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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I went to the dealership on saturday. I went to look at the V50 and Boy was it SMALL. I later looked at the XC70 . I was told her could give it to me for 32,800 the sticker read 39K++. He had about 10 plus on the lot. I have a trade in he gave me a value of $16,000 an Audi A4(2002)with 35,000 miles. I thought that was too LOW. Told him to call me with a better deal. He said he could take 4,000 off of the SUV's but that was it.
  • kgskgs Posts: 2
    Just got a V70R for ~$6100 under sticker, with 1.9% financing...similar incentives as mentioned elsewhere on this list: free premium pkg, factory-to-dealer cash, plus a negotiated discount on top of that.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Congrats! SOunds like a good deal. Enjoy!
  • dizzyptdizzypt Posts: 3
    The dealership was in PA. I guess it was a good deal!!
  • lebeaulebeau Posts: 1
    Thank you dizzpt.....I was able to use your pricing to get the xc70 w/ premium, touring and climate for $31,500 plus the 1.9% financing over 36 mths in the chicagoland area. That's after another dealer told me that the lowest she would go was $32,500!!!!
  • bill88bill88 Posts: 3
    does anyone know if overseas delivery prices are truely fixed. I know BMW says their overseas delivery prices are fixed, but some dealerships will bargain. Any info is appreciated.

  • drphildrphil Posts: 2
    Found a good buy on a 2001 V70 2.4T with 77K miles at $16K. The dealer is doing a complete major service prior to sale. (single-owner lease turned in).

    What factors would you weigh on considering a purchase of pre-certified status for 23K miles at $950?


    Thanks- Phil
  • skimeskime Posts: 1
    Purchased an 04 XC 70 at South Atlanta dealership.
    MSRP was $40K+. Quote was $32,400 negotiated tow package at cost. Had to push to get a good trade in value on a 96 Suburban. Very happy with auto. Disappointed in Stereo. Base system is weak. Cassette??? Go figure. Will look at aftermarket.
  • KGS,
    What dealiship was it: PA or NJ? Please provide more info as I'm looking for the similar vehicle.
  • Where can I find such a deal?
  • 04 V70 with window sticker of $35.900. Picked it up for 29,000. No AWD or roof rack, but loaded otherwise.
  • Doubt sub $32K pricing is legit as no-one has revealed the specific dealerships by name, town etc. where they have received such a deal. That price is well into/below hold-back and stock is dwindling. Tried to use but failed with 10+ dealers from Boston area to Metro NYC which generally has the best pricing I've found around the country.

    Battled for $32,200 +++ on '04 XC, non-met. paint, Premium, Touring, booster and wheels. In the end, I was talking about $700 at the most(if true) so my wife said quit your.... and just go for it. We'll be driving a car around town where people paid $5K+ more just a few months ago.. ouch on the depreciation/resale.

    Free Touring + $2K manu. to dealer cash and 1.9% extended thru end of Sept. should assure none left - our dealer has 2 and theire "volume." Bought now with $500 deposit but will take delivery at end of month when current lease exp. Fully financed at 1.9% is $910/month for 36 months. That's $400 more than a lease for same time frame but you own it a no-time. Take the Financing - its free money.

  • Think there is little to NO margin at the dealership. Buying 2005 Volvo V50 at Factory in early October and had access to dealer's weekly availability and pricing info. This is our fifth European delivery (2 Fiats in Italy, 2 VW in Germany, and now Volvo).

    Salesman makes next to nothing, but was more than cooperative in working out short delivery cycle. Note: SAS web HOME page, as well as Volvo site (buried) includes two 6 month tickets from anywhere in USA to Gothenburg, and anywhere in Europe (open jaw) back home.

    Note to FORUM owners -- maybe european delivery should be a separate topic, not part of any MODEL or MAKE ?
  • Actually cpeterson I will be glad to be specific. The volvo dealership in Tinley Park, Il offered me a gold xc70 with premium, touring, and booster (no wheels nor xenon) for $31,500. I took that rate to three other dealerships until I found the red color I wanted and got the same price at the chicago dealership. So continue to feel free to question its legitimacy if you want, but I told the dealer (after buying the car) that I got the idea from this website....ergo why I thanked dizzy earlier for knocking the price down from $39Ksomething to $31500.

    Either still got a great deal.
  • This message is a huge Thank You to all who posted pricing information on the 2004 XC70. Armed with the prices you’ve recently paid for this vehicle, and the negotiation tactics I learned from The Motley Fool (, I just paid $32,350 plus tax, title, etc. for a Nautic Blue (metallic) model with Premium and Touring packages and integrated booster seat (MSRP was $39,690/Invoice was $37,049). (Incidentally, our best offer on a non-metallic model (black) was $31,950.)

    From the comfort of my family room, I e-mailed the ten or so dealers within a 150-mile radius on Tuesday night. The phone rang off the hook all day Wednesday with great offers and eager salesmen asking, “where do I need to be?” A far cry from the way my parents used to shop for a car!

    Dealer confirmed there is a $2,000 factory to dealer incentive on these models right now, though he somehow “didn’t know about it” until I mentioned it. Plus, Volvo is giving the Premium Package free right now. Consumer Reports Wholesale Price Report lists the dealer holdback as $348--and don’t bother spending the $12 for this report because that was the only valuable nugget it contained. You can be sure Volvo is giving dealer incentives to move the 04s now, too.

    I hope this post helps someone else get an even better deal!
  • Ann,

    I want to make sure I understood what you said. You stated that you paid $32,350, right? Were you able to get any of the 2K F-to-D money??? Or did your $32K price include some of that money to you?
  • Doug--I'm not sure I understand your question. Basically, I paid $32,350 for the car with no money coming back to me. I used my knowledge that there was a Factory to Dealer incentive and other incentives (carryover allowances to make room for 05s, free Premium package, dealer holdover, etc...) to negotiate that low of a price. Incidentally, I stopped back at the dealership today to buy a cargo liner and my sales guy said the incentive is actually $2500, not $2000!
  • Ann - Thanks for your posts. Do you know whether the incentives you mentioned apply to V70s or is it only for XC's?
  • kmk6kmk6 Posts: 1
    KGS, Wondering if your experience getting a V70 R below MSRP is common...was it on the lot or did you order it? KMK6
  • Taxlexprice - the discount is only available on the xc70 because it is going through a mid-line change for 2005 including new lights, a aluminum handle, a new handrest and some other minor changes. Believe me I tried negotiating a similar price for the XC90 and got shot down.
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