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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ryanburdryanburd Posts: 3

    Just got a lease quote on a 2006 XC70 with Premium Package & Climage Package

    MSRP $40,500
    Initial Cap Cost $28,102 (A-Plan price)
    Adjusted Cap Cost $28,102
    12K miles per year
    Residual $14,985
    Interest 0.0025%
    42-month Term
    $420.03 Monthly payment
    Total due at signing $2,125

    Is this a good deal for A-Plan pricing? I am in the Northeast (VT/NH area). Brand new to this forum and Volvo in general. Any help is much appreciated!!
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Forgive me, but what is A Plan pricing?

    As a side note, an approximately 50% residual value after almost 4 years sounds a bit high. (Actually the residual is MORE than 50% for LESS than 4 years.) Although, I could see myself paying 15K for a four year old (i.e., 2002) XC in good shape.
  • ryanburdryanburd Posts: 3
    A-Plan pricing is Ford's friends and family discount program. It's what Ford employees are entitled to pay for vehicles.
  • spsimsspsims Posts: 5
    In late April I got the following on an XC70 in Northern California with the Premium, Climate packages and booster seats (didn't need them but they were there). Also includes Satellite radio prep and the satellite radio itself.

    MSRP $41,350
    Cap Cost $30,676
    12K Miles/yr
    Residual $17,367
    36 Month Lease
    Cap Cost reduction $1,049
    Monthly $466 (before CA sales tax)

    Looks like you've done a little bit better on the cap cost.
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    We are looking to lease a V70 turbo with, premium, convenience, climate, upgrade wheels, sirius prep and boosters. MSRP is $40,225.00. What are dealers been willing to do in Southern California.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • mclare3mclare3 Posts: 1
    Looking @ an 04 XC70 w/ 104,000 miles in New England...opinions on quality expectations for that model and mileage, price to be paid, other tid bits...very
  • airkittairkitt Posts: 3
    I am considering a "new" 2006 XC70 AWD w/premium, convenience, climate, and booster seats. The dealer's owner is currently driving this vehicle and it has 3,000 miles on it. The dealer is looking to sell this as a new vehicle for $37,200 (MSRP is $42,035). A couple of questions: Is this really a new or used car? Is this a good price for a 2006 vehicle that is for sale in late August 2006?

    Thanks for your help.
  • 37,200 sounds quite a bit high, particularly for a car with 3000 miles. You'll see "cap costs", which are essentially sales prices on a couple of leases at around 31,000 to 32,000. You should be able to do much better than 37,200. I'd guess between 31K and 32K on a NEW XC70 with less than 100 miles. Look at Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book ( for dealer costs. You should be able to at least that well for a 2006.
  • I am looking at a new 2006 XC70 with both the premium & climate packages. I live in CT. Sticker on this car is a little over $42,000. As I was "window shopping" (I thought the dealer was closed) - a salesman came out & told me they just closed but that they are really trying to get rid of the 2006s. He said "don't pay any attention to that sticker price. We want to get rid of these 2006s and you can get that for thounsands less than that. Even less than that used one over there." (the "used" one had 3,0000 miles on it & was $32,000!

    Edmunds says Invoice & TMV are apprx $38,000 - think I can get it even less with this push to get them off the lots? Any idea how much I should negotiate for?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  • pcc2pcc2 Posts: 7
    I'm interested in a similar car and live in CT as well - did you finally get a quote?

    I'm very interested in your findings and where you are looking.

  • pgb3pgb3 Posts: 7
    Can someone tell me if I can expect to subtract the "cash to customer" and "cash to dealer" from the "True Market Value" price of the vehicle?

    2006 V70R
    Premium package
    Cold weather package
    Metallic paint
    Child seats
    Interior air quality

    TMV: $39,543
    CASH to CUSTOMER: $2,000
    CASH to DEALER: $3,500
  • On the XC70 there is $3000 rebate
    So with Convience Package, Premium Package and Climate Package you can get a car with MSRP of $43K for $36K.
  • raprap Posts: 9
    So if a 2006 XC70 with Convenience Package, Premium Package, and Climate Package is MSRP of $42.6K and an invoice of $39.6K with a TMV of $36.5 how come the reduction isn't a little bit more with the current rebates and incentives?

    Cash to Customer $2000

    Cash to Dealer $3250
    Cash to Dealer of $1000 (for previous owners of Volvos)
    and an extra Cash to Dealer of $500 for financing through Volvo.

    That's a total of $6750 of incentives. Assuming you would have been starting off at around $1000 above invoice for TMV without any incentives, would that put the new TMV around $34K (provided you own another Volvo and are willing to finance through Volvo?

  • elmo1elmo1 Posts: 1
    with Premium, Convenience, and Sirius wiring for $33900 in central/west Florida. Other quotes for same car in $35k range. I had a really excellent buying experience. Good value on car, good value on trade, 3 phone calls and a couple hours at the dealership (computer in finance office went down so delay in getting paperwork done).
  • We bought a new 2006 XC70 with Premium, Convenience, Climate and Sirius for 33.7k at Topping Volvo in Olympia, Washington.

    They came in under everyone else in the Seattle area by almost $2000. Everything other than delivery was taken care of via email or the phone.

    The internet guys at Topping made this an excellent buying experience.
  • pcc2pcc2 Posts: 7
    Paid $31,500 for a new 2006 XC70 with premium, climate and booster seats - I thought this was an unbelievable deal including a no haggle price negotiation.
  • pbbobpbbob Posts: 3
    Purchased a new 2007 XC70 yesterday (8 miles). Barents Blue Metallic, Premium, Climate and Convenience Packages, Sirius radio, booster seats. The dealers offer to me was $31,500. I couldn't beat it anywhere so I took it. This was in Thousand Oaks, CA.
  • I'm looking at basicallly the same vehicle in Illinois. The best I can get anywhere is $37,573. How did they get down to $31,500? I'd love to show my dealer that sales contract.
  • pbbobpbbob Posts: 3
    I asked them the same question. I had originally called about a used car, but it had already been sold. The sales guy said, "sorry we sold that one, but I can offer you a brand new one for $31,500 with all three option packages." I was shocked as I had tried to get a deal on a leftover 06 and couldn't get anywhere near that price in all of socal. I made him put it in writing - he did. I asked the finance guy how they were able to do that deal and he said he didn't know because according to his records they took a $350 loss on the car. I can only assume that there was either some other motivation to sell a car (I had my choice of cars) or someone had recently overpaid and I got lucky. At that price, it might be worth buying the car and having it shipped?

    After having the car a little over a week now, it is truly a great car. Nice to drive and really looks great on the road.
  • Well we bought our last 2 new Volvos from this dealer. They're easy to deal with and have a great service department. We got a 2007 Lava Sand xc70 with graphite leather, the 3 major packages, the upgraded 6 cd stereo, the upgraded cabin filter, 5 rubber mats to protect the carpets and a hands free bluetooth unit for $38,000 and he took 750 off their first price for a 100,000 mile extended warranty. Just got it 3 days ago, had 5 miles on it. It's nice to drive and really good looking.
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