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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • cheffiecheffie Posts: 2
    Hi - I've had my '04 8 for three months now - just noticed the air conditioner problem (air BARELY cool and, strangely, cooler on passenger side than driver's) last weekend when the weather hear in OH finally warmed up. What's the deal with fixing it and is it ever REALLY going to get fixed - also, has anyone tried pulling out the dipstick just until it un-seals from the sleeve in order to release the condensation that is making the oil/yogurt? Since this is where the condensation is occuring does it make sense to try to fix the problem there, too?
  • kestrel02kestrel02 Posts: 26
    I was thinking the AC in my new 8 was weak as well, but I finally discovered the problem, the mode setting. In my previous cars, having the mode set to come out at face and feet didn't make much difference to the AC volume or coldness, but it definitely does in the 8! Once I set it to come out of the top vents only I noticed a huge improvement in the air coldness and volume.
  • elaine6elaine6 Posts: 1
    strongly agree. I've a 04 RX8 and had the same problem during the past winter. I even had an accident because of this when it snowed all of sudden in the middle of March. Can anyone offer some help?
  • cheffiecheffie Posts: 2
    I tried the different mode settings (actually tried all of them) and a combination of different modes with both re circulated and fresh air. It was actually blowing warm air for a while - this could be a problem with the refrigerant. It is due for an oil change this week, so I will be asking the dealer about a few things (oil/yogurt, clutch noise when in idle, the stupidity of designing a rear defroster that is also an antenna so that the radio reception suffers when the window is icy...) I'll let everybody know what happens - either way.
  • cleekscleeks Posts: 3
    I have just hit 18000 miles and I am starting to hear more noise or rattle sounds from the passenger door or window area. Has anyone else had this occur? It seems to stop if I push on the door panel but that is only temporary. I also get a rattling sound from the rear view mirror. But that stops when I hold it for a second or two. Any suggestions on how to fix or what exactly is making the noise? thanks
  • stodiejastodieja Posts: 6
    the shutting car off before it is not warmed up is very true. if the car does not warm up fully then trying to start it again could cause a flooded engine i work on these cars and i have seen alot come in for flooding issues. you may want to ask your service personel to reflash your pcm for the concern of hard start lack of power i have also seen some converters fail because of flooding issues it is important to warm the car up fully even if you only drive it a short distance :)
  • stodiejastodieja Posts: 6
    the whirring sound you hear in nuetral is normal and will be there that is just how the gears inside mesh together nothing you can do to fix :)
  • I got a big problem with my RX8.
    When i try to get my car started last sunday during a heavy rain,
    the car starts but all the dash board light up and there was no
    power steering and the gear can't change when moving.
    The workshop guyz still can't figure out what wrong with the car!!
    Any advice would be greatly appricated.
    pls e-mail me
  • jgorjgor Posts: 5
    Thanks stodieja.
    The dealer replaced the catalytic conv. yesterday. The difference in the performance is like night and day. When the engine light was on the car would rev to about 6K and then start to lug. There must be a safety feature in the engine module program that restricts the RPM when the engine light is on.
    The dealer neglected to tell me this... They just told me that it would be OK to drive the car until the part was in. I had never experienced a hard starting problem with the car. But it had 300KMs on the car when I bought maybe the dealer had a problem with hard starting at some point.
    Any-way my car runs great now. I have about 1200KM on the car right now. I will be keeping a log of my fuel and oil consumption and, periodicly post the results.
  • jgorjgor Posts: 5
    This used to happen with the old RX,s going back as far as the RX 2's....Could be the trailing plugs are fouled.In the old days you could adjust the trailing distributer points. to correct the problem. Todays cars are electronic. So that leaves the trailing plugs.If thats is not the problem then the dealer will have to find out why....Because they just should'nt do the back firing thing anymore.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    My 8 is kinda loud when you first start it and hits some high notes, but it's not back firing. Could that be what you're hearing?
  • mugster1mugster1 Posts: 34
    Actually it has seemed to have stopped. When i had it in the shop to take off the winters i mentioned it to the service guy and they checked it out. Basically they told me that there wasn't a problem and rotary engines sometimes have a slight backfire. He said that if it became more prominent bring it in.

