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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Share your XC70 purchase experience here.

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  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    Purchased it through the diplomat/military program.

    2004 XC70
    Ash Gold
    Brown leather
    Premium Pkg
    12 Volt outlet in cargo area
    Auto dimming mirror
    Wood steering wheel
    Skiholder w/ side rail
    Lock kit

    Out the door at 32,350 USD

  • How about if your not eligable for the Diplomat program - anymore out the door prices out there ?
  • I am looking to purchase the best price in the NorthEast, with price including all fees. Can someone please give me feedback on great prices.
  • Hi, we're going to be buying a V70 wagon soon. We're in Mass (near Worcester) and want your pricing paid if you recently bought a base model. (Please don't try to convince me to upgrade to the XC....I've got 3 kid's-worth of college coming up in 12, 14 and 18 year's respectively..:) )

    The only option we really need is automatic, and potentially the 3rd row seat and the integrated child seat booster in the middle seat.

    My co. participates in the XPlan pricing. Also we're not against doing an OSD if we need to get the car exactly equipped the way we want.

    Anyone out there who bought a V70 so-equipped???
  • Douginma:

    I hope this is of help. I started out looking at the base model, but decided to upgrade after driving the 2.5T. My car had an MSRP of $38.9 and sold for $32.9 before taxes and license. You mentioned a middle seat car has built-in boosters on the left and right rear seats, but not the middle one. I'm not aware of a booster for the middle seat.

    My reasons for choosing the 2.5T were as follows:
    1. The base model uses the 2.4 engine which seems noisier than the 2.5T, especially at an idle. I've driven the 2.4 as a loaner and milage seems about the same.
    2. The 2.5T has a marked power advantage because the torque comes on at a very low RPM.
    3. The 2.5T has speed sensitive power steering, which is noticably easier to turn at low speeds.
    4. The 2.5T has a sportier suspension which in combination with the speed sensitive steering and lower profile tires gives very positive steering and braking.

    The automatic in either the 2.4 or 2.5T engined cars will perform very well. It shifts at the right time. Volvo's version of tiptronic allows manual selection of all 5 gears. IMHO it is fun to play with but serves no real purpose other than to allow selection of 2nd and 3rd to start in snow. The STC is very effective for getting this FWD car going in snow.

    No matter which model you choose, I think you will enjoy and more importantly get a lot of use from it. Your story brings back memories. When my 3 kids went through college we put a 240, 740 and 960 through their paces moving kids back and forth over spring breaks.
  • My wife bought a 04 V70 with FWD and we got the inegrated boosters and the third row seat. I'd recommend at least springing for the 2.5T engine, also. My 6 and 9 year old do not like that third row. They did at first and now they don't. There is no leg room. The 2 year old loves it, but the problem is that the only people that can fit back there are probably the ones who will be the least safe sitting there. It's paradoxical IMO. Large people would be relatively safe but can't fit. Small people can fit but won't be nearly as safe. For carrying capacity, I'd look to an SUV or Minivan.
  • I was quoted $33,800.00 for the V70 2.5T with the sport and climate package. This was from a Volvo dealer in California, so tax and license will vary from Mass.

    I will also be in a position to drive down the price a little more too. Probably try to get him to go down to $32,000. I was very surprised at how easy it was to work with the Fleet Sales Manager. Try it.
  • I wish we could step up to the 2.4T but I don't think the finances will allow for it. (Although to be honest, we haven't gone for a test drive yet, so I honestly don't know how the ride for the 2.4 compares to the 2.4T...maybe that'll change our buying decision...:) )

    We do have a minivan as the other car, so maybe the booster/third row seats is not that important.

    Lastly, Volvojohn, since you're through paying for your kids' tuition, how about you help me out??? :)
  • jburschjbursch Posts: 11
    Just received quote for a 2004 XC fully loaded for $2,500 under invoice (did not even negotiate). Do I have room for futher negotiation? Thanks.

  • What was their final offer? I do not know what invoice for an XC70 is. Sounds like a good deal.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,828
    A journalist is hoping to interview consumers who recently bought pre-owned crossover vehicles (such as the Acura MDX, Audi quattro, Ford Escape, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Baja, Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC70, etc). Why did you go for a cross-over? Which one? How does it suit your tastes, lifestyle and budget?
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  • tel5tel5 Posts: 13
    I'm in the market for a 2004 XC70. If you don't mind me asking, what dealership quoted you $2,500 under invoice?
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    I visited a Volvo dealership last night to discuss XC70 pricing. Without me even trying, he quoted me $35K for a loaded XC who's MSRP is $39K. After some discussion, turns out there is currently a $2000 rebate on Volvos (at least this model) right now, and that was included in the price. So that may be how 'jbursch' got that quote. There is about a $2000 difference between MSRP and invoice, so they did offer me close to invoice price for the car and then the other $2000 was the rebate.

    FYI, you can either get a $2000 rebate OR take a $750 rebate and get 1.9% finacing for 60 months. Worth checking into! Who knows what the offers might be next month.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Can anyone confirm if Volvo Canada dropped the MSRP on XC70? By about $4000, it appears!
  • Not sure about Canada, but my local dealer offered me $2000 under invoice today. But all they have are the ones with premium package loaded which I don't really care.

    What do you folks think?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I can't be certain, but it looks like they may have re-configure some of the standard equipment to go along (or maybe to make feasible) the price drop. For example, the moonroof is now a stand-alone option. Wasn't it standard previously? But in any case, for me personally, if I can pay less not to buy the moonroof, all the better.
  • newberrynewberry Posts: 2
    Premium package is nice. Leather, trip computer, passenger seat upgrade, sunroof.

    I bought two Volvos in the same week in March(V70/S60). Both 2.5T. We got great prices, especially by using the "fax attack" method. Volvo was offering some great incentives and since I just turned 50, I also got an AARP $500 discount on each car.

    It should be easy to get a deal.
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    Just did a comparison between OSD pricing and TMV pricing on a V70T5, premium, sport, touring, child booster seats, and lastly bi-xenon lights. TMV was $36500 (or close to that) and OSD was $36800 (or close to that). Right now Volvo is also offering a $2000 dealer cash back on the V70, but I don't know if that should be deducted from the TMV price or not. Probably not since the car's already selling for $800-900 below invoice...

    Anyone have any thoughts? Will there be more incentives closer to the year end, or when MY2005 starts showing up in the showrooms?

    Of course, the trip to Sweden is worth about $3000 for two (airfare, hotel, rental car) so if you have any reason to go to Sweden anyway, OSD is still cheaper when looking at it that way. And no jokes about going to Sweden! It's a nice place.
  • orator99orator99 Posts: 2
    Yes, incentives do seem to be coming in for the V70. The factory has officialy stopped taking orders for 2004 models as of last week - so it's all whatever is on the list for now.....
  • orator99, are you sure that the factory isn't taking orders any longer? My local dealer here in MA told me that May 7 was the cut off for making a change in their final delivery before the 2005s, and he led me to believe that I could still order a specific package up until then.

    I'm looking for a V70 2.4 with the versatility package (third seat and boosters) but NOT the premium package, and it's not easy to find. I can't afford it until day care ends at the end of June, freeing up some cash, so waiting another week or two before ordering works well for me, as long as I don't miss the 2004 model year.

    Can anyone give me a sense of whether or not I can expect new incentives from Volvo once the current ones expire at the end of April? I know that there are no guarantees, but what has Volvo done in the past. Have they had incentives running ongoing for a while?
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