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Mazda RX-8 Owners FAQ



  • I am new here, and just browsing...but I have a strong opinion against driving in the snow...I live in VA right outside of DC, and I bought an RX8 manual last December... the second day I owned it the weather turned suddenly from rain to snow and froze over in less than 10 minutes. My husband and I will NEVER drive that car again in ANY inclimate weather...there was no control what so ever, we were 'sliding' backwards down a hill into on coming traffic...and that is just the half of it. we had to abandon the car and get someone to pick us up.

    DO NOT buy this car if you live and a wintry-area and dont have another alternative!! Luckily we have another car, and I love it for the summertime.

    I have never had to add oil, and always use premium - although who knows with the rising gas prices...i may put it up on bricks for it's bad mileage! :D
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You shouldn't blame the car. It comes with "summer performance" tires. As has been posted here and on other boards frequently, if you don't change these for winter driving, anything bad that happens is your own fault. The stock tires are dangerous even on bare pavement when it's cold. Use winter tires and the car is very capable, even on ice - we use Nokian WR "all season performance" tires in the spring, fall and winter. They are awsome!

    I'm Canadian. The Nokians are made by Fins. You have to know all season tires made by people who live in their or our climate have to be good on ice and snow!
  • pathstar1:
    my rx-8 has 225.45/18's on it.
    does nokian make a tire to fit?
    did you change the wheels?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    They don't make that size. We used 225.45/17 and AR 5 spoke aluminum replacement wheels (wheels cost about $100 each). That gave us more ice clearance in the wheel wells. You could use 235.40/18, which Nokian make. See for a list of sizes they make.

    Talk to a Nokian dealer for your options. The replacement wheels don't have the tire pressure monitors, but all that means is you will have a light on during the winter driving season.
  • 05140514 Posts: 1
    The Pirellis have really helped. The factory installed Bridgestone are great on dry hard pavement, but are like riding a sled on even the lightest snow. The Pirelli Snow Sport 240 works well on my rear-wheel drive RX8, and it works better when you turn off the Dynamic Stability Control in the car. The 50-50 weight distribution of the car with two 40 pond bags of kitty litter in the back allowed me to travel more than 550 miles in snow packed highways (Pennsylvania Turnpike and NJ Turnpike) last winter during the January storms. Hard braking on slushy snow is not bad, but nothing like a steady pace (I did pass many other cars) and gentle braking (this is highway braking, not your neighborhood braking at lower speeds).
    The Pirellis are significantly less costly than other brands, Maxda would do well to sell these tires as factory installed tires on the RX 8 which has a notorious reputation for winter driving capabilities. The wide profile may be a disadvantage, however the cost may be prohibitive if you also invest in thinner wheels- however this would disable the computer controlled Dynamic Stability Control.,
  • I've got 2 questions i could use yalls help on. I have a 2004 Mazda RX-8 and when i floor it it has a hesitation and takes a second to kick in. What can i do to prevent this. Also what can i do to take off the top speed limiter. Thanks
  • Picked up my 06 RX8 last month. Grand Touring package, Nav, you name it... I noticed rattles commming from the dash and in the head liner above the B piller. The rattles are loud and the dealer said it is normal for the car. They pulled out the dash and all the panels and put in foam to control the noise but didnt help much. Is any one else having this problem. also the door handle where the lock makes noise and moves when it gets hot outside. Please let me know.
  • rz22grz22g Posts: 1
    My sister-in-law has a 2005 Mazda RX8. Recently a warning light has come on. She described it as a 3/4 round circle with a line that starts inside the circle and extends out. She cannot find her manual and I have searched the internet with no results. Can anyone advise what this light is?
  • The symbol indicates that she has low tire pressure. If any of the tires drop below 32psi the light comes on check the tires pressure correct the one thats low the light will go off.
  • GET NEW TIRES!!! stock 18's on my Shinka are wonderful on dry roads!! Drove it a little 3 days after a snow storm, roads were pretty clear by then, and the traction control was on almost all the time. Horrible tires in the snow. I would encourage you to check snow tires or at least all seasons. Sam's Club can order snow tires about $60 cheaper (per tire!). If you go with all season tires, make sure you research them online BEFORE you buy them. Like cars, not all tires are created equal. Have found excellent reviews for Avon Tyres and Conti's AS
  • Don't skimp on the premium. The few dollars you will save per year will not compensate for the loss of HP... afterall if you were going to be frugal you should have gotten a Celica.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    My Avon, from have been awesome so far 18K. I drove the original equipment, but when the first snow traction issue scared the crap out of me and my wife, I went for the all seasons Avons.

    The all season Avon's have 90% of traction of the performance tires and 90% of the traction of the snow tires. They cost less than half as much, and the tread wear on the Avon all season is 360 vs 180 for the performance originals or the non-rated snow tires which simply melt away it seems.

    All seasons are very quiet compared to the performance, so on the highway at high speed, on good road, there's very little tire noise.
  • Anyone have experience with the Cooper (Zeons) All season tires for the RX8? I was hoping to get some input before getting replacements. I typically encounter minimal snow conditions (2-3 storms/yr usually 3-5" at a time).
  • longcatlongcat Posts: 1
    This is my first experience with a Mazda and I love my RX8! What a car! We got this one, '07 with 17,000 miles on it. The performance is great and it is a pleasure to drive. I had a little hard time getting used to the reverse.... noticed others have had that problem too. But it does shift like a dream once you are comfortable with the car. I have owned Jags, Alfa GTV, MG's and Eclipse (s) and we had considered buying an another Eclipse, but the 2009's just didn't have it. It has all the power that one could ever want and it is definitely a head turner.
    I use premium gas (why skimp?) I generally drive in city traffic and get around 19-20 mpg. I am not hard on the car, but I give it a run once in a while. :)
  • After a recent flat, I am driving on a doughnut until the new wheel gets in . The radio does not work and the ABS light is on. Are these two things connected?
  • rx8divarx8diva Posts: 2
    It is a high maintence car and it is rotary egine so you should def. use preium gas espcially with all the problems rx8's already have you don't want to bring another problem upon yourself cuz you are not using the right gas! High gas price was a concern of mine as well before I purchased but that is just a sacrafice you have to be willing to take to own a beautiful car! :shades:
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