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Mazda RX-8 Accessories and Modifications



  • hargharg Posts: 1

    Have not had the same problem. The tires may not have been rotated to turn in a different direction. Howling can be a problem when this is not done. You can go to and look up the different ways to ratate non-directional tires. Hope this helps with your new tires.

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  • moadhmoadh Posts: 15
    Well lately ive been thinking of upgrading SOMETHING in my 8.. And ive come to the conclusion that i need to amplify the sound aspect. Im sure all of you have noticed that the RX-8 isnt ur regular Ferrari F430, it has more of a purring sweet sound to it. well im looking to change that! i want people to turn their heads when i come up on the corner. Anybody know any good exhaust system for that? Thanks
  • garryngarryn Posts: 1
    I saw there was one person who said do not install the turbonator. I just purchased my 2005 rx8 and love it. not thrilled with gas milage but knew that going in. has anyone else installed the turbonator? also there seems to be some oil on the air filter and hose. Is this normal? thanks, Garry
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    First the oil issue. It's normal. It's there because the renesis injects oil in the intake stream and this oil gets splattered back in a phenomonon call "standoff". Something common in "piston ported" engines (yes, the renesis is rotor ported not piston ported but the effect is the same). Some of the oil can also come from the PCV system under hard cornering, but I haven't seen any confirmation of this with the renesis and RX-8 setup - the 3rd gen RX-7 gets a lot of oil in the intake due to hard cornering. If you look closely at the intake tract, on the bottom of the rubber hose leading to the throttle valve you will see a plastic resonator there. If you remove this you will find it contains oil. I recommend draining it from time to time as the oil prevents it from "resonating" as it's supposed to. I'll bet the dealer never cleans it!

    Turbonator - there is a simple reason not to use this or any other non-stock intake device. Any different turbulence introduced into the intake stream will disturb the air flow measurements, which are done with a heated resistor that is cooled by the passing air. The car has been tuned with stock parts and therefore "stock turbulence" in the intake stream. If you install any different devices, you should then retune the car with the new turbulence in mind. The turbonator is supposed to help with fuel vaporization, but you have to wonder how it can do this so far from where the fuel is injected! It may work in a carburated engine, but is not a good idea on a computerized fuel injected engine - in spite of what they may say when trying to get you to buy one!
  • rx8wannabrx8wannab Posts: 17
    I'm getting an 05 AT Sport today. Has anyone installed an aftermarket moonroof? I'd appreciate any suggestions or experience people have.
  • mcusmcmcusmc Posts: 7
    We are waiting for a 2006 RX-8, just gave the dealer the specs and are awaiting word on when we can expect to follow through with the order.
    Has anyone had remote start added to their RX-8? Any problems? What about "ride flat" tires? (I think that's the terminology) Anything new from Bunnygirl?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Unless you really need it, remote start is a "bad idea" (pat. pending). It disables the best security system yet invented - the vehicle immobilizer system. To add remote start you have to hide a key in the car (close to the ignition key switch). Most installers put it inside the plastic housing around the steering column. Most theives know this! Say "bye bye" to your car! The reason the key must be there is the car will not start unless the system senses the chip in the key close by. When I say it will not start I mean the engine will not get fuel. The car will still crank and determined theives may even try to "bump start" it - but it will not run! Even if you cut the key body off (leaving the handle and chip in the housing) you still have disabled the immobilizer system, and anyone can "hotwire" the car. Note that this immobilizer system is different from the "key in pocket" system the 2006s offer. The new system takes it one step further by extending the range of the sensor.

    What we really need is the immobilizer system built into the transmission insead of the engine such that it locks the car in neutral (or Park for autos) until it senses the key in the car - for those of us who need to get the car warmed up before driving it - not really applicable to the RX-8 though. I wouldn't want a remote start system to try to start my RX-8 when it's sitting at -20 deg. That's just asking for a flood!

    The tires you're talking about are "run flat". Close. They work but you do have a tradeoff - they run a little rougher as they have stiffer sidewalls.
  • rickny1rickny1 Posts: 1
    This information is not entirely true nowadays.. I have a 2005 Mazda 6s Sport Sedan, and I installed the genuine Mazda remote start kit. Contrary to what you stated, it does NOT require a key be left in the vehicle, and it does NOT disable the immobilizer system. What it DOES do is has a small RF transmitter that is installed around the collar of the ignition switch. The module of the remote start (which replaces the Mazda factory alarm), is then programmed when the system is first installed with the correct RF information to send to the immobilizer when the system is activated. When the reote start is activated, the module causes the RF information to be transmitted to the immobilizer, and the starter is enabled for the remote start in the same fashion it would be if you used your key.

