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2013 and Earlier - Audi A6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hilltop3hilltop3 Posts: 30
    Placed an order for an A6 3.0 and received rate protection on 42 mos/10K, .00157/48% March figures. MSRP $58,820 and my initial cap cost $55,967. Doc fee $190, acquisition $695, and plates,etc $250. The $1500 Conquest rebate will depend on Audi offerings when car arrives 90 days. Michigan. Car Man, your forums and information you offer up helped me tremendously. Thanks for all you do!
  • spordniarspordniar Posts: 1
    I think your price is very similar (if not exactly) to mine:

    MSRP: 61370
    Offered: 56500
    %Discount: 7.935%

    From TMV calculator, invoice is sitting at around 6.89%, and TMV is sitting at 4.43%, so we both got a deal under invoice price, which is a good deal IMO.

  • hilltop3hilltop3 Posts: 30
    Hi Palciparum. When I was negotiating for my 2013 A6 Prestige, my goal was to get the price to $500-1000 over invoice. Your deal sounds great. Apparently, the more expensive the trim line, you will be closer to the $1000 over invoice mark.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I'm considering these vehicles. I drove a 3.0 A-6 and was sure that was the car to replace my 2010 G37X lease. But the lease numbers are too high... I am going to drive a 2.0T version. Do any posters have any advice ? Will i feel that once having steak....the 2.0T will be hamburger!!

    Quattro versions and I believe the 2.0 like the 3.0 has the 8AT.

    I'm also looking at a 2012 CPO A-6 Quattro 3.0 which I would buy.
  • nickm1979nickm1979 Posts: 10
    Does this sound like a good deal? Can I do better?
  • hilltop3hilltop3 Posts: 30
    Hi Almatti! In March I took out both the 2.0 and 3.0 for a good hard test drive. It was morning, cold, and the cars were not especially warmed up, however, when I drove the 2.0 it began to shake about 80mph. I do a bit of highway driving so that was not acceptable to me. I immediately turned around, took out the 3.0 and zero shakes up to 95 mph. I'm coming from a Lincoln 6 cyl w/ecoboost.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    hilltop: You didn't like the Lincoln w/ 2.0 Eco boost? I test dove a 2013 MKZ w/ 3.7 V-6, AWD, - nice car but Pricey IMO - although I did not Beat up the salesperson yet. The Pushbutton Tranny takes getting used to, and does appear awkward. If they had the same shift lever as in the Ford Fusion - I may have pulled the trigger.
    The A-6 3.0T IMO, is the best of the mid-sized Luxury sedans. Big numbers though. On a lease with 15K miles which I need, I'm seeing over $725.00 per month with no $$$$$ down (I don't beleive in putting Cap Cost $$$$ into a lease just to lower the payment).
  • bp0430bp0430 Posts: 1
    When will these be available to purchase? Also, any major changes from 2013
  • Mine is from New Orleans. Only other dealer is in Baton Rouge who won't even give the same deal.
  • Hi, I am also looking at an Audi 2010 CPO. Wondering if you purchased this car and were you able to negotiate?

    Thanks. BRN
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