.
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