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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • konkarkonkar Posts: 1
    Is $32,000 for 06-V70 2.5 T with Premium pkg + Convenience pkg + Climate pkg in metalic color ( including all incentives) is a good deal ?
    Need to make a quick decision. Thanks
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    A poster in the High End Luxury Models forum posted the ALG residual values list last week. It makes for interesting reading and is worth printing out.

    The XC90, naturally, has great resale. It is the latest and the best. Couples "making it" just have to have one in their three car garage. The resale on the XC70 is one category lower. Hmm. This lower resale percentage makes a used XC an attractive proposition. Afterall, it can do everything an XC90 can do and is a lot less money.
  • ctwestiectwestie Posts: 2
    I have a quote from a dealer for a XC70 Premium pkg, climate pkg, paint & convenience pkg for $34,972. This looks 2k high to me. Or is the $34.9 the proper pricing? Any thoughts?
  • klikli Posts: 3
    what dealer did you get that quote? seems very good to me.

    Cleveland Ohio area is about 38000, the best I heard.
  • ctwestiectwestie Posts: 2
    It is from Milford, CT. The price is around the same at other dealerships.
  • collins5collins5 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 XC70 last week in Fairfax, VV for $32,700 (plus $695 freight). Premium, climate, booster seats and metallic paint. Maybe they can match this price. I found it online at Fairfax Volvo. I love it so far.
  • collins5collins5 Posts: 2
    I meant to type VA, not VV.
  • dukie2dukie2 Posts: 1
    We are considering buying one of these 2 vehicles. This would be the first Volvo for us. Can any of you "seasoned" Volvo owners offer any advice on which one would be the best buy? We live in NC and don't really need the AWD of the XC70 but we like the sportier look. The current Volvo dealer incentives would make the XC70 the better buy because the incentives are higher than that for the V70. We are a bit concerned about reports of "sluggish acceleration" and "heavier steering" on the XC70. I assume the resale value on the XC70 would be higher than the V70?
    Is there any obvious differences between the two that would make our decision easier? We are being quoted $33340 for a 2006 XC70 w/Premium & Climate packages, and about $32500 for the V70 with the same packages. We are also being quoted $30100 for a V70 service loaner with 4200 miles on the clock.
    Also we are considering a 2007 VW Passat Wagon 2.0T, any thoughts on that vehicle?
    Any help would be most apprciated, we plan to buy very soon.
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    Both the XC70 and the V70 are great cars. I recently purchased a fully loaded (prem, climate, convenience, xenon, wheels, etc.) 2006 XC in Cleveland for $37,492. That is about $7k under sticker, $3500 under invoice. Now, I love driving the XC. The XC has plenty of engine and handles very well. My brother has the V70...he wishes he could have the XC.

    Finally, stay away from VW. The reason that I got a new car was becuase I won a 2-year lawsuit against VW for my Touareg lemon. Having been in the service dept. 20 times, I heard a lot of horror stories from other VW owners. Cars look great, drive fine, but they fall apart and the brains of the car are totally unreliable. My two cents.

    I would go ahead and pull the trigger on the won't be dissapointed.
  • cruxdynocruxdyno Posts: 3
    I found myself a 2006 XC70 owned just for a few months by a senior couple. It turned out that the wife didn't like the feel of a wagon and decided to sell it for a 2007 Jaguar instead. I'm getting it for $29,900 which I think is a good deal. The accelleration was impressive. I'll write more of a review when I drive it more.
  • badsaabbadsaab Posts: 12
    We are also deciding between a v70, and xc70 or a vw 3.6 4motion. I was wondering if you guys purchased a car yet and if so, what was your decision and how did you arrive at it? Are you happy with your choice?

    Our thoughts- Really like the xc70 but already have a xc90 (sort of wish I'd considered the xc70 first time around- I think it has more cargo space in the rear, also like the v70 and how it drove- felt sort of sporty with the 2.5t (Does anyone know how it is in the snow?) and finally I have always had VW's and I like their drive, especially this 3.6 4 motion- it was great, but the SEATS are terrible- what has VW done? My 1999 passat has better seats. Also the first year of the model run scares us a bit, so it is a question of which volvo?

    Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    Get the XC70! Better gas mileage, more room, better acceleration (same engine as the 90, but a lot lighter).

    I just finished a lawsuit against VW for my first-model-year Touareg...I won...but it was painful. Let someone else be the guinea pig.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    From what I know of prices, it sounds like you got a terrific deal. You must have bought it directly from them. Imagine someone getting a vehicle like that and then deciding they don't like the feel of a wagon and trading it right away. Good deal for you. How many miles on it when you got it? What color and equipment?
  • cruxdynocruxdyno Posts: 3
    Having had the car for 3 weeks now, I just plain love my decision with this car. Its black with the premiem/climate package. Had 6000 miles on it. On the highway, it drives like a dream and surprisingly good on higher speed turns. Must be the 4 wheel drive making it feel so tight. Where are you from and what model/year do you have? Any comments good/bad would be appreciated.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    My wife drives a 2004 V70 base model 2.4L FWD with auto trans. Fuel economy is extremely important to her and so she wanted the 30 mph highway mileage that the 2004 V70 gave with its base wheels/tires--Michelin low rolling resistance 195/65-15s which have a 51 psi max infl pressure. She keeps them at about 40 psi. We live in Dallas TX.
  • diggler99diggler99 Posts: 1
    We're looking at a 2004 XC70 AWD 2.5T, fully loaded, 21K miles from a non-Volvo dealer in Columbus, OH. The car appears to be in immaculate shape and is pending an independent inspection. They are asking $27,990.
    Does anyone think this is isn't a good deal? We think it is, but we don't have the certified preowned 6y/100K warranty. We are also looking at some service loaners and low mileage used XC70s and V70s at a Volvo dealer, including a 2004 XC70 wtih 46 K for about the same price. We're debating if the service warranty from a Volvo dealer is worth getting a car that has 25K more miles on it. Also, we have a quote of around $30500 for a 2006 V70; posts on this site suggest that the extra price for the XC70 is worth it. Any advice is welcome, thanks.
  • jcfudgejcfudge Posts: 2
    Was the 32,700 plus 695 your out the door price or was that in addition to tax, tag, title and other fees
  • jcfudgejcfudge Posts: 2
    Just curious what dealer gave you your quotes as I live in NC and am looking to buy a new XC70 in in the next month.
  • cruxdynocruxdyno Posts: 3
    Mine was from a private owner
  • keithandkeithand Posts: 10
    We bought the car while living in Norther Michigan and this car handled snow better than our previous Jeep Limited AWD and RX330 AWD. Moving to FL the trunk volume has come in handy numerous times.

    It has gone to the dealer for only regular service intervals and a broken passenger side seat belt which would not retract.

    The MPG is anywhere from 18-28 depending on road conditions and from someone who likes power the 2.5T has been fine. The car is tank like in only positive terms.

    No complaints.

    The car still gets noticed by others being black w/ taupe interior and the Xenia wheels. The HID's are fine once I raised them a bit.

    Now what to get next? Probably a sport sedan!
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