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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    I purchased the truck at Turner Nissan in Sacramento Ca.
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    Thats a little to far for me but I did find a dealership in N.C. that offered the matching $1000. I contacted the dealership and it was as I had expected...the matching $1000 was coming off the amount they would have discounted anyways when dealing at invoice pricing. A good thing came out of this though. The N.C. dealership did offer me a truck at $300.00 under invoice and I got my local dealer to match it so I'm buying a LE CC with the Rockford Fosgate package and a sunroof that stickers for $26,220 for $23,129 after rebate. I'm very happy with this deal. Thanks to everyone for all your info!
  • frechfrech Posts: 1
    I live in Spokane, Wa. We have 3dealers that sell Nissan Frontiers. Two in Spokane and one in Post Falls Idaho 22miles away. I sent E-mails to all three about a new Frontier, only Midway Nissan, in Post falls Idaho showed any real interest in helping me. I then sent a e-mail that I was interested in a Frontier, at dealer invoice and that I would apply the 1000.00 rebate to buy for 1000.00 under dealer invoice. They sent a e-mail back saying that would be fine and the deal was done. Went there test drove three trucks and bought a 2005 se 4x4 6sp. KK Bed liner and caps. floor mats and filter. 19,600.00 plus tax and license.Very professional. Sure was a lot different then the last time I bought a truck which was in 1993 a Mazda 2600 4x4. This was a much better experience. The deal was done before I left the house and could conentrate on test driving, I would try to buy this way again.
  • herbie17herbie17 Posts: 1
    with tow hitch, stripes, rack, floormats and microfilter. $24,150. This includes the $1000 rebate that I saved for the end of negotiations. I worked for weeks trying to get quotes from dealers in Tulsa, Little Rock, Springfield and other places and could get anything over the phone or email lower than 26,000. I then heard about Sams Club auto program and went to their website and plugged in my information. Within hours, I got an email from my local dealer telling me that the Sams program is for $100 over invoice. We started negotiating there.

    Great experience and I'm happy with my price. I would be interested to hear from those here if you think it was a good deal, I'm certainly pleased until convinced otherwise.

    Thanks to everybody here whose posts I read for months and months prior to actually buying my Frontier. Your advice and experience was invaluable.

  • hweaverhweaver Posts: 33
    My hubby is an active duty officer currently in Iraq till Dec; I want a good deal on a truck for him. He LOVED his 2003 Toyota Tundra w/ SR5 and TRD sport. But we had a lot of equidy and such, so we sold it and my odyssey to pay cash for my car. So we want a CHEAP payment.
    My mom saw an add in a Conway, Arkansas paper for Superior Nissan for $12,570 for an XE king cab with perfered pkg, floor mats, and bedliner with rails.
    The msrp is $18,200.
    - $3,500 dealer cash
    - $1,000 rebate
    - $1,000 if you trade a nissan in (I don't have)
    so for me it's $13,570 "26 at this price"
    So my mom goes to the dealer (I'm in NC near fort bragg), and it's the same salesman who sold her FIVE honda's!!! :)
    He said it's for
    8k off msrp for "any" titan...
    not a bad deal??
    I tried to e-mail several dealers here in NC, and one wrote back like I was dumb saying was it a "used 04' ".. Please, I'm not stupid.. ofcourse it's NOT!
    It's a NEW 05 not used, not a dealer, etc...
    This is a good deal...does ANYone know how I'd get a truck from Ark to NC??
    When people buy on e-bay and such, don't places ship for you for like $300??
    that way no miles are on it???
    I have 3 small kids ages 6,5 and 2.5 so I can't go get it...
    Any suggestions??
    And is this not a rockin' deal?? I think so...
    My hubby also likes the tacoma pre runner. but they are NOT bending well on price...even for a TFS customer...
  • Yes I can confirm the previous post about Nissan in Conway, Arkansas.

    I recently bought a King Cab SE with Power Package, Floor Mats and Bedliner for $17,090. I added a tow package for $450 and extended warranty for $995. My payment on a five year loan is $360.

