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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • Have a 6-speed RX8. Now about 1600 miles. Started out getting only 13.5 mpg and it's up to only about 14.5 now. All city driving though. Hopefully it'll get better...Definetely a kick to drive and gets stares everywhere.

    What are people referring to about the air conditioner "cycling?" I have noticed that it'snot a real powerful cooler on hot days in north Florida.

    Has anybody heard back from Mazda on the free maintenance and $500 debit option?
  • Is Mazda retro fitting them with this new oil pan or oil pickup or are the just letting'em go and it gets fixed if the problem presents itself?

    I think I want the new oil pan b4 I drive off the lot...
  • rtjexrtjex Posts: 2
    Never thought I'd trade my Passat, which I loved, for a sports car, but the prospect of coupe that could double as a sedan in a pinch intrigued me. That and the uniqueness of the Mazda renisis rotory. I drive for a living and find cars just a necessity--till now. In my new GT red-mica RX-8 I've rediscoverd the joy of driving..but, now there seems to be something terribly wrong with the vehicle. Last week with only 1200 miles on the car, my wife reported the oil light going on and pinging noise in engine as she climbed the canyon in route to work. I checked the oil(full) and drove it myself but car didn't exibit problem. Notified dealer and they schedualed service to replace oil pan(per recent service notification). Before we could get it in however a more serious problem emerged. While ascending the same canyon to work, my wife experienced severe power loss and very noticeable pinging. This time the oil light did not come on. The car had to be towed to dealership, meanwhile my wife pines for the VW. Does anyone know of similar problems?
  • Rtjex, that is pretty disheartening to hear... I did have the oil light flash on and off once but am waiting till it comes on again to take it in. Please let us all know what the problem is or was? That should not happen period with a 2004 brand new car.
  • rtjexrtjex Posts: 2
    Mcballz, got the car back from dealership friday. Mazda dealer was very helpful, providing rental car at their cost during the fix. Replaced oil pan, reset computer settings, ran compression test on engine--engine checked out ok. Dealer said in test drive up the same canyon my wife experienced problems, engine again cut out at around 7k rpms resulting in power loss. Dealer checked with Mazda corporate and they said problem was related to check engine light coming on. Apparently engine controller chip is fooled when sensing low oil and it's reponse causes engine to misfire. I'm not sure I'm ready to accept this explanation, particularly sinse initial power loss was not accompanied by oil light activation. Nevertheless, rx8 is running fine and oil light hasn't come on. Hopefully the 10 mile trek up the canyon tomarrow will be without incident. Keep you posted.
  • I am aware that the Default Navigation System cannot play DVD Movies because it only reads movies in the SDAL Format. But I was told that there is a Firmware Crack somewhere on the internet that will allow you to update the Bios of the DVD Reader and it will allow it to recognized DVD MOVIE Formats, etc. Has anyone had any luck with this???? I would love to watch a DVD on my 7" screen!
  • I am forced to sue the dealership for the 4 years maintaince, and the 500.00 mazda gave early buyers. I got my car after the cutoff time. I read about the settelment two days after purchase. I aproached the manager, he told me that I was not getting anything and then tried to get me to sign a waiver pre dated before I bought the car. I called mazda they said they had to buy back the car, the dealershipe they refused. Can anyone please supply me a copy of the letter explaining settlement terms that you earlier buyers were sent by mazda. Thank you, Jay
  • Hello Everyone,
    Not sure if anyone has had the AC problem fixed yet, but I took mine into the dealership and was told by the dealership that Mazda is aware of the problem and are working towards a solution. I should be notified when the fix is available.
  • zoomrx8zoomrx8 Posts: 11
    I had my oil pan replaced and no mor problems with the oil light.
    I have had my rx8 since Aug 22, 2003 and still no fix for the air conditioning problem. This is rediculous. How long does it take to figure out what is going on. My Rx also has the clunking problem when starting out in the morning. Both the dealer and the mazda customer service deny any knowledge of this problem.
     I have 3000 miles on my car and gas milage is aufull around 15mpg. it doesnt seem to be getting any better.
    As to the rebate and free service offer? You had to purchase before August the 26th to be elegible. Did your car have a sticker on it about the horsepower change? As far a suing, good luck Mazda doesn't budge from a policy once it is established.
  • I have ownened my RX8 since mid-July. The car looks and handles great. I have about 2733 miles on it and am now getting about 20-21 mpg in overall driving. Some of my experiences include: The a/c is poor. It constantly cycles between cold, then warm air. It really doesn't handle hot summer conditons well. I have had it to the dealer twice for this issue, with no improvment. Putting it in recirc mode does help some. also, I heard a bad rattle on acceleration once, but no sign of oil light coming on. My car has the automatic transmission.
  • dbs7dbs7 Posts: 2
    I've had my RX-8 for 3 weeks, and love it so far. My main concerns are the high fuel consumption (15 mpg on the first 2 tanks) and the lack of torque for starting. The latter problem is compounded by the low idle speed when warm - about 800 rpm. If this could be raised just to 1000 rpm, I think it would be a lot easier to leave the line smoothly in traffic. Is this idle speed correct, and is there any way to change it without destroying the emissions control? Does anyone have any other suggestions for dealing with the low torque at idle? (My feet are not likely to get more sensitive at my age.)
  • NO, zoomrx8 my car did not have a sticker on the invoice stating the horsepower diffrence. That is the problem the dealership made the choice not to informe the customers so they could sell more cars. When I confronted them they said it was the salesmen's fault. Then they tried to get me to sign a form dated before I bought the car stating the horsepower diffrence.You can see how pissed I am. Jay
  • 2,606 miles and I have to get the AC condensor replaced for $668.00 as they determined it was damaged by a rock (not covered by warranty), leaving an escape hole for the freon.

