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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Good news on the MPGs - it should get better with time as the motor breaks in.

    Kudos for checking the oil on a new car - most folks do not and for sure on the rotary you have to. Some non-rotary engines will use some oil during break in but so many folks never check the oil level "it is a new car, why should I?".

    As to the oil, anything other than synthetic - as long as the viscosity and SAE service match what the owner's manual calls for. Note: for the record I have never owned a rotary engine car :D

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    just remember...the rotary engine does not take pinging well. you might save a few dollars but your only one ping away from needed a new engine. Don't risk it.
  • tomatnavytomatnavy Posts: 27
    There are approximately 15 different gasoline formulations used in the US.They vary state to state and various times of the year[winter/summer]. In southern california I've been using 87 for about a year now.No pinging experienced ever.These different formulations may go along way to explain the differences drivers form different parts of the country experience with gas mileage.
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    Cars pretty much never ping anymore. The computers won't let them. If you want to reduce your horsepower and drivability to save a few cents, 87 octane is fine. But if that is a good compromise for you, why in the world would you want an RX-8?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I didnt want to start a debate on octane....but I can't think of a single directive in 20+ years in the biz that I have seen more than the one stating that premium unleaded must be used on the RX-8.....They send it over in big velocity red letters..

    I can't imagine why anyone would ignore such a strongly worded warning from a manufacturer....this isnt an Escort. I would guess they have a very good reason for making such strong statements..oh btw: Mazda does not own any gas stations, lol ;)
  • grantlugrantlu Posts: 12
    Finally got a gray 05 RX8 lease at Rick Case. Price was $23,500 for a base model. For a 42 month lease, the payments are $393 plus 7% tax for a total of $421. $500 due at signing which includes the first payment. The lease is through Chase: money factor of 0.0024 and acquisition fee of $795 which is rolled into the lease payment. They did tack on a dealer service fee of $499 but I did get the 6 CD changer for free.

    Residual is $11895 which is low and of course, this makes lease payments higher. On the other hand, as I see it, whether you buy or lease, you end up paying for the high depreciation of the RX8. If the depreciation is as bad as expected, trade in on a purchased car will be low. If depreciation is not as bad as expected, I can always buy the car at the end of the lease for the residual.

    Mazda Finance money factor was high (0.0032) although residual was higher and acquisition fee was lower. On balance, the monthly payments thru Mazda would have been higher.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    are you happy with that deal? Even if you had bought and financed it, your payment at 6.25% (my Mazda rate) for 72 months would have been about $393 a month - no money down other than paying TTL. I bought an 04 with a price of $30,300 for $21,500 at a monthly payment of $357.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    enjoy your new RX-8!!! You will love it!
  • vroom7vroom7 Posts: 5
    Could you tell me which dealer you got your 2004 RX-8 at? Thanks
    The deal I am getting on a new 2004 Silver
    Invoice: $27891
    Selling Price: $22500

    6-spd, Sports Package, Appearence Package

    Is it a good deal (financing at 5.7%)?
  • grantlugrantlu Posts: 12
    To lhess:
    I am fully satisfied with the deal that I got, since I contacted all five major dealers in the Atlanta area and generally, nobody seems to be selling the base car below $23,500 (invoice of course is about $24000). The only way that I see to get a lower payment would be to wait for lower interest rates or other incentive from Mazda. As far as financing vs lease, it should arguably work out the same. It's roughly the same payment for a 3.5 year lease and a 6 year loan. After a 3.5 year lease, you own nothing. But after paying on a loan for 3.5 year, you probably also own nothing (say you sold the car and paid off the loan at that point). It's just that I feel more comfortable with leases; I've leased my last 7 cars without any problems: never went over mileage and never owed any wear and tear on the car.

    To vroom7:
    I got my 2005 car at Rick Case Mazda in Duluth, GA. I hadn't seen any 2004 RX8s in Atlanta although I hadn't specifically been looking. Therefore, I don't have any comparison for 2004 cars, although the deal you're describing sounds reasonable given what others have said about a $4000 dealer "close out incentive" for 04 models.

    Other comment: although we complain about the poor residual on RX8s, I didn't find any lower monthly payments when shopping for a Mustang coupe V6 or a Nissan 350Z (anything with auto). I was quoted about $425 per month for these.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    Raines Imports in Charleston, WV. That's doesn't seem like a bad deal and you're getting a better rate than I did. My invoice was $27,846 - mine did not have the appearance package, but it did have the navigation. I had some equity in my trade to the tune of $2,500 so you're selling price is lower than mine. I financed 21,4?? and paid my TTL out of pocket. Sounds good - if you like the car and are comfortable with the payment, go for it!! PS You have checked the insurance? Mine is about 1200 per yr here in WV.