    Thanks for the reply
  • Just bought a new 2005 RX8.
    Wondering if everybody is waiting 1 minute with the motor idle
    before turning off. Dealer never told me that but I m pretty sure
    I have to do it
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I don't let mine idle a minute before shutting it off and have never heard that one. I do rev it to about 3K and immediately shut it off. someone posted here that it will clear the combustion chamber of fuel and help prevent flooding. Further, i have had no flooding issues with mine and i usually do short trips in mine all the time.
  • Thanks for your respond maybe in Canada they are not enought updated on that kind of solution. I will use that 3k rev.
  • slayerslayer Posts: 10
    Thanks, I figured as much but with all the little noises on the 8 and the lack of forthcoming information from the dealer I tend to get a little paranoid.

    What about the other gear noises? Has anyone else encountered this? When shifting into first from idle, I can hear the gear drop in, probably normal. But when downshifting into 2nd or 1st while moving (or, for that matter, when in 1st or 2nd when moving and depressing the clutch while still in gear) it sounds like the clutch is still engaged, as in I can hear the transmission winding down as though I hadn't depressed the clutch (rather than just going quiet as the engine returns to idle). Is this something to worry about?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The transmission noises are kind of neat. The whining you hear when shifting is the syncros working. They speed up or slow down the next gear set so engagement can occur without resistance or grinding. I suggested just a few days ago we do a "[non-permissible content removed] turbo". Put a microphone under the console, and the amp and speaker in the car. The transmission whines so nicely it sounds like a turbo! ;-) The transmission is a little noisier than some because it is a six speed. More parts turning.

    You can start worrying:

    1. When you get extreme noises when you depress the clutch - this would be a faulty throughout bearing - usually a loud rumbling noise. The throughout bearing allows the clutch fork - which depresses the clutch, to press against the rotating clutch. When worn out the bearing will make lots of noise when you just slightly depress the clutch pedal, and continues making noise as the pedal goes all the way down to the floor.

    2. When you do not get whining noises while shifting, instead grinding ones. This would indicate worn or broken sycro rings (3rd gen RX-7s are well known for this problem in the 3rd/5th gear sycro. assembly).

    3. When you get other noises than the rumbling noise which changes as you move the clutch pedal, but only when the clutch is fully depressed - this would be the pilot bearing - it goes between the transmission input shaft and the engine eccentric shaft, and it makes noise when it is worn out and the transmission input shaft is not turning (clutch depressed, transmission in gear, engine running). The noise would change pitch when the engine is reved.

    Either bearing I mentioned will either be bad from day 1 or will last longer than the clutch. They are changed by your mechanic when the clutch is replaced (if he's smart).
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    is the "thunk" when shifting into first from an idle. It's funny, i've almost always driven a manual and really paid no attention to the tranny noises of the 8. A friend drove it a few weeks back and that was his first comment "Those transmission noises would take some getting used to!!" I have paid more attention to it since then and it is somewhat noisy, but, oddly, I like it. However, it shifts like a dream and as pathstar1 posted, these all seem to be normal. I'm going to roll mine into the dealership in the next week or so for my first oil change and some add-ons I've ordered and will have them give Rex a full physical just to see that everything is going ok!! If we're having any issues, I'll post them here!!
  • mugster1mugster1 Posts: 34
    I have a question regarding avibration in the stick shift. Basically when im driving, first gear around 5-6000 rpms shifter vibrates. Second gear same 5-6000 rpm. 3rd gear same. has anyone else felt this. Im feeling a bit of a lag in the HP as well.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Because the vibration occurs at the same RPM in different gears, it's not the transmission. The extra intake ports (5 and 6) open at around 6000 RPM. The transition or the way Mazda compensates for the transition adds instability to the engine combustion sequence. There is a slight fall in output during the initial transition. I don't notice it as the car I drive has a piggy-back fuel computer on it, and we've tuned most of that bump out of the power curve. I'll let others with stock systems comment on whether they feel the vibration.

    I have to compare the RX-8 to my 3rd gen RX-7 as I drive both, and there are two very noticeable differences. First, the idle on the RX-8 is quite rough. I have to constantly convince myself the trailing plugs are fine (fouled or worn out trailing plugs often show up as rough idle). Second, the RX-7 is "in your face" re accelleration. The RX-8 is sneaky. It seems to be accellerating slowly, and the next thing you know, you're 20-30 Km/hr over the limit! When you rev above 6000 RPM there is a nice kick in accelleration. This is why the manual trans. car is "better" - in my opinion. The auto doesn't have this kick, as the ports are not there because the auto trans. can't take the RPMs where the ports function (6000 to 8500 RPM).

    Oh, I guess there is a third very noticable difference. The RX-8 has a much nicer transmission. As I said elsewhere, I think it's the nicest and easiest manual I've ever used! My RX-7 transmission is a "clunker" by comparison. ;-)
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