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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    lots of scoop on the "other" forum that our engines will be replaced with remanufactured ones. I was really worried about that. I have an early (july 03 build) 04 and just knew I was gonna be one of the "lucky" ones, even though I have had 0000000000 problems outta my car. My car has less than 9K miles.

    However, if they're gonna replace with NEW engines where necessary, I feel better!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Rex got good guts from the factory and I don't have to think about it any more!!
  • Nothing wrong with a factory remanufactured engine. Might even be better than a new one in that original defects are sure to have been corrected; whereas if they take something off the shelf, or make you an identical one to the one that gave up, well.......
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    Maybe so, but there's a stigma that goes along with having a remanufactured engine and it certainly won't help resale numbers any.

    Also, if they haven't fixed the problem in the new ones, what's the point??
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Yes, we got the letter. Failure of "the test" will result in replacement of the engine. Little detail there, other than it's unlikely very many engines would be replaced. I mean, where would Mazda get them (the replacements)? They were short of engines just a year ago for production.

    Best part of this though, is Mazda is giving us all an extended warrenty. Free!

    I'm not sure I've "come clean" with all of you but our engine failed in 2004 - fall. We got the first RX-8 in Edmonton in late July of that year, as I recall. We think it failed from lack of lubrication (it sounded like a bearing failure, possibly caused by a metering oil pump failure), and we got a new replacement. Mazda never told us, of course, what failed. We surmize this because in hindsight, we realized we didn't have to add oil and didn't see the level drop for a while just before the failure.

    From the limited info. on the current issue, it's probably a different problem. Just the opposite. Oil leaking out of the engine and getting into the exhaust or something.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    OK, checking the site under the owner profile, there is now a recall notice, where there has been none since I purchased my 2005 RX-8 AT last September.

    And now for my question: Is the popcorn/rattle I still hear related to the recall? I had just gotten over my worry over the friendly little noise from my engine/exhaust system.

    And the vacuum test, are dealers able to do it now? My RX-8 is in for the 15K service right now. Should I ask them to do it?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I don't think your noise is related. It's oil out the exhaust damaging the cat. as I understand. That's probably why Mazda had to deal with it in this manner - pollution related.

    I'm not sure what Mazda's procedures are, but usually you have to wait for the letter for any recall related work. They call you, you don't call them. ;)
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    OK. I'll be happy about my popcorn/rattle. I use the sound to guage wheather I'm effiently burning fuel and let off the gas peddle.

    I add half a quart of oil every three or four fill ups. That seems normal from what others have said.

    You are correct I think about the dealers. My car is in for the 15K service now and when I asked them about the recall, they said it would be October at the earliest. They also said the focus is on cars in hot climates, Southern Cal, New Mex. Tx, Florida, etc.

    I've been in Texas for the last week. Texas has had 40 days straight of 100F plus in Dallas. Hot weather, can not be imagined, only experienced. Walk very slow and drive very fast is good advice down here.

    BTW, I went by the Austin based PTP shop to see their turbo kit. They didn't have an install to look at, but they say they are able to pump out 350HP on the AT. They just don't recommend driving over 6000 RPM for very long. Torque from 4000-6000 is 70% greater. $12,000 is what they recommend as the whole system, but there is a question about routing some pipe download below. They haven't done an AT yet. They don't lower in the Renesis the compression at all.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    it's unlikely very many engines would be replaced. I mean, where would Mazda get them (the replacements)? They were short of engines just a year ago for production.

    It looks like quite a few will be replaced...mazda has an engine reman. facility in the Carolina's where the Rotary engine gets re-manufactured.
  • mcusmcmcusmc Posts: 7
    Well we got our gorgeous 2006 RX-8 AT GT w/Nav in Winning Blue on August 9. We waited patiently since last August to order one, and as I noted before, we were just able to order the '06 on April 8. It is all we expected and more! We are really happy with it. I have a manual states to take care when washing interior rear window so as not to damage the antenna. If the antenna is in the rear window, what is across the upper portion of the windshield interior?
    I want to install a radar detector above the rear view mirror, but the suction cups would be on the material I previously mentioned. Thanks.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    OK, I'm just a fifty year old kid, I know, but I've got to tell everyone about the repair really ugly dent in my RX-8. I was travelling 75MPH in the left passing lane and there was a loud bang from the front of the car. The bang turned out to be a deep quarter size dent and scatch right on the sexy crease of the fender, marring one of my favorite visual parts of the car. I couldn't get into the car without seeing the horrid dent.