    So, if you are looking at a *Mazda* genuine remote start system, the issues with the immobilizer system mentioned above do NOT apply. It does NOT disable ANYTHING that the poster mentioned.
  • I just bought a 2005 6 speed manual and had them throw in an aftermarket moonroof. It works great and has a lifetime warranty. The dealer hooked it up for about 1100. I would make sure whoever you go to has the lifetime warranty or at least to last as long as the car. It was definately worth it!
  • rx8wannabrx8wannab Posts: 17
    Sounds you know the brand & model? And, I assume it is a "spoiler" type model? How many inches of headroom did you lose? There isn't much to spare in the RX8.
  • Yep, it is a spoiler model. You don't lose any head room, as it fits perfectly in between your roof and upholstery. It is the Hollandia 700 model. Here is the link to their website:
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Pictures would be most helpful. Thanks.
  • mcusmcmcusmc Posts: 7
    Thanks for replying to my remote start question. Can you be more clear? Was your Mazda genuine remote start system added by you, the dealer or factory installed? We just ordered our 2006 RX-8 automatic last week and are very excited. A few years ago we added the remote start to our Lincoln. We love to enter our car that's nice and warm or cool as a cucumber. I would hate to give that feature up. I would think the remote start would be an asset as everyone says to let the RX-8 warm up.
  • hobbyhobby Posts: 1
    hi, i just bought a 2005 rx-8 and would like to know where i can get a factory installed gps system for it or one that will be installed in the dash and not sticking on the window. Thanks.
  • russo1russo1 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out anything about the DVBD playing capabilities? I have a Nav unit, it won't play DVD movies and I was wondering if anyone knew how to upgrade it to play movies?
  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    I've read msg's about the remote starter switch, I have a 2006 RX-8 6-SP with the Smart Key. Any body know of a Switch for this year and transmission that will still have factory remote functions? I've heard that none are made for manuals.
  • I was thinking about putting an underbody lighting kit on my car and was wondering which is better and what is the big difference? Thanks
  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    I bought my Rx-8 a few months ago and wonder if the Xzilon treatment I had the dealership apply was worth the money, the car looks great even more so when the sun does it's magic by magnifying the shine. Any one else opt to have the Xzilon treatment, if so do you think it was worth it? I know it has a five year tranferable warranty.
  • I just had the Mazda dealership install a Speed Cool Air Intake system to replace the standard intake box that gets it air from the hot air under the hood. The dealer said that since they were a certified "Speed" accessory installation dealer that the new car warranty would still be in effect as long as the car was not raced.

    In this connection, after installation and after the car gets to operating temperature a screaming squeal is now present from around the area near the throttle body. The dealership mechanics did not know why this noise develops nor where for certain the noise is coming from. One mechanic pinched off a rubber tube that plugged into the new cool air intake duct near the throttle body and the noise stopped until he let go of it. I thought possibly it was a leak from the rubber tubes connection so I clamped the tube on to the duct, but that did not fix the noise.

    The noise sounds like either the scream of an air leak or the cavitation scream of a pump that is vapor locked and is trying to pump air istead of a liquid. The dealership finally determined the noise was not harmful only because they were stumped.

    Has anyone else experanced the same thing after having this "speed" cool fresh air accessory installed to replace the stock intake box and filter holder.

    Also they could not tell me how to service the K&N type filter that is included with accessory because it appears it is impossible to get to the filter without taking off the front bumper shell as they did when it was installed.

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on the apparent installation problems that have developed. The dealership did admitt this is the first "Speed"cool fresh air intake they ever installed. Hopefully ther is a certified Mazda mechanic that reads this foru that will tell me what the dealership should look for or who to call for help........Please help
  • msrx8msrx8 Posts: 4
    I have the same whistle noise that you hear. Having a Family owned Mazda dealership I am able to find out many things. That whistle will be a noise that we will have to get use to. One of my master techs told me that the resonance chamber that was on the orginal air tube that was removed was used to kill the whistle sound. Plus if you would like to contact me via email I can give you information on any questions you have acessories or car related.
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