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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rorerore Posts: 13
    That was Annapolis, MD‎ with USAA pricing.
  • calc1calc1 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Just picked up a 2010 Nissan Frontier SE Crew Cab (2WD, Shortbed). What a great truck at a good price.

    Sale price $23,786.00

    Rebate -$2,500.00


    21286 + Tax, Tag and $500 dealer fee.

    Bill Ray Nissan in Longwood, FL. Negotiated the price over the internet.
  • Proud new owner of a 2010 Frontier LE CC 4x4 Red Brick w/ beige leather. Got LE value package, Moonroof, Tow package, and mats. MSRP $32,815. Used the internet department of a NY dealer (Baron Nissan) and got an email quote of $30,570 before a $2,000 manufacturer's rebate. So the net cost of the truck was 28,570 +TTL. Dealer wouldnt budge below that price so I just went with it since it seemed like a fair deal judging by other posts in this thread.

    Relatively easy buying experience using the internet department. Never used one before.
  • smanetsmanet Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2010 Frontier 2WD CrewCab SE ShortBed. This is my first new car in 15 years, so i was really hoping that I do ok on the price without too much if a hassle. Hopefully I did ok. This is in Houston TX.

    Paid $22746.00 OTD (out the door), no trade in. What do you guys think of the price?

    Hope this helps someone.
  • forks2forks2 Posts: 15
    Just picked up my new truck today. Details are below:

    - Atlanta
    - 4x4 LE (crew cab)
    - Super Black
    - LE Value Truck Package
    - Moon roof
    - iPod
    - Tow Hitch (free throw in)
    - Truck bed extender (free throw in)

    MSRP - $32,745; sell price - $27,981 (plus got the tow hitch and bed extender). Tax and tags were not included in that price. Is that similar to what you paid?
  • cob2cob2 Posts: 9
    Using Car's Direct price of $23,335 I got a local dealer to agree to $200 less. I bought the truck for $23,135. The truck came with the SE value package, auto, crew cab, the price is after $2K rebate, only additional cost was for tax & lic. I bought the truck from Folsom Nissan (CA), but I recommend staying away from them. A couple other local dealers wouldn't even match the Car's Direct price let alone go lower. The bay area dealers were matching the price, but they are a two hour drive away. Given the problems I had at the Folsom dealership I would have rather paid $200 more and bought the truck at Cars Direct. Then again I suppose most dealerships are con artists and I could have had similar problems. I suppose con artist is strong wording, but it seems appropriate given my experience with cars sales/finance. I had a problem with the dealer’s promises that were not fulfilled. It’s funny how everything is no problem until the paperwork comes. I was supposed to have a loan at my credit union and somehow ended up at a well known bank. Okay, it’s my fault, but the dealer told me this is the way the loan is processed and that we would be going through the credit union. The rate quoted (4.65) is the maximum possible rate and would likely be lower with payroll deduction – so they said. More song and dance…we are direct with the credit union, don’t worry. My clue was when they said don’t worry. More song and dance...the rate quoted was only 1% higher that the credit union, but the point is it is not the credit union as promised/I wanted. I should have known better. The dealer must have made some money off the loan. I told the bank I wasn't happy with them for doing business like this. I filed a complaint with Nissan USA and basically told them it is a shame the way dealers lie and deceive customers. I will write a letter to the bank as well. This is why cars salesmen/finance have such a bad name.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    Sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory financing experience at the Nissan dealership. In comparison, I had a rather pleasant one when I purchased my 2010 LE CC 4x4. The price of the truck was great, the trade-in allowance was quite generous and the finance rate (at the time was OK). About a month after purchase, I saw an advertisement for auto loans at 3.99% which was about 2 percent lower than I got. I checked BoA and was able to refinance my loan at that rate and will save over 1,200.00 during the loan term. I have sterling credit and will proabably pay the truck off early. I paid no fees although I was out the first month's payment due to switching banks. Still, a wise move and you may want to consider refinancing if you can get a better rate.

    Regardless of the outcome, you are sure to enjoy your new Frontier. I've had mine for nearly 10 months and have nothing but praise for the truck. It's not perfect, but a very good value with lots of nice features that the Tacoma doesn't offer.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • cob2cob2 Posts: 9
    Good news, I called the dealer (Folsom Nissan) and talked to the finance manager and he apologized for any misunderstanding and promised fixed everything. My wife and I are going back today to sign new papers... I am so relieved to find that the dealer is responsive and interested in correcting issues. I am so relieved, I was looking for a different dealer for service and I don't think that is necessary now.
  • With the $2,000 cash and $750 holiday cash (in Oregon anyways), plus dealer discounts, 2010 Frontier's are very attractive. I'm just about ready to pull the trigger. Here is the advertised deal on their website:

    2010 Nissan Frontier Crew SE 4x4
    MSRP: $28,220
    Special Price: $22,240

    If you price through overstock (, again in the NW area, most price out around $5500 off MSRP. Any other recent purchases in that ballpark? Good shopping to you.
  • jw_kyjw_ky Posts: 3
    just took delivery on 2010 Frontier LE CC 4x4 SWB w/value pkg, mats: silver/gray leather.
    Used figures to negotiate from TrueCardotcom, however, worked out deal over phone. Paid cash $26,438 (inc.$2750 customer cash) plus TTL: that's $5337 off MSRP & $3,014 below invoice and $596 over the dealer's cost.
    Dealer had to get truck from another dealer 300 mi. away, installed receiver hitch & harness, & transferred cap from trade-in AND they delivered it to my house.
    MSRP $31,775 , Invoice $29,452, Dealer Cost $25,942

