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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • cheezeboycheezeboy Posts: 218
    to answer both of you - nope. No vibrations or rumbling. The engine/tranny has been trouble free for 32K issues have been minor: need a brake job and I wish they could get a glue to keep the door sill plate down!

    I would imagine that if the car didn't vibrate/rumble when you bought it and now it does, something is amiss. PathStar might be able to provide more insight to as what might be wrong - he is the mightiest of RX mechs!!......

    I hope that your issues get resolved - the RX8 is a wonderful car to drive!
  • rx8crazerx8craze Posts: 10
    Yes, I do also have some "Click" noises when going over 5000 rpm
    maybe it was already there..just didnt notice it till i started to drive with
    windows down. Also..sometime..i hear this tumbling and cluncking noise from
    bottom of the engine....sometimes i also hear these puttering noise also seems to be comming from bottom of the engine which only happens occasionally, not always...sounds almost like the cat conv is leaking..but then if that was the case would hear this noise all the time.
    I really dont feel like i have a new car when i hear all these noises...once i sytarted my RX8..forgot something @ the office and got out while the car was running..while walking way from the car..i would hear these noises comming from my baby and it just sounded like a 10 year old POS...
    and for vibrations..yes my car does vibrate...funny thing does not vibrate as much as before. when i first purchased the car, it ran smooth, even @ idle
    after about 800 - 1200 miles or so (do not remeber exactly when it started) my girl firend pointed it out for me..asked "why is this car shaking so much"
    my reply was "because it is a sports car".....acting like it is normal yet knowing that this was something of a new problem (my g/f wanted me to stick with a reliable Honda accord...v6 with 6speed....screw that!)
    well, as i was saying before, it is very warm here in GA now..and my car does not vibrate as much as it use to...the shifter knob still shakes..but not the car.
    all these things normal??...pathstar should have all the answers
  • rx8crazerx8craze Posts: 10 i was just in the garage smoking...and heard a loud Ping noise from my has been parked there for almost 7 hours now...what the hell!?
  • While driving over rough ground, I hear the same clanging, slightly rolling noise from the bottom of the car that rx8craze talks about. Nothing is hanging out from under the car. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
  • sam13sam13 Posts: 1
    cd s I burned started to skip ,now they all do ,dealed ordered a new one ,time will tell if problem will go away
  • That sound like the pre-detonation that my engine was doing. Search a few pages back and you will see. If it is, then they will probably have to replace the engine.

  • bethpaddybethpaddy Posts: 1
    In response to your problem with your RX8 I too had a problem at 17,000 with no power and a screeching noise coming from the engine when it was hot and the air was on. I am currently waiting for a new engine to arrive at the Jim Click Mazda dealer in Tucson, AZ. There have been three vehicles with this problem just at this Mazda site. I was told that there was a computer programming issue which was taken care of by an engineer that came in from Japan. Still the problem wasn't rectified. The service manager has told me that the oil regulator pump that directs the oil to all parts of the engine has a major engineering problem. Supposedly this has been taken care of in the new engine. I was also told there are many cars in Phoenix with the same problem.

    Unlike your lack of response by the many dealers you have gone to, I have been very lucky in the way that I have been treated throughout this whole situation. I have been without my car for almost a month, but at least hopefully the car will run appropriately in the end. By the way, Mazda is very aware of this problem. Maybe you can contact them directly.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    are these detonation problems happening with autos and manuals or does it tend to go one way or the other?

    Also, some early 2004's seem to have problems that other 04's are not. Did Mazda make any big changes mid year? Like if you have a second half 04, you have some upgrades...?
  • bruce12bruce12 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to join in. I have my concerns after reading this forum and the problem with my RX 8. I have AT because the driving I do now is a pain (to me anyway) with manual. I've had manuals up until I purchased the 8. I've never used the paddles. My car at around 8K started to loss power and idle would drop when at a stop. RMP's would fall to 500 and car would stall. It was then very difficult to re-start. While speeding up or at cruising speed, they was no drop of power. Took car in last week and the dealership has treated me very well. They said that they found a compression problem and couldn't figure out why. They got help from a national Mazda tech. Today I've been told that I have to have a new engine for the car. Is there any reason to think that the problem with my current engine will be solved with a new one? :sick:
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I certainly don't know much about this and my 8 is not giving me problems, but the explanation given there does seem valid. May be something to ask your dealer about. Nice to hear that your dealer is treating you well. It's bad enough to have serious car problems (or even small ones) and then to feel that your dealer doesn't care. Good luck and keep everyone updated as to what solves your problems - it helps all of us!!
  • liquid1liquid1 Posts: 4
    I was considering on purchasing a new RX. I need a reliable car, one that doesn't have constant problems. Would you guys consider this car as being unreliable?
  • cheezeboycheezeboy Posts: 218
    drove my AT - 5700 miles, 17 states in 21 days.........never had a problem......excellent car.

    I have 32K as of today. Only thing I need is new tires!....
  • secondcitysecondcity Posts: 28
    Any advice on repairing scratches on the wheels? My wife scratched my front right passenger side rim, along the outer edge where it almost meets the rubber, while parking along the side of a curb. Its not too noticeable-but noticeable enough to aggravate me. Any advice (besides not letting her drive my car)?
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    i scratched mine myself on a curb and it makes me sick every time I wash the car.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    ........I had the dealer install a modification to the dipstick to prevent "cream" build up at the top. When pulled out, the stick had a white plastic or teflon tube pushed hard onto the "barbed' portion at the top of the stick. The tube was so long that only about 3/4" of the stick was exposed. I checked the oil over the weekend and now the white tube has disappeared! I can only assume that it has slipped off the top of the dipstick and is now sitting in the bottom of the dipstick tube. Anyone else seen this and is there any reason to be concerned?

    On other issues, my 6 speed now has 9K miles and no problems with loss of power or anything else for that matter, it runs great. The cooling fan does run for a long time after shut down tho, at least 10 minutes!

    I too have scratched a rear wheel, :cry: the low profile tires give you no margin for error, just have to be careful.
  • flatpickflatpick Posts: 43
    ATM Machine did me in....some nice gouges front passenger rim trying to get close enough ATM machine....yeah I got close enough...careful people...I didn't hear much of any noise as I ground 1/2 in bites in my rims! :cry: :mad: :cry:
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    for a co-worker. I don't go near McD's for me personally, but it was pouring the rain and I tried to get under that little bitty canopy they have over the order screen and, that's all folks! Mine was at less than 2500 miles. I have a moment of silence every time I wash that particular wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The wheels are "painted" with a very thick plastic paint. You could use touch up paint to cover up small scratches. We stripped a set of the stock wheels and had them powder coated to match the car. Had to use an "aircraft" stripper solution that is "access controlled", meaning they don't just sell it to anybody.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and they had some scrapes as well. the seller stated that he could repair them for $60 a wheel before he shipped. I wondered how he would "fix" them, but I didn't realize they were painted. Thanks for the info.
  • calimancaliman Posts: 1
    This is the second time in 4 months and my RX-8 won't start.

    When the car is turned off before the engine has reached certain temperature, you are risking engine choke...and the car will NOT start. No crankin the engine in the world..or pumpin the gas paddle will make it work!
    First time the problem happened Mazda dealership told me they need to update the computer chip, and the problem should go away.
    Today I called to report the same starting problem..and the answer is..well you probably guessed it! They have one more computer update which should make the problem go away!
    On the bright side: I am glad I leased my RX instead of finance, and I pay only $ 250.00 a month. Once the lease is up this car is going back to Mazda! nice ride..but too much headache!
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