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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • slims8slims8 Posts: 3
    Mazda provided a rental during the first 2 attempts, but are not now. My vehicle is literally in pieces and I am paying abou $720/mo for the car and insurance and it's broke down in my driveway while I am begging for rides to and from work!

    Please, don't let me completely influence you. There are a few people out there who haven't had any problems.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    I re-read your situation and I'm not sure if this is a possible lemon law case or an act of incompetence at one of the dealerships where the work was done.

    Take a look at these articles.

    Getting Some Lemon-Aid From Your Lemon Maker

    Unwinding the Deal — What Are Your Rights?

    I'm going to ask the other hosts if they have any other suggestions for your dilemma.

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  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    The consensus is you should contact Better Business Bureau and your state attorney's general office.

    They should be able to give you some information.

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  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    but don't let that be a detractor from looking into getting a RX-8, as there are THOUSANDS of current RX-8 owners just enjoying their perfectly running RX-8s compare to one bad lemon :-)
  • When times are good and things are right we dont complain. When something goes wrong all you hear is complaining ! I would post my complaints too and make them as loud as I could to warn others, but I as well as many others DON'T HAVE any COMPLAINT's with my RX 8 that has 6K mi's and is 10 mo's old. I hate to brag but I get 20 mpg's in comute trafic ( mostly just slow an go ).The mpg was lower before the "M flash update" (18 mpg).Mine is a AT and I am having the best time of my life (in and out of comute trafic) driving mine.I didnt want to settle for less and I have no regrets !!

    I want to thank all of you for the interesting and entertaining discussions that I have read over the last year.... THANKS !
  • I got approximately 11,000 miles on RX8...1 year of owner ship last week of Oct...I've replace/recall oil pan, air bag, M Flash, Temp Knob...I hit a deer Sept 2004....I have no major complaints...I realize first year recalls are the norm...after M Flash mpg 19-20 ave...transmission is little notchy, but acceptable...I'm having fun with it....
  • I bought my favourite toy five months ago and it's given me no trouble at all. It makes people look, it makes them stare! I love it. It's done 5k miles and I really feel the engine is performing better and better. I'm sorry to hear about the problems some people are having, but I hope you are a minority. I'm in Texas and the dealership seem pretty switched on. I've just started to use the heater!
  • I'm very happy with mine.. just got it less than 3 weeks ago.
    The only complaint I have is the mileage... averaging 17 mpg. I do drive to some bad traffic, but it seems like I should get more.
    What's the M Flash? is it a recall or something?
    What does it do?

  • With my hearing two weeks from today I got an urgent call from the dealer today that said Mazda has released a new flash for the PCM please make an appointment to have the car fixed, the service manager said this was the answer to my problem, took the car in today and waited for the program to be put on, here is what the invoice says, reprogramed PCM to latest cal. as per hotline old cal. N3H6M new cal. N3Z2L
    Well this does not look right anyway the problem with the rough idle is still there so now I have another set of papers to add to my lemon law packet.
  • vtlcvtlc Posts: 25
    Keep it up Donalds, you are not alone.
  • I have owned my 8 for 3 months and love it. No problems until weather has gotten colder. In checking my oil this week found a milky subtance on the dipstick. I know that with regular engines, this could mean coolant is mixing with oil(which could be very bad for engine). I only have 2000 miles on the car and religiously warm up when driving for short trips. (Easy to do as it's so much fun to drive.) Should I be concerned or not. Thanks for any info.
  • Hi Kewl! Enjoying my car too, purchased it in September and the clutch noise was there from the start. Same thing being told to me from the dealer. I also had a window ballast problem and some some cosmetic scratches they took care of. Each time I have asked them to check the transmission and other than the record of the check I have yet to understand why. Nothing like a car like this with a clunking clutch. I agree it does sound like the throw out bearing. I dont use the AC much where I live and haven't noticed this problem. I would be very grateful if you share what you find from your service check.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    in the oil is bad. It could be a bad "coolant "O" ring seal". If it's just on the inside of the dip stick pipe (and getting on the dipstick when you pull it out), it's normal. In cooler weather especially, moisture in the oil condenses on the cooler parts of the engine. The oil filler tube and dipstick tube are much cooler than the rest of the engine, so they usually get the condensate.

    BTW, if it is just condensate, that stuff is very acidic, so try not to get it on your hands, painted surfaces, etc. On my older RX-7, I take the oil filler cap off when I park in my garage after a thorough warm up (long drive). The condensate evaporates completely within a few hours. I leave the hood open to remind myself to replace the cap before using the car again.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    you can sleep well tonight!!!....After reading your post I wandered back to our service department to see if our guys know anything about the milky stuff. They cut me off in mid-sentance and told me they are aware. There is a TSB stating that condensation / white foamy substance is normal.
  • Thanks for the info. It is not really white but more of a brownish color. I have made an appointment to have it checked out. I hope it is just condensation and not anti-freeze.
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    I know there's suppose to be a floor mat bracket that holds the driver mat in place while driving, and I don't have it on my 8. I told the sales manager that the bracket is missing, and he BS'd me something about not all 8's come with the bracket. He did say that he will look for a replacement for me. This bracket is a standard equipment on all 8's right?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    should be in the car. I suspect the dealer just didn't install it during dealer prep. Maybe they couldn't find it in the plastic bag of parts that came with the car.
  • I am having issues with steering stability at low speeds similar to your comments. I have kept up on maintainence and bullitens but am not aware of the Steering damper recall. Do you know the Bulletin number? I love this ride, but it keeps my dealer pretty busy with all the peculiar problems it gets. The latest is the rear taillight lenses are cracking due to a trunk clearance issue on earlier models. I have mine 14 months and the steering issue has been difficult to explain and duplicate and the dealer never nailed it down for me. If you'd share that recall number it would help. Best of luck with you '8'!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The RX-8 has an electric power steering system. I'm not aware of a damper but there may be one. If you're having problems with the steering, it may just be corroded connections. The main power plug for the power steering is under the PCM in the large black plastic box in the front right of the engine compartement. It's on the bottom of the box, so if you've experiences lots of water (driving though deep water in storms for example) you may have had enough water enter the box to cause a problem. The water would drain out, but if the power is on when flooded, the connections would corrode.
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