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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    I just bought a '06 Frontier 4x2 KC XE MSRP on window sticker was $21,075.00 that includes BASE PRICE $16,950.00 $1,500 for XE PREFERRED PACKAGE, $90.00 for FLOOR MATS, $430.00 for BED RAIL CAPS/REMOVABLE BEDLINER, $950.00 for POWER PACKAGE, $550.00 for SIDE & CURTAIN AIRBAG PACKAGE and ofourse $605.00 DESTINATION CHARGE.Using the TMV system it showed others in my area are paying $18,326.00(after $1500.00 rebate) I paid $18,200.00 (my counter to their $18,600.00 offer) don't feel too bad but could I have done much better? Any thoughts? Thanks
    P.S. What does KC refer to?
  • I'd say you got a very good deal; its an 06, practically loaded with every option, for under $20K! The sale price for my '05 CC V6 6spd 4x2 was $19995, with 9800 miles on it, and it didnt even have floormats!! So in my opinion, I don't really think you couldv'e gotten a much better price. Oh and KC refers to the fact that it is a King Cab/ extended cab...mine is a CC or crew cab/double cab.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    Your truck has the V6 and crew cab so we are comparing apples and oranges, I will hopefully get great mileage but trust me.. the truck is last truck was V8 282H.P.(tundra)...I hope I can get used to the 4 banger!Thanks for your' positive comments,often I only hear negative things in these forums.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I generally don't agree with price targets but for those of you who need them start at 5900 off for the high end (27000) plus models.

    Work 10-15 dealers around your locale using Nissan dealer locator last few days of the month. Be happy at 4500-5500 off. (You may need college grad rebate for 5500 but see anyway) Lower priced models may be similar.

    A 27000 Frontier is a 19000 vehicle in a year so 4-5000 off is warranted this time of year considering the 0ther 15-20 mpg vehicles are similarly discounted. Ads on seem to back this up.

    Things may get better sept oct as there will be a shooting gallery as Ford Gm etc try to unload slow moving Full size.

    Invoice -rebate on these models has been common all year(about 3400 off) A local dealer had double rebates advertised for about 4900 off.

    Not sure on data for 4cyl model.

    Happy Hunting


    If that is 4600 off sticker (27000 msrp?)seems pretty good (if a manual trans so-so). If you can wait till aug 20-25 (end of month) email or fax 10+ dealers
    (managers) and see if you can get 5500 off. All machines in the 20 mpg hwy range are moving slowly so perhaps a buyers market. see my previous post on motor alley ads before yours.


    am looking at a 2006 SE Crew Cab 4wd with power and tow. Best I could come up with so far is 22275 plus taxes after rebate. It is better than Edmunds and Cars Direct.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Just to let you know you get 22-25mpgs Not 22,mpgs, I have the le v6,and you better read into the 4wds more!
  • Larry, I paid $16,300 total out the door with TT&L included in the price. I only put $500 down, so in reality it was $16,800. I've got an 06' king cab, XE 4cyl auto, pwr package, with bed liner and mats. I felt I might have been able to do better, but I did visit about 3 Nissan dealers and 2 Toyota before settling on my 4 banger XE. I'm in Texas so prices might be less here,...I'm not real sure. I guess I made out pretty well. The sales guy kept telling me it was below invoice, but I never believe the dealers invoice pricing and what they tell and show customers. They will always make their buck in my opinion.
  • What was the MSRP of your vehicle ? 21000?

    Is the sales tax in Texas 0?

  • Gosh now I'm really depressed!
  • No preferred package and A/C in Texas?
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    Plan on puchasing 2006 Frontier in Phoenix area. Wondering what people's experience has been. What percentage below window sticker price could I expect to get? I am a Canadian purchaser and wonder what additional fees I could expect to encounter.

  • If you are looking to buy straight out, do you know any Nissan employees? They get decent discounts with no haggling.

    The "Friends and Family" discount basically give you the car at invoice plus any rebates.

