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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wally6wally6 Posts: 4
    Re: price paid for a V70R, I'm happy to report there's an 05 safely tucked in my garage as of about 5 weeks ago. Mine is a black (which looks great w/the blue leather seats and interior accents), 6 speed, w/premium and climate package. I leased through Chase. There's seems to be a major incentive through Volvo to lease (at least this vehicle) through Chase as it allowed a $5,000 deduction right off the top (I was told this at two different dealerships). After negotiations my capitalized cost ended up at approx. $35,300. The MSRP was $43,300!!! It was more than I wanted to spend but I fell in love in with the car, and "My God", the price/value was too good to pass up. So far so good with about 1,800 miles. The brakes squeal a bit when cold and I've noticed the clutch linkage is kind of loud with the windows rolled down when shifting casually around town. I looked at a lot of vehicles but the R just hit all the right buttons for a family guy living in a snow belt who still wants a bit of cut and thrust!
  • tmactmac Posts: 6
    I guess they are pushing out the 2005s to make room for the 2006s. Prices look lower than I have ever seen them for the xc70 and the s80.
  • itrollsitrolls Posts: 11
    What prices are you seeing for xc70 and s80...I'm interest in both of them. Thanks for your help.
  • kmcgkmcg Posts: 14
    Here's the best I've found: The base V70 (base = no sunroof, cloth seats, etc) is about $25,850 and the XC70 base is priced at $28,742. These are prices that seem quite low to me, especially for the XC. They come from a high volume dealership that appears to be experimenting with no-negotiation pricing on some of their cars. It works for me! I tried to get another dealer to match it, and they wouldn't. So, should I do it??
  • 12431243 Posts: 1
    bought today: $32,998 for XC70 with metallic, premium and leather (MSRP $40,175) no-negotiation price. Stutz Volvo / Salem, MA
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    In Chicago they are offering $7,5000 of the MSRP on all Volvo XC70s???!!!
  • melrosemelrose Posts: 6
    First off I'd like to extend a big "thank you" to and the folks who post here. This site literally saved me a couple of thousand bucks on my new XC70. It seemed to be the only (or one of the only) site that knew about the $4000 manufacturer to dealer incentive. I even paid for the CR new car price kit, and if I had just gone by that I would have paid right around invoice!

    Here are the details: 2005 white xc70 w/premium, climate, convenience, DSTC, and rear park assist: MSRP $41,655, Invoice $38,783, paid $34,812. After I had alreay committed, another dealer offered the car at $34,400, so it's possible to do a little better.
  • misspeppymisspeppy Posts: 1
    This week my husband and I test drove a 2005 V70 2.5T and loved it. We had done our homework and were ready to buy but there was just one problem---there was a very noticeable vibration that could be felt by the driver and passengers alike. My thought was that the tires were not properly balanced. The salesman agreed (he could feel it too) and assured us that he would have the service department check it out and fix the problem. The next day we returned and he informed us that all V70's have tire vibration and basically we should be willing to live with it. Is this true---do all V70s come with tire shimmy as standard equipment? Was the salesperson waiting for the turnip truck to turn around and pick us up after the test drive? One other major issue---the salesman also said the price on the car was non-negotiable. There was a $4K markdown on it already (which was great) but I've never heard of a dealer who won't give a little, even if it is just a token negotiation (other than Saturn). So the two issues here are first, should we be willing to accept that all V70's have some tire vibration and second, it is typical for Volvo dealers to refuse to negotiate on price? Should we be looking for another car? By the way, there is only one Volvo dealer in our area. The next nearest one is 150 miles away. Thanks in advance for all your input!
    Miss Peppy
  • liner3liner3 Posts: 1
    I need help purchasing an 04 silver XC70 with premium and climate packages. This car was used as a loaner/demo by the dealer and they have it listed at 33,495.

    I feel 29k would be a fair price for this car but am unsure, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I am located in the mass area.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    We just bought a 2005 XC70 with Premium, Climate and Convenience in silver with black leather for $33,500. Was stickered at just above $41K. Happy with the purchase and LOVE the car. Smooth ride, good acceleration, gorgeous interior. Even the stock stereo sounds very good. Wife is in heaven (she cried when she saw it in our garage with a red bow on it).

    My car is an Infiniti FX which I love. But I have to admit I might just sneak out early one Saturday morning and grab the XC70 for a ride...

    Jon B.
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Anyone know if Ford's (they own Volvo) latest pricing strategy "you pay what employee's pay" pertains to Volvos. Ford announced that they are going to match GM's pricing promotion that was so successful in June. If so, does anyone have first hand dealer feedback on what an '05 Volvo XC70, leather, moon roof can now be purchased for. Thanks.
  • bing330ibing330i Posts: 