    Due to the design there is a free shot to the condensor by material coming from the road. Just look at the gap on the front end and the location of the condensor. I feel this is a design flaw and intend calling Mazda to open a case.

    I too have noticed the AC cycling on occasion and the Low Oil indicator while only at the 1/2 mark on the dipstick.

    Other than that...I love it!
  • zoomrx8zoomrx8 Posts: 11
    Jay too bad your dealer was so unscupulous. I am still seeing newpaper ads in fort lauderdale fl listing the old horsepower rating.
    I think you would have cause to notify your states attorney general regarding fraud charges aginstthe dealer. Unfortunatly this is a dealer issue not Mazdas porblem. My advice" Just drive the car and enjoy the heck out of it." As far as persuing the dealer ' Fogetaboudit":
  • Started backing out of the garage this morning and it just died. Engine will turn over, but acting as though there is no fuel or spark. Had to have my RX8 with 2,700 miles towed to the dealership...this is while I'm waiting for parts to arrive to fix the condensor(Have called Mazda customer assistance on this one...the were very friendly and said the would see what they can do to absorb the cost and will get back to me today or tomorrow). Will keep all updated with both of these situations.

    This is my first Mazda, and the way things are going, it will more than likely be my last. Very disappointed.
  • Love my RX8, but took it into the shop for a lugging /clunking/vibrating noise that sometimes happens at about half -3/4 throttle coming up on 5 .75 6,000 rpm in 3rd starting at 3 grand (like on the on ramp to a freeway)...can't replicate the noise every time. When I stomp on it and snick snick through the gears quickly it's very slick and good and no noise. The mechanic thought it might be timing of ports and flaps and all the high tech stuff that the Renesis engine is, but said he was going to research it.. he hadn't heard anything like it when we took a ride and said it definetly didn't sound right and didn't have a dynamometer to test it further...anyone experience this noise also?
  • Mazda RX8 is my first stick shift since 1993.
    I pretty much forgot how to shift the gears and had to retraine myself on my way home from the dealership.

    Here's my question : can I use the second gear at the start on flat road or I have to use the first gear all the time whenever I stop and start?
  • Looking for an update on your car?
  • I've had my RX-8 approx a month now and have had a lot of fun with it! However, there a few "minor" tweaks I'm wondering if anyone else is having...

    1. The sound in the front seems to cut in and out at times. Otherwise, the stereo is very good!

    2. When idling, the car seems to "misfire" at times...almost sounds like an exhaust leak or loose clamps perhaps.

    Those are two things, other than the weird clunking noise everyone discusses and the A/C, which I believe is well documented here....but not by Mazda to their dealerships. Any info on the first two or the usual suspects?

  • I too have had a similar experience with the engine stalling and not refiring. The dealership that the car was towed to stated that the engine needs to idle for at least 5 minutes before it is shut off. They still have my car in the shop and have not been updated on the problem. It seems to be a fuel problem. bjversani
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