    I have an 05 CC Frontier (6 speed, power package, sunroof) and love it (paid $18,500 + ttl) in March 05 (no rebates). Get about 21-23.5 mpg (friend of mine has identical truck and he peaked at 25.5 on one trip); the power is great, smooth ride for a truck, and my kids love the room in the rear seats. have towed as much as 6200 pounds and only problem was stopping as is with any heavy load w/o trailer brakes.
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    I have a quote from a Phoenix area dealer. The quote is for 2006 Frontier 4X4 crew cab. The Se model is $24,200 and LE model is $25,900. Wonder what people's thoughts are on these prices. They seemed a bit high, based on what I have seen on-line and in relation to MSRP for the 2007 models.
  • If you go to and build the truck with the same options you should be able to get the invoice price along with the applicable rebates.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Check my message #12481 in the Honda Accord prices paid discussion for useful info on how to buy a new car. Get about 10-15 bids toward the end of the month. has numerous ads from around the country for the 06 frontier cc for about $4500-5500 off msrp.

    Happy Hunting

  • Need help to make a decision (I am not sure if this is the right place, but this forum seems to be pretty activ). Looking to purchase a XE 4dr King Cab SB (2.5L 4cyl 5A). MSRP is $20,050 (with preffered and power package included as well as destination). I am elegible for some kind of VPP price of $17,248 plus 6% tax in KY ($1,034) plus $37 for registration and license plate adds up to be $18,318.41 OTD (they do not charge any fees with the VPP program). Now, they had the same vehicle advertised for $16,888 which makes me think that there is unadvertised dealer cash/hold back that they are not passing along (discounts are applied to the VPP price).

    SHOULD I GO FOR $18,318.41 FOR 2006 XE 4dr King Cab SB (2.5L 4cyl 5A) with preffered and power package. IS THIS A GOOD PRICE AND CAN I DO BETTER (they still have quite a few 06 out there)? Note: with the VPP program, I should do better than most, but according to what I have read out there, most did better than this without VPP status.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated here...
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Read my message preceeding yours and read the info.

    The SE king may be a better bet as there are more of them. Also Alloys, V6 (most powerful in its class),tow hook, map lights, gauges, interior, etc and all in all a much better truck, especially with the tow hitch, and abls as options, although this last option may be difficult to find in an 06.

    You may be able to get one for $4000-$5000 off msrp putting you in the 17-18k range. If I really hadda have a Nissan I would surely exhaust efforts in an se (both 06 and 07) before going with an XE.

    In most cases these programs thru employers , etc are sucker bait to generate traffic and non agressive buyers.

    Happy Hunting
  • I agree with Jfritsch that you should try for an SE (maybe $2+k more) because the power is nice and mileage is close. With regard to the "advertised" price, if you want the XE, the advertised price is better but beware of the numbers. Make them show it to you both ways - they will while hesitant. The dealer, with the VPP, get 5% cut regardless so they are making money. I work for Nissan at their engine plant and the VPP while is not the greatest discount it does cut through the red tape of negotiating. With regard to the price, it is a good price but you should REALLY consider the SE with power package, it is worth every dime and you have the ability to tow many items. I have an 05 SE (crew cab, 6 speed, sunroof) and am getting 22-23 mpg and some of my coworkers are getting the same with automatics (we debate who can get the most). Either way, this is a far better truck than the pre-midsize (04 and back). Even MT said that they Nissan was a better truck after a year with both.
  • For a base SE Frontier king cab, 6 spd, with power package and V6 2x4, you can get it for about $18k + tax. Save you money and get the hidden hitch from JC Whitney.
  • I am about to buy a 2006 Frontier in the Wash DC area. There are several available and I am not picky as to which one to get, I am just going by which dealer will give me the best deal.

    My question is about the rebate, it is supposed to end on 11/30/06, what happens after that? I doubt the price will go back up? Should I wait until next month when the dealers are even more motivated to move there remaining 06's or should I purchase now?

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    I would not expect the rebate on the 06's to increase for the simple reason that there are not a large number of 06 Frontiers remaining. The 06 King Cab models and lower priced Frontiers are sold out in many areas and models that are remaining are for the most part the higher priced Crew Cabs.
    Even if the rebate does not increase, the value of 06's decreases over time so the dealers would be expected to offer bigger discounts in December.
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