    I asked them how they can sell this truck so cheap. They said that the only way they make money on the deal is if the buyer has a trade-in (which I did not). I did not trade in my 97 nissan truck since it had 208,000 miles on it :sick: . I figured I would just keep it and drive it some to keep the miles off my new one :shades: .
  • hweaverhweaver Posts: 33
    Ya, it is cheap. I passed on it though; just sit till Dec when my hubby returns, while we are moving back to Conway after he gets out, that is about 8-9 months and the drive back is about 950 miles. Plus it had 267 mi on a new truck. And if you take all the rebates that get it to $13,570 for an XE King Cab, then you have to finance w/ nissan motor corp; told the interest rate was 5.9% which is ok, too high really, and it was 8.44%! I nearly FELL OVER! Seems the finace co is trying to make some money back! So I'll wait, nearer to end of year they'll do rebates and apr's.. Plus we are looking at a tacoma too...not sure which.. Prob better if he drives them both and figures it out; kind of scary buying sight unsean.
    We'll my mom went to see it, said it was fine. I think the apr % is too high and I have PERFECT credit...
  • My interest rate was 6.4% and when I got the ext warranty it dropped it to 5.69%. Had the truck for a week now and I love it ;)

    Welcome back to Conway (when you get here)
  • Hi,

    I've been talking with a dealer about an SE 4X4 6spd, and his first offer is 2% above inv
    and then applying the 1000 cash back. However, because he has to "dealer trade" for
    the truck that I want, he is quoting 400-600 to truck it over from the other dealer. This seems like BS.


  • I was told the same thing by my dealer when they did not have exact color I wanted. You could call some other dealers and see if they have what you want. They will probably give you same deal as the original dealer (minus the 400-600).
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    Dealer in Bremerton, Washington will sell new Frontier for $500.00 under invoice , give you the $1000.00 rebate and get the Frontier you want in the area for $0. Also if we had enough owners or prospective buyers sending E-Mails to maybe we could get NISMO to offer a dual exhaust kit for V-6 Frontier.
  • mch59mch59 Posts: 2
    Turner is my local dealer also. have you had any problems with the service department? i'm asking because i'm choosing between the tacoma 4 cyl 5spd or the frontier 4 cyl 5 spd. i'm concerned about the quality of the local service departments for troubleshooting and support of the vehicle.
  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    I live about 70 miles from the dealership so I haven't had ongoing service from them. I have purchased two trucks from them my first being a 1990 SE King Cab V6 and now a 05 Frontier. I've had a couple minor issues with the new truck which have been corrected without a problem the same with older truck when it was new. I had some service completed by Turner including a timing belt replacement which was done without any problems and at a fair price. I hope this helps I like the dealership because its smaller than the large dealers in Roseville and Elk Grove. My choice was also between the Tacoma and Frontier. I choose the Frontier because of the large number quality problems the Tacoma has had during it's first year.
  • I am planning to purchase an 05 Frontier. At first I was undecided between the two. After reading the comparison between the two trucks, I decided to go with the Frontier v6. My problem is don’t know whether to choose the LE pck or the Nismo (most of my driving will be on road). Most people I have talked to recommend LE since the ride will be more tolerating. I currently own a Tacoma TRD. To me, the Taccoma w/ TRD has a much better ride. I figure the NISMO pkg. would do the same thing, on or off road. Is it right? In addition, how is GAS mileage on Frontier v6? Please advise.
    thank you all. Hey, hking thanks for an informative & thorough review.
  • I'm being offered invoice pricing in Southern California on:

    Crew Cab

    Is this the best deal around? I haven't been quoted an exact price which makes me skeptical and I''ve never bought a nissan before but would like some professional guidance. The dealer still walks with 500 bucks in holdbacks and the 06s should be on the lot in a week or two.

  • Anyone heard if Nissan is going to continue or increase the current incentives beyond September 30??
  • Hi all! I have been shopping around for an LE CC. Every dealership that i have been telling me they offer the best deal. For me, the best deal is 22.5k D/O price. They are saying this is the LOWEST price that they can do; no other dealership can beat it. What do you guys think? Keep i mind, 22.5k is the FINal driveout price.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    no,paid,1200 for mine,
  • Anybody get a great year end deal on an XE? The only option I want is the package that comes with A/C. If I can't get down into the $13Ks I might have to go for a Ranger. Is there any hope? :(
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