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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mfentonmfenton Posts: 9
    After waiting for months I finally picked up my 2006 RX-8 AT GT today. Leased it from Galpin Motors in Valencia, CA. Phantom Blue w/ Black Leather. Been waiting for the AT's since driving a stick in Los Angeles is a nightmare. Paying 370.00/month 36 month lease
  • acg1acg1 Posts: 1
    just picked a used mazda RX-8 2004 Manual with all options except navigation and 6 cd changer( though it has the BOSE)
    for $18800 with 11700 miles . I thought it was a great deal. After seeing what others are paying for a new one, i dont know if it is a great deal anymore. Guys with recent buying experience, did i do ok?
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    I'd say you probably saved 5 or 6 grand over a new one, so not too bad i guess. Got my 05 GT AT back in Feb for 24,200.
  • late8late8 Posts: 7
    Bought a '06 RX-8 6mt Black w/ Sport/Spoiler/Splash guards $28,214 OTD in Antioch CA.
  • max_max_ Posts: 1
    I've been looking for an RX-8 for some time now. Most dealers are quoting $200 to $300 over invoice for a 2006 MT (any trim) and will quickly go to invoice -- AFTER the current $1000 cash back and $500 financing incentive.

    This seems to be more or less what people here seem to pay give or take over the years, but can anyone post recent buying experiences? I am in So. Cal.

  • acg1...sounds like a good price to me....I am selling my silver RX8 GT automatic with black/red leather, rotary pkg, RX8 piano black b pillars and winter tires for $19,000 and I have 35,000 miles on it so I'd say you got a decent deal!
  • I am looking at a used 2005 RX-8 MT with 3800 miles and no options. Silver with black interior. Garaged. Bought 2/06 from dealer. The seller is asking $19K obo.

    Is this a good deal?
  • heenoheeno Posts: 7
    As a owner of 93 I'm considering a new 2006 RX8, 6 speed. Anything I should know about t his car, any packages or options I should consider or stay away from. Thanks!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Have you test driven one? As a fellow owner of a 93 RX-7 I think you may not be happy with the power delivery. It's like waiting for boost to come on in your RX-7. Test drive one before you get too serious. The RX-8 is fast, it's just sneaky how it gets there without slamming you into the seat. You'll love the transmission, you'll love the rev. band. You can choose between 3-4 gears at most speeds. You'll love the room inside - passengers - it can carry passengers! And lots of luggage! It handles at least as well as a well set up 3rd gen. too. If you are tall (upper body) stay away from the sunroof - you loose an inch of head room. Other than that, I haven't seen any "issues" with the different packages.

    Be aware it comes with "summer" tires. If you plan to drive it in cold climates with ice and snow, you will need appropriate tires. You can get nice aluminum wheels and winter tires for about $300 per corner - we chose AR wheels and Nokian WR tires. They work great in rain,ice, and snow.

    Those are the only things I know of to watch out for.
  • mcusmcmcusmc Posts: 7
    We ordered our Winning Blue GT w/Nav 2006 RX-8 AT on April 8, and it finally went into production the week of June 9. It should be at the dealers on August 8. We had been wanting to special order a 2006 since last August. One whole year, we certainly hope it will be worth it! Well, now we are going to get hit with the new 7% state sales tax that NJ just increased by 1%. That adds $320 or so to the price. I am not happy about this. We have never had to go thru so much trouble to buy anything. Anyone else waiting so long for a 2006 AT? I'll keep in touch.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Wow. Waiting that long to experience your RX-8 AT is amazing. To maximize the experience then, I recommend planning a whole series of weekend driving trips. The RX-8 AT is a fantastic highway cruising vehicle. Of course, Winning Blue is going to make an easy target for the HP. I've also found that running through rural highway systems at 60MPH or below in full AT is really nice and relaxing too. You Sun roof will be really nice on a tree lined country lane. And you can't get lost either, bonus.

    You're gonna love your RX-AT.
  • edinnpbfledinnpbfl Posts: 4
    I am about to buy a 2005 RX-8. I am deciding between two cars. I think I am getting a great price. One has 19,800 miles and lists for $19,999. The other has just 3,775 miles, but it was just traded and say that can probably give it to me for about $1,000 more. I have a big concern from what I have read about the car needing premium gasoline. Is this true? If so, it will definately give me 2nd thoughts about buying an RX-8. Thanks!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    The RX-8 will run 87 octane, it's just not recommended, because of the lower performance and because of the slightly higher risk of preignition. But if Premium gas concerns you enough to not buy the car, then you'll probably really dislike the gas millage no matter what type gas you run. If you're driving in lots of city traffic, you millage is going to be less than 14 MPG. Strictly highway is 23-25MPG.
  • jmoneyjmoney Posts: 25
    I just picked up my Velocity Red, 6 speed RX8 from Faulkner Mazda in Northeast Philadelphia Today. Orinigal msrp - $30,865. Includes Touring pkg, alarm sensor upgrade and spare tire kit.

    Dealer had dropped it to $24,500. I paid $23,500. The car is truly new with 78 miles on it. I have to say that this is the best 23 grand I spent on anything. As a three time Porsche Boxster owner, the RX is more fun, better built, handles as good if not better and faster than the pre 01 boxsters. You gotta love a car that is at its best over 5,000 rpm's!

    I guess my question is, did I get a decent deal? I know that I got what is in reality a two year old car with the 07's right around the corner, but the differences of the 05's versus the 06 six speeds is neglegeable.

    If anyone is interested, they have one more '05, RX8 on the lot. Exasctly the same as mine with the exception being the Bose 6 disc, in dash cd changer as opposed to my single.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I too bought a leftover - just different years. 04 left on the lot and I got it in March 05. I got almost the exact deal as you. Car stickered somewhere around $30???, dealer priced it at $27???, minus rebates for financing with Mazda, and minus $2K in equity on my trade. Financed $21,???.

    I felt great about my deal and still do. I still love this car after a year and a half. When I go car shopping, I put the worry of depreciation completely out of my head. Let's face it, the average daily driver that most of us can afford is NEVER an investment, they always depreciate and always will. I buy what I can comfortably afford and enjoy. I usually trade in the 3 - 4 year range and I feel I'll be OK on equity with this car at that point.

    Enjoy your car!!
  • jmoney,
    Yes, seems like you got a good deal. Before I decided against the RX-8 due to gas consumption and carbon buildup in the engine, I was looking at a 2005 Charcoal Grey RX-8 with 20,000 miles for $19,999. Right next to it was a red RX-8 with only 3700 miles on it. It was just traded in on a Vette, wasn't cleaned, and didn't even have a price yet. They were going to sell it to me for $20,999. I was so close to buying this car, but glad that I didn't since I got laid off from work right afterwards. Good luck and hope you enjoy it.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. It's always good to get additional feedback, especially if it re-affirms my original thoughts!

    I've had the car for 10 days and I really love it. Hoping to take an autumn road trip to New England with my wife and the RX. That should definitely bring out the best in this car!
  • From what I've read in this forum it sounds like it's possible to get an 06 for around invoice.. How are the 07's pricing at??

    And can someone recommend a dealer in the socal area? What do people think of Galpin Mazda in Van Nuys??
  • Anyone have any suggestions on where to buy a new 06 or 07 RX-8. I live in fairfield ca, right in between San Fran and Sac so either location would be ok to buy from.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I had my car serviced at Long Beach Mazda on Cherry Ave and they seemed pretty knowledgeable and customer orientated but I bought on the East Coast last year so cant speak to their sales practices.
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