    Mazda Gallery of Norword Mass told me $500 and said the reason for the cost was the entire panel needed sanding and clear coat edge to edge after the dent and area paint. I checked around and that was a reasonable price. It was totally worth. I feel like I just picked up a NEW car.
  • I just got my RX-8 back from the dealer yesterday and wanted to report what happened. Apparently, the "vibration" I have been feeling when I start the car from still for last month was not clutch problem. It was the engine. I had an appointment for Friday and drove the car Thursday morning to postoffice and after parking the car noticed that smoke is coming from under the hood. I immediately called roadside assistance and towed the car in thinking that it could be oil pump not working therefore the engine is fried. The next day, I got a call from the dealer and they said my car is ready already. It was a shorted iginition coil. You were right on, Pathstar! I still don't understand why it did what it did when the ignition coil is out.

    While at it, they performed three outstanding recalls. In the worksheet everything is in code so don't know exactly what they are. (The codes are: 3305G, 3405G, 4206F) There are parts listed for two of them, so I can guess what they are. (pad insulation and plugs) I also asked about the one recently talked about on this board - vacuum test and they said they did that, too. I guess my car passed that test and the service advisor said even if it fails the test, it does not mean the total replacement of the engine. Hmm...

    Anyway, my RX-8 runs like new again. No vibration whatsoever and the acceleration is back to what it was like when I first test-drove it. I was losing my faith in it but well... I must admit it is quirky, huh?

    I want to hear people's opinion on one thing now. I am going to move back to my home country, Korea and thinking about shipping my car. But alas, it turns out Mazda does not have a distributor in Korea. Does this mean I can't get service in Korea? Should I give up the idea of bringing my beloved red hottie?
  • I find that hard to believe that Mazda is not situated in Korea, unless you are going to North Korea (gee I hope not). ;) I guess it's presumptuous to tell you about Korea but maybe you should check again on that.
  • Well, I don't think North Korean government will allow driving a hot red car unless I am the son of Jeong-Il :P .
    Anyway, it's hard to believe but from Mazda's website, that is what I found out. I have posted a question about it on a Korean message board about cars and waiting for more answers. Some said there is Ford Korea, which in the past distributed Mazda cars like 626, so getting parts won't be a problem. I would think one can order parts from Mazda in Japan directly but I am wondering diagnosing problems and actually servicing the car would be easy for any mechanic who is not trained specifically for RX-8, which is also a very sophisticated, computerized car.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I haven't even gotten my letter yet - just the extended warranty notice. But, was wondering if anyone has completed the recall. If so, what did the techs say and what did they do to your car?

    It sounded huge when it first got announced, but it seems as though they are not gonna be replacing a bunch of our engines (and credit to pathstar who predicted that, I believe).
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    My Dealer said it's just going to be RX-8 owners that live in hot regions only at first.

    It would seem to me that RX-8 AT's might not get recalled at all. I drive fairly aggressively and I must say, the electric fan that runs after switching the engine off, has only been running maybe half dozen times in the middle of the hottest part of the summer. I think the Renesis in the RX-8 AT just inherently stay cooler. Does that make sense to anyone else?
  • I had 4 recalls done all at once--the latest one concerns the emmisions system and for that they changed the plugs and had the pcm recalibrated.According to the service manager the latest recall has to do with the car passing california's emmisions test.I had 20,000 miles on my car and really no problems,however,the new plugs seem to have made it feel quicker.
  • I took my car in about 10 days ago for them to look at. i have an '04 MT, with about 27k on it.

    I purchased it used in Jan. '06 and have had absolutely no problems with it. Took it in for the PCM flash, and now the car seems to "lag" a bit, or there is a slight delay for full throttle and not as much throttle response.

    It could also all be in my head - i'm not sure yet.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  • I had the recall done where they wrapped my fuel tank or something to insulate but whatever they did I have the same problem with the lag and there is a delay in shifting and it seems slower. I hate it. I keep thinking my transmission is messed up since there is a serious delay in the automatic transmission shifiting gears between 2 and 3 and 3 and 4 but 1st to 2nd is great!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    My 2005 RX-8 AT Group 2 (all the recall items done in Hiroshima, Japan) has always exhibited the delay since day one. I picked up the car at the dealer, as the first customer to drive it with the plastic wrappings still on and only 5 miles on it. I believe the computer ultimately controls the shift points based on data flows, including momentum sensors, even when in manual mode. I seems to me as I drive, that if there is significant momentum or acceleration the computer may wait for the shift because it thinks it can get more out of the current selected gear.

    Manual mode 1st to 2nd shifts are the hardest to time smoothly, but built up to 5000RPM for best results mostly. 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to forth shifts are rare but usually very smooth as they are highway on and off ramp related.

    I have seen 2nd to 3rd in full automatic mode appear to get completely stuck until the acceleration and or decelaration subsides.

    I haven't done it, but I bet if you turn off the DSC, things will definitely work more directly.
  • My '04 has been riddled with problems. Some problems keep recurring. I guess it's possible I just got a bad egg, but I suspect the problems are not as isolated as you might think. I just got a letter in the mail last week from Mazda extending my powertrain warranty to 5 year/60,000 miles. Has anybody else gotten this letter??
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