    I should apologize to grantlu - i'm not the car-dealing guru, but I looked at leasing an 05, buying a used 04 and buying a new 04. The lease numbers were just not pretty on this car and I really don't like worrying about mileage every time you wantonly drive the car. And, you will want to wantonly drive this car. As audio8q said, you'll love it!!
  • vroom7vroom7 Posts: 5
    What color did you get?

    Shout to all;
    Just to get a general idea, what colors do people like? My choice is between Silver, Green, Red and (maybe) Black.

    At this point I am so confused I feel I need a vacation!
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    LIGHTNING YELLOW!! Actually, the color led me to buying a leftover 04. Not making yellow for 05, very few used yellows available out there and most seemed to be autos, and my mazda dealer had one leftover yellow on the lot that met my specs (really nothing beyond wanting a 6 spd and anything else on it was ok). A fellow poster did advice me not to buy one without the Sport package because it gives the stability control, the xenons, and some nice little extras. Mine has the Sport and I would advise going for that. My too-tall boyfriend knocked me out of a sunroof - it takes too much headroom to put it in and he didn't fit with one. I was gonna cut his head off, but was told that wasn't very nice (not to mention blood on my cloth seats, not leather!!) haha
    I test drove a silver and think that is very sharp in the brochure photos. Red would have been my choice had i started looking at 05's - love that metallic shine in the red, but I traded a red car that I'd had for 4 years. I admire black but do not want to maintain one. I owned a black car for 9 months and that was enough for me. I'm not a big green fan, but when i was shopping for my 8 there were certain times and in certain lights, that I had to look at the sticker to see if some of the cars were nordic green or black - almost impossible to see. I think the white ones look pretty good too.

    Good luck!!
  • grantlugrantlu Posts: 12
    My wife wanted Titanium gray (or possibly blue); both seemed less common on the dealer lots, especially compared to white or silver. Personally, I would have gone for white and saved a couple thousand dollars by buying the car that had a teaser rate on it at another dealership.

    As a general comment, it seems to me that color is a more important factor to women than it is to men
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Well... good, bad or otherwise, I made my purchase and it wasn't an RX-8. As much as I love the car and was looking forward to a change, it isn't the right car for me at this point in time. I worked out a great deal on a new 2004 that had everything I wanted on it, but I needed a car that would be able to comfortably haul my wife and children around too. Coming out of a DeVille, we just felt too tight in the 8. Even though the RX-8 would be a second car, I need something bigger. I ended up with a new Avalon. By the time the Avalon is paid for, the kids will be heading off to college and it will be only my wife and I at home (if she stays with me that long ... hee, hee). Maybe I'll get my RX-8 then! In the meantime, I'll have to "live" through all you proud 8 owners and your experiences with the car! Enjoy and keep the posts coming. My time will come!
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and with all in-town driving, i got a little over 16 mpg. I can live with that. Also, need to add oil to it now. My gas mileage and the oil usage are not as bad as i had expected. Folks made it sound like you had to have a petroleum IV hooked up to keep oil in it!!
    I have added a spoiler to mine and just this past week i ordered the front and rear rotary accents along with the 6 disc changer. That's about all the accessories i'm interested in for it. I do like the fender strakes but think the price is way too high. As of tomorrow, I've had it one month!!
  • Cappy, or anyone. Where in the countryare there still 2004 RX-8s for 5000 off invoice or 8000 off MSRP? They dont seem to have any 2004s here in Oregon at all. I am willing to drive one back from California or to have one shipped to oregon from wherever if I can find one. Thanks
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    I'm in central New York. The deal that I struck but didn't take
    advantage of was $4,500 below invoice on a new red 2004 GT. That was at
    Paolozzi Car World in Marcy, NY (about 45 minutes from Syracuse). They had three or four other new RX-8's to pick from. Also, try checking for a new RX-8 at Dealers have been listing new 2004 RX-8's there too! Good luck!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Mazda removed the 04s from the inventory search, which really cripples the ability to find them. Someone in SoCal said a while back they had trouble finding many 04s as well. I guess it all depends on where you live.

    I would use the Mazda dealer locator and start hunting dealers and call/visit their web site to see what they have in stock. If they have an 04 that is suitable, then see if they are ready to deal on it.

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