    Traded 2005 Frontier SE CC 4x4 SWB, 53K mi. (had rip in rear fender and a few scratches)
    dealer gave me $13,000: I think they were generous, (was expecting $10,000)

    The down side of this deal was the treatment I got after I gave them the check. Is it normal these days to only get 1 key? The truck looked like it was washed by a 10 yr. old. Got no explanation of operation, maintenance, break-in, etc. Will go back to dealer tomorrow (120 mi.) to get the hood and window deflectors they were suppose to install before delivery AND to return the delivery paper work they forgot to take out, and to get another key. If they want me to pay for the key, I'm going to the dealer down the road to buy it :shades: .
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    edited January 2011
    Contrats on your 2010 LE. I have the exact same truck (all options including moonroof & LE value pkg, same color) which I purchased in October, 2009. The sticker inside the front door has a build date of 9/09 so my truck was brand new and one of the first 2010's built. Even though I paid a bit more, I've had my truck for 14 months and no issues at all. I only have 7.5K miles so the truck will last for many years to come. You might want to reference that sticker to see when your truck was manufactured.

    Sounds like your dealer didn't do much prepping before delivering your truck to you. BTW, my truck came with two keys and remotes so you are owed another key/remote from the dealer. I believe the owners manual states two keys/remotes depending on the model and the LE does qualify.

    Good luck with your new Frontier.

    M. J. McCloskey
  • jw_kyjw_ky Posts: 3
    Hey! Thanks for the reply, appreciate the heads up on the keys and key fob.
    Sounds like you did well on your deal. Since the 2011 models are out, one would expect to get a better deal. Love the Nissan Frontier...nicely built, powerful and good looking too. Had my 2005 model since 2006, and had no problems, 'cept I really beat it up, lol.
    Enjoy the road and the off-road.
  • The owners manual (pg 3-2) clearly states two (2) keys w/transponder are supplied with each vehicle. The LE has keyless remote entry which allows locking/unlocking via the remote(s). I'd contact the dealer and let them know you only got one key/remote and you'd appreciate the 2nd key/remote since you paid for them. There is also a key number plate which allows keys to be made in the event you lose both keys.

    I agree - the Frontier is a very handsome looking truck and the overall build quality is very good. No squeaks or rattles and the power is good to have plus it handles nicely for a truck. My sister recently purchased a 2011 Tacoma SR5 crew cab which is nice but I don't really care for the styling and you can't get a moonroof or leather seats with it. She is happy with her truck and I with mine.

    Happy & safe motoring -

    M.J. McCloskey
  • jw_kyjw_ky Posts: 3
    Got back from dealer ....don't think I'll be doing any more business with them....GGGGRRRRR! They managed to waste my whole day. 3.5 hrs travel & 4.5 hrs. waiting. However, I was able to get my 2nd set of keys w/key fob. After I insisted on going over the salesman's head, the extra set mysteriously appeared. Not quite sure why it took so long to go thru the truck and give it the cleaning it should have gotten. Unfortunately, they still managed to leave the windows dirty, and they did a poor job of drying the water off it.
    Learned a lot of lessons with deal, lol. :shades:
  • Just picked up new 2011 Nissan Frontier C/C SV w/4WD & premium package w/ floor mats & VIN etch (didn't want but they threw in) + full tank gas (today that's worth something).
    Selling Price--$22,693.49
    Plus TTL & doc fee ($156.08-ILL)
    Black ext & steel interior
    M'Lady, Crystal Lake, ILL/Robert was sales person.
    Easiest transaction in 40 years!!
  • vrmvrm Posts: 303
    edited June 2011
    When will Nissan redesign the Frontier?
    Nissan has been very quiet and has not released any information about the 2012 model.

    Will the 2012 model be a complete redesign?
    Any info, feedback or rumors would be be helpful. Thanks!
  • rttimrttim Posts: 1
    On 7/16 we purchased a new Frontier crew cab 4x4 SL - moved over from my Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab That I've owned for 10 years.

    So far we are very pleased with the vehicle. It has all the features and capabilities we were looking for and more.

    I also can't say enough about our experience with Wilsonville Nissan - everyone there was extremely courteous and they took excellent care us us. I've never liked auto shopping (ranks right up there with getting a tooth pulled) and this was truly the most pleasant and hassle free experience in purchasing a vehicle that we've ever had. Tim Wright in particular did a great job as our sales person in helping us purchase our new truck.
  • Purchased the new truck about 2 weeks ago on an ad special. 2011 Frontier King Cab, Auto, 4.0LV6, SV trim with SV Premium Utility Package. Also has bed extender, Class IV Tow Hitch Receiver, XM Radio, Bluetooth, 6 Disk CD changer, spray in bed liner, and Util-Track System. MSRP was $28,945.00. Dealer offered a discount of $4,650.00 and with the $3,000.00 Nissan rebate the final out the door price before title and registration was $21, 295.00. Best part of deal was no haggling over price. I was happy with the deal and very happy with the truck. Will be adding a new A.R.E. MX Series Truck top very soon and be driving the truck daily for work. Color is Super Black. Truck was purchased in the Portland, OR metro area.
  • boneltbonelt Posts: 1
    I'm loving this truck!

    MRSP 33,320
    Price paid 26,385

    Truck was purchased in SD.
  • kingrkingr Posts: 60
    I'm looking at a SV Crew 4x4 auto, SV Premium Utility Package and floor mats, MSRP $29,595, Dealer offering me a $1,800 discount plus $3,000 rebate, My question is how much of a discount should I realistically expect to get before rebate, Looking at the previous couple posts some are getting near $4,000 discount plus rebate.
    I am in upstate NY

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