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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I went to and put in ZIP code 02113 (should be somewhere in the Boston area) and the no haggle price price comes up $500 OVER invoice, which is about $1,600 under MSRP for an AT car with sports pack. That would be a good place to start. There MAY be a dealer doc fee on top of that, but other than taxes, tags, and license that should be it.

    You can also put in the ZIP code of other areas close enough to drive, since $500 over invoice is a little high. Around me, the no haggle price is invoice or $100 under, but I paid $500 under last month (negotiating on my own).

    Don't forget that there is a $1,000 Mazda credit incentive if you finance with MAC and a $2,000 incentive if you lease with MAC. So the $500 over invoice price turns into $500 or $1,500 UNDER invoice. The MAC lease is an attractive rate (2.x%) but the MAC loan may be a little higher than you can get from your bank or credit union - but you can always take the $1k and the MAC loan and refinance at a lower rate ;)

  • shabzshabz Posts: 2
    bought an 04 rx-8 6MT titanium grey about 5 months ago, but new to the forum. Its got the sports package, bose audio, navigation, and moonroof and got the final price to $23,400. Bought it from Irwin Mazda in Freehold, NJ.
    I was about to buy a similar one in philadelphia, from PACIFICO MAZDA where i had a unique buying experience.
    When i first came in to see the car the price they gave me was about $500 more than the initial internet price i received which got me into their dealership to begin with. Frustrating, a little dishonest, but expected. Then they gave me this nonsense that they actually received the car from another dealer and paid that other dealer $1000 over invoice to get the car because they thought the car would sell quickly so if they gave me a price under invoice they'd be losing money. I just left and immediately got a phone call the next morning saying they'd give it to me for $4000 under invoice "after a long discussion with the owner of the dealership" (yeah, ok)
    Then when i came in to finalize everything they told me they could only give me the financing and interest rate for a used car, cause the car was technically "used". I said well if its used then adjust the price im paying to reflect that, they said they couldnt do that because it was actually still new. What a run around, not worth my time and a horrible dealership in terms of ownership, management and salesmenship. If anyone wants to know what dealership not to go to in the northeast......its PACIFICO MAZDA in PHILADELPHIA.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    OK, I guess my dealer visiting protocal needs an update. My Saturn dealership experience is to blame. Ultimately I thought it was never smart to make the offer to buy at any price before the dealers first offer since the dealers hold all the cards on special discounts and hold backs.

    I thought if I was willing to sit and wait patiently, the dealer would eventually see I was serious and begin making offers that would knock my socks off.

    But if I begin to low ball, say $5000 under invoice, will the dealers get mad? Some folks here on Edmunds seem to have recieved such huge deals so starting at an outrageously low price and working up would seem OK.

    Thanks for your advice though. I knew I was doing something wrong.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep, I can get a price, Edmunds gives a $500 over invoice price when I punch in my 02136 zip. I was thinking about the really big deals that some folks have been posting about where, 05 close out time pushes the price well below invoice.

    Here's my reasoning:

    1) Gas prices are high so RX 8 looses points there.

    2) GM's, Ford and Chrysler are killing with the employee discounts.

    3) RX 8 sells have been lower than expected.

    4) 05 model has some problems with recalls and complaints, flood stall, weak battery, overheating, oil usage.

    I can't see how Mazda RX 8's aren't being used as a loss leader by dealers just to get folks into the show rooms. It's almost like they are waiting for something else to happen in the market before they really start to sell.

    This same thing happen in 1987. The RX 7 had just been through a huge design upgrade and sells were lagging. They started selling a stripped down RX 7 for $11,999 and Mazda pushed that price everywhere, TV, Newspaper, radio. Why can't Mazda do this again? Why wouldn't they?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    You can make whatever offer you want, but if your offer is waaay off the reservation, you may lose some of that credibility you mentioned you were trying to build. As for the dealer getting mad, you can't control their temperment / reaction so don't worry about it. If they are professional, they will simply decline without freaking out or anything.

    Also, you may want to take some of the deals you hear about on the internet with a grain of salt...sometimes people tend to exaggerate their deals on a forum by leaving out info about getting hosed on their trade, huge doc fees...things of that nature. Just like a previous poster found, who was drawn BACK into a shady dealership with a very low $$ figure, if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

    BTW, Edmunds quotes do seem (to me) to be a bit high and I doubt how up-to-date they are on thier incentive info sometimes so feel free to offer less than Edmunds suggests.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I just went through CarsDirect using my zip code 02136. Also tried 02113 from above. CarsDirect basically declines to give a matching dealer. Also tried,, no luck on getting any Internet bid form ANY Mazda dealerships.

    Is there any place in the New England area where an Internet based negotiation process can actually be accomplished? I'll drive 150 miles no problem to pickup an Black RX AT with the Sports Pakg. It just seems nuts that in todays market, Mazda Dealerships would be able to stone wall the Internet and force a completely local on site negotiations process.

    Any body want to toss me a zip code that works with any Mazada dealership in New England. Thanks much.
  • Try 01104 in Springfield, MA. You should get a dealer in West Spfld, Pittsfield and maybe in Brattleboro, VT. Inventory is not great though. Try a southeast Ma zip code. That will get you RI too.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Just submitted from your 01104 zip on CarsDirect and Edmunds. A Springfield Dealer did show up. Thanks.
  • pathospathos Posts: 5
    How did you manage to get 6K under invoice? (assuming you got a touring with nav). Because that's amazing.

    Of note, most of these uber-deals seem to be from the east coast, or the south. Not the west coast. They are pretty popular out here in california...

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    They said it was a sports pack w/NAV - and it was a left over 04. Mazda the dealers $4,000 (some say $4,500) to help them get rid of them. So if the dealer dips into the hold back (and some do) then $4,500 to $5,000 under invoice was possible. They also said something about the car not being new, in which case all bets are off price-wise.

  • pathospathos Posts: 5
    823 of 831 re: new to the forum by shabz Jul 27, 2005 (9:08 pm)
    Reply | E-mail Msg

    bought an 04 rx-8 6MT titanium grey about 5 months ago, but new to the forum. Its got the sports package, bose audio, navigation, and moonroof and got the final price to $23,400. Bought it from Irwin Mazda in Freehold, NJ.

    It looks like it has bose and a moonroof, along with a sport package - so it sounds like a touring package.
    even if it was just a sport pkg and nav - 4 to 4.5 k under invoice would have been nice. I'm about to lease a 2005 sport/6cd/rotary/net for 2.5K under invoice. thought about the touring pkg, but i need the headroom and the homelink blocks the already limited outward visibility.

    I'm happy :) to get such a deal, but surprised :surprise: that more people don't want this car - and they have to use incentives to get it off their lots. sad. :(
    i love this car. :shades:

  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Well folks, NO LUCK. Of course asking for luck in a card deal is probably a red flag for a SUCKER.

    In my online search three dealers actually responded with $2500 off from the start, but they quoted from Grand Touring Pkg 30K with the Moon roof which as a 6'1" driver those lost 2 inches are really huge. But at the very least these online folks were honest about what they had to sell.

    One dealer from Welsey, called with a very relaxed manner, telling me, getting the RX 8 AT with Sport Pkg. would require waiting until the 2006 models, some 4 months in the future.

    Then today my local dealer called saying he had one. I packed up the wife and son and off we went. Then UGH!. The sales guy said there was a mixup and the Black RX we wanted was miss identified in their inventory as a Sports Pkg. rather than a Grand Touring. So we're talking a $5000 mistake in their inventory or the sales manager and salesman were pulling classic bait and switch. Which was it? My wife is a financial person. She knows what it was.

    As a family unit we were having fun so we played along and test drove a Grey one with a Sport Pkg, just to prove to ourselves that the head room was really important, along with the $5000 savings. Headroom is great without the Moonroof. BTW, the cloth seats compared to the leather seats, I'd go cloth for looks AND comfort.

    One question for everyone on the RX 8 Airbag. The sales guy says the front seat has a sensor that switches off the Airbag for small people. Grandmothers and Children. Is this true? The 2004 RX 8 did not have this feature according to Consumer reports.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    From what I just heard, you -may- want to wait for the 2006 model. I've heard the automatics will use the new Miata 6 speed automatic. Should make the car a little faster. ;) Being a new model, I'm sure you'd have to pay list, though. :(

    If you're after a manual, I haven't heard of anything groundbreakingly new for it (yet).
  • shabzshabz Posts: 2
    sorry guys, in the excitement to complain about that other dealership
    forgot to mention that i got 1200 for a trade was a chrysler sebring, about 160K miles on it, and basically the crap beaten out of it......first car I ever owned.
  • csabacsaba Posts: 1
    I have just bought my RX-8. She is a Titanium Gray with GT package MT/6 2005 model. I got $700 under invoice, which was $28652. I also had a $500 rebate, so I had my car for $28100. The dealer was excellent. I did not need to haggle at all. The dealership was Freeman Mazda, Irving, TX. Good luck!

  • andimalandimal Posts: 1
    Found dealer here over the Internet in Melbourne willing to sell at invoice. Reviewing the financing, an additional $2000 cash from Mazda was available. Silver 2005 RX-8 Manual with Sport Package at $26,500, so call it $24,500. Got $10,000 for my trade-in (it was already paid off). Downside, the sales manager ( or someone ) kept trying to change the numbers in the deal...3 hours later it went down as initially negotiated. Wadda' pain...but, I'm happy in the end. I've used auto brokers and worked with fleet managers in the past, never had this kind of difficulty.

    Always bring a calculator and review all the numbers before you sign the can always leave, eh.

    - A.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    If that was the Mazda-Kia dealership in Melbourne,Florida.... I know exactly what you mean.A friend of mine wanted to purchase aTribute and ended up getting a Ford Escape because of the old figure switching.
  • nikkonikko Posts: 3
    I was checking out the '05 RX8. The Shinka is very nice. I also saw a used '04 on the lot. Grand Touring package w/ navagation / 7,400 miles / excellent condition. They had it listed for $25k. What do you guys thing about the price? Blue book lists it for $25,500.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    With discount and rebates my 05 8 w/GT and NAV was under $29k - and that is for a new, 0 mile car.

    $25k sounds too high to me for a used car. lhess posted a while back where there are/were 3 new 04s w/GT and NAV that could be had for $4k or so under invoice - that would put you around $26k (if they still have them).

  • bigd5bigd5 Posts: 3
    Anyone that can help,

    I'm very interested in buying a 2005 RX-8.... how far under invoice are dealers going in your areas... Please list area and bottom line price for vehicle before factory discounts. I live in Pittsburgh, PA area and have been given invoice +200(costco pricing).

    Thanks in advance,

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