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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • mugster1mugster1 Posts: 34
    Thanks RX8world. I've had zero problems with my, just in case my wife is listening, second love. Just wanted to make sure.

    Any word on a ball joint recall for the 8's. Apparently the joint is coming apart on hard turns?
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I hadnt seen anything mentioned here and was unaware of the ball joint recall until I visited the nhtsa site below. There are 4 recalls listed for the 8 all together.
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    yesterday i've noticed a noise(like a knock) when i had a hard turn.I don't know if that is the ball joint problem,but i ' ve also noticed that is not happening every time.Is that a serious problem???
    Help!! :cry:
    pathstar...where r u? :P
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    recall letters in the mail or what? I've heard nothing, yet, on my 04 and I even registered myself on the site and there's nothing on there concerning the recalls, yet. Course, I'm in no way anxious to get the news, but was just curious.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I was told about the gas tank recall when I took the car in for an unrelated issue. I was told I could take the car back but if it caught fire it would be my responsibility. As pathstar pointed out, this was just CYA legalese.

    I guess they are rethinkiing this approach because it must be costing them a fortune in free rentals.
    I just heard today that Mazda has issued an inspection notice that allows them to release my car because they have determined it is safe. I will then receive an "official" recall notification in the mail from Mazda, probably when they have enough parts stockpiled to make the repairs.
    Hope this helps.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It is nothing to worry about (contrary to what ukjim's dealer told him) if you have had your car since it was new AND you never sit still with the car running at a high idle (2,500-3,000 rpm) for extended periods. If you have not been real fast idling the car (or revving it and holding it) with the car sitting still then you should be fine. They will check the car to be sure and fit it with a heat shield and re-program the computer once they get the parts, etc.

    You can read the details of the fix here:

    Most folks would never do the car as I stated you would have to do to cause the problem - but if you read the PDF link you will see that certain fault conditions can cause the PCM to lock the engine at 2,700 rpm in fail safe mode. This mean the throttle is ignored. In this mode sitting with the car at this RPM could cause damage. The fix is to program it to drop to 1,100 rpm after 5 minutes if you are not moving. Even if the motor is not in fault mode, the "Free rev" limit is changed as shown in the doc so you can't rev the motor up sitting still and hold it. This is now limited to 900 RPM (normal idle) once certain conditions are met. This COULD have happened to folks in really hot areas of the country - say you are stuck in traffic on a boiling hot day and the A/C (which is weak in most 8s) is not doing the job. So you rev the motor up to spin the compressor faster. Doing this COULD cause damage as well. Also the 8s have weak batteries and have the flood problem. So someone that just jumped off their 8 could hold it at fast idle for a prolonged period to try to charge the battery.

    So if you purchased your car with "no miles" on it and didn't do either of these things it SHOULD be safe for you to drive until the recall stuff gets to your dealer and they can get you fixed. But as you can see from the PDF, they are just going to re-program the PCM to prevent you (or the computer itself) from doing this in the future. If you HAVE had the car in "fail safe mode" or have been sitting with the motor revved up THEN you might think about parking it until your dealer has a fix.

    The recall is now on NHTSA.GOV as well, but the PDF link I posted is the "fix" that the Mazda dealers get - and has the best info.

  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    Nice one dennis,thanks for the info.I was worried about that issue,because here in Cyprus(at summer usually 38 d.celsius) Mazda is not very responsible to all mazda users and i don't know when they(and if!) they send me ever a recall notice!!
    By the way,mine is working at about 700RPM(normal idle).I asked a friend of mine who works at Mazda in Greece and he told me that not all the 8's idle the same and you can't do anything "legal" to increase the revs.
    Is is true or faulse?
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I've heard plenty about the recalls but have really been too lazy to go to the links and actually read up on it. I don't get too upset over recalls. They're usually something that some watchdog group has found out can happen under some very unusual circumstances. Now it's a little different story if we have known cases of flaming 8's on the shoulders of the interstates across the country. Good info.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Just went through the service manual and I can't find anywhere you can actually -adjust- the idle. It's programmed into the PCM. If you don't get a "MIL" (check engine light) the car is idling properly. It will generate a MIL if the idle is 100 RPM high or low from the programmed value.

