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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • >>>I average only 200-215 miles out of a full tank of gas.

    About same for me in Chlt, NC....30 mle day driving....its definitely a hurt on the wallet.....I been tossing it around with the DTC off to fend off gas price blues...same MPG it seems.... :confuse:
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    200.5 miles on a 12.34 gallon fill-up means a little over 16 mpg. I'm pleased with that. 95% of my driving is in town in stop and go or slow-moving. I only have 4800 miles on the car, but mpg has been steadily improving. Also, my brakes are squealing and I plan to mention it at my next oil change. Yes, it idles rough which I mentioned on my last oil change and they felt it was in the "normal" range. No loss of power in mine - runs beautifully!!

    sstbaby - is it a AT or MT?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I have a lot less miles on mine, but I only get 13-15mpg commuting to work (about 12 miles each way).

    The last tank on my S2000 returned around 21mpg, which is way low for it. So maybe they are giving us WEAK gas and over-charging us for it?

  • Break squeal:
    I had my pads replaced-- updated to a better pad--covered by Mazda-which is supposed to solve the squeak. A TSB was issued on the pads (according to the Mazda Tech.) My squeal began at about 4600 miles and I had the pads replaced at 6000.
    Gas mileage: My best avg was about 17 mpg @ 220 miles on 13 gallons used. Thats my best. I usually get about 185-210 for 13 gallons used,--but I drive fast-Actually -I drive like an idiot.
    86 degrees in Chicago on Wed. and now its 50 degrees a day later. Winter is coming. I spent close to $850 on 4 Blizzaks and I am having them put the tires on in two weeks. I heard about some of the horror stories of people trying to operate the car on snow and ice-and I took their advice. The car runs great --I'm at about 7500 miles since my April purchase/ and I refuse to be bothered by the gas mileage. My attitude and obnoxious driving habits may change when gas hits $5.00 a gallon.
  • I just picked up my car at the dealer. Manual RX-8's are notorious for bad fuel mileage. A few suggestions from my tech that will help all of us:
    Use Supreme Gas!! Yes, it does cost more, but it is supposed to help
    Put an oil and fuel additive in your car every 3000-5000 miles (Prolong, etc.)
    When available in your area, replace the air in your tires with NITROGEN. Yep!! It's the new thing. Airplanes and Nascar uses this in their tires and it's just as safe and leaks out less. It will cost about $30 to get this done once it comes to your area. Costco members get it done free (I think) and alot of your big name automotive shops will soon start offering this. This will help out with about a 10% improvement on your mileage.

    Good luck to us all!!
  • I have had nothing but problems with my 8. I love it as far as looks, but besides that it is a piece of junk. :lemon: I have not had the car even a year yet, but have replaced. The catylitic convertor, dip stick twice, had battery and starter problems, brake problems, oil sensor problems, power steering went out while driving, one thing after another. My car is now in the court system. My lawyer also has three other 8's with identical problems in the court system as well. I find it interesting that you can not find a 2006 RX8. Maybe Mazda has realized their problem and stopped production. Ford being involed with Mazda did not want the 8 produced in the first place. Mazda talked them into it's production. Ford has got to be kicking themselves in the butt now for giving in.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    however lemons can happen to any manufacturer and on any car. I love mine and have had zero problems - hope it stays that way.

    Someone posted earlier that production on the 2006 won't start until November and they'll start showing up on lots in December or January (posting from memory here so I may not be exact) - pretty good reason for not seeing any yet.

    I don't think Ford owns enough of Mazda to call the shots on what they choose to produce or don't produce.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    What is the build date on your car? How about the others the lawyer represents?

    There have been quite a few problems for sure with the really early build cars, but in general the cars seem to be working out OK. The later your car was made the fewer problems, it seems.

    Any car model and company can make a bad car, a guy I know paid big bucks for a BMW 5 series and in the end BMW had to buy it back since they could not fix it. Another person had a Nissan Titan in the shop so much they brought in engineers from Japan and the plant in the USA to fix it. In both case it was a first year car or a totally new design - like buying an RX-8 in late 03 or early 04 (or getting an early built one at any time).

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    in her post. My sister bought a top of the line Ford Expedition a couple of years ago and shelled out a heck of a lot more money than any of us did for an RX8. Anyway, she never gets to drive it. It is back in the shop every couple of months for SOMETHING. She ended up buying a used Hyundai for 2 reasons: High cost of gas, and, she was tired of driving a loaner from the Ford Dealership all the time.

    I think the problem these days is the fact that competition is so stiff in the car business. These companies have to be constantly cranking out new models to keep people interested and buying. Unfortunately, the folks that have to have "one of the first ones" ends up being the tail end of the R & D session. It does lead to some unhappy customers!!
  • lkaylkay Posts: 1
    I just bought a RX8 and yes, gas sucks. They say 18 city and 24 hwy, but there is no way!! I too get around 215 per tank? I love my car but, I dont like putting gas in it all the time either. High Performance engine, I guess.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Still new? If so, you'll find the mileage will get better as you break it in. Be patient, it takes almost 10,000 mi. to start getting "normal" mileage (for an RX-8).
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    After driving alot of RX-8's I have found the gas mileage to be accurate IF you don't drive the 8 the way it begs to be driven. LOL....Of course, I drive it like a nut anyway and the MPG reflects it....
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and the rare times I get it out on the open road, I tend to be a little "aggressive" in it. Even with my driving, my mpg's have improved over time. I have right at 5K miles on mine and my in-town has increased from barely 14 to right at 16 consistently. I have even down one highway trip that got me almost 22. I have always used premium gas, if that matters. Give it some time!!
  • Anyone, especially those with replaced engines, experience excessive carbon buildup in their engines?? From what I've been reading about this issue, seems to be a particular problem with Renesis rotary with the side exhaust port design. Also, the new PCM flashes supposedly increase oil pump volume to the seals, which would increase deposits and carbon buildup... has anyone else heard or confirm this??
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    in the autos. If you don't use the paddle shifter and rev it pretty high sometimes, the carbon will build up. I have the MT and my service guy said to make it a habit of red-lining it every now and again to keep that from happening. He also told me anyone that drives like granny should buy something else.

    I think if you look back through this thread and some of the other 8 threads, you'll find some good advice about this issue. Pathstar and some others really have the rotary nailed down.
  • I would think if you aren't hotrodding it around, the DSC/TC wouldn't make a difference at all.I have a 6sp 04
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The sports pack should have been standard on all RX-8s and is pretty much a must have. On the 6mt cars it adds the HID lights and DSC/TC plus the fog lights. The dealer cost is less than $1k and is a no brainer. The headlights and fog lights are a huge plus, but not nearly as much as the safety net of having the DSC system. On the AT 8s it costs more, but adds the low profile tires, larger brakes, and better suspension in addition to the fogs, HIDs, and DSC/TC.

    No matter if you are "hot rodding around" or just cruising you need it. I hit a patch of black ice one morning in a 330i I used to own and before I could THINK about correcting the skid the computer and fixed it for me. Ditto hitting a bunch of gravel mid-corner in a C5 'vette. COULD I have corrected and not wrecked? Maybe - but I didn't have to since the DSC systems did it for me.

    It REALLY is needed in a RWD car since so many folks have little or no RWD experience. With FWD you get in a corner too hard or something is in the road and all you need to do is lift. With a RWD car lifting in a corner can be a bad thing. With RWD you need to slow down so you lift, the back end feels like it is going to come around so you lift more and oops around you go. Happens a lot to S2000 owners and RX-8 owners who said "I don't need DSC".

    Really kills the value on the used market too - and only saves < $1k at purchase time.

  • Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have a GT package. I leave DSC on all the time, because, I've been driving mostly Front wheel drive cars for the past 20 years. (other than some SUVs which are entirely different, anyway...)
    I don't see where turning OFF DSC would make a noticeable difference in fuel economy.
    on a side note...
    When I first was looking at the 8, I actually considered buying a base model, but I realized really quick that I needed at a minimum the Sport package, then, when I started reading what the packages have, I KNEW the only way to go (for ME) was GT. (I really wanted the heated seats and mirrors)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I have an 05 w/GT pack so I am supposed to have DSC/TCS - I have the light and the button. Never had much occasion to "Test" it, though.

    It was raining this morning - maybe the first time in about 3 weeks (and you know how slick that first rain can be). Pulling away from a stop sign in first gear (6mt) the rear tires turn over. I keep my foot in it as I am in a straight line, no traffic around, and I want to see how the TCS would work - it never did. I think I held the spinning tires for several seconds and no light lit up and no loss of power or other sign it was doing ANYTHING. The light does come on when I turn the key on, then goes off - and comes on solid if I bypass the system with the switch.

    This has to be either the least intrusive system I have even tried or it does not work properly....

    I am planning a parking lot test sometime soon to test it more.

  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    If you have it and it's working it will "shut you down" within a sec. or so. At least ours does. I'm not sure if it takes action immediatly if both rear wheels spin the same amount - but it does after 15 sec. or so (drag race testing). It doesn't seem intrusive - it just takes control if you are about to loose it - as we experience on snow and ice.
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