    So, legal or not, I can't see any way to adjust the idle without modifying the car. Due, no doubt, to the "drive by wire" system - there is no throttle cable in this car, it's controlled by computer referenced to the throttle pedal position and idle air control.
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    Roooger that!!
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    FYI for CEL coming on for no apparent reason. Dealer had to backpedal from "overevving" claim, cause of the CEL coming on was an intermittent Evaporator pump failure. They replaced the Solenoid valve and Evap valve under warranty.
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    a friend of mine who has an RX7 asked me if he can use injector cleaner (STP brand).
    What about RX8?can we use it?(because in the manual says"do not use any fuel additives")
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    When they tell you not to use fuel additives, I think they are talking about octane boosters. Injector cleaners are usually not a problem. They don't do much, however. To properly clean injectors, the solvent has to be very strong. When a shop cleans injectors "in place", they connect a machine to the fuel line and run the solvent through the injector (and some of it into the engine). It doesn't get to the fuel pump, most of the fuel in the fuel tank isn't dilluted by the solvent, and the injector sees a strong solvent mix, so it works better than fuel additive cleaners.

    The best way to clean injectors remains removing them, and sending them off to professional cleaning companies. They test the injectors before and after cleaning, to confirm something has been improved. They also use solvents you wouldn't want to run through an engine. Unless you were sadistic. ;)
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    ok...when can we say that the injectors need cleaning?what are the symptoms?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    For the purposes of this forum, (RX-8), injectors could need cleaning after about eight years. So far RX-8s are only up to two years old. I'm sure there is a schedule in the Mazda dealerships.

    It's hard to tell when they need cleaning as they get dirty so slowly. On some cars you can tell because the car either starts to run lean or floods all the time. 2nd gen RX-7s did this - the injectors wouldn't close all the way due to deposits and leaked fuel into the engine. Some cars start to get very poor mileage due to improper fuel atomizing.

    The RX-8 will present a problem detecting clogged injectors - the injectors are capable of injecting so much fuel that you may never see it go lean. You see, when the car is running "closed loop" it adds enough fuel according to the O2 sensor readings, not just from a preprogrammed map, so it would compensate for clogged injectors. Also, as the car can flood anyway, many will interpret flooding as "normal" behavior. It's different though - injector flooding occurs when the engine is warm as well as cold. And the RX-8 already gets poor mileage. I suppose if it dropped to 10 MPG people would take notice! ;)
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    lol...ok,thanks pathstar
  • daleighdaleigh Posts: 2
    Hey Guy's,
    Im a new member..recently bought an rx-8 ....and I have already had the engine replaced...waited a month for the replacement because of the dealer..I recently picked the car up from the :mad: dealer..the engine seems to be running great..started it earlier and the engine rared abit..and I am noticing the check coolant light coming on for several seconds then going off..the temp gauge does not read hot at all though...I Popped the hood and grazed over with my hand and felt high heat..I am taking it in to the dealer to get the problems checked..Should I be worried about the coolant or raring problem????
    Any suggestion from anyone would be helpfull..
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    Did you check the coolant level?
    When you say raring you mean hard idle?Because if it's that then it's normal.
  • daleighdaleigh Posts: 2
    I'll check the colant level again..the raring went away ....but in the morning I start the car and hear a sound like water is moving in the passenger side portion of the the same time the engine coolant light comes on for about 4 seconds thens goes off..
    Thanks for the reply...
  • rx8worldrx8world Posts: 28
    i can also hear this sound like water moving in the passenger side portion of the dash but no coolant light comes on.It happens only at idle.
    Emmm....we would like some information here about that noise please!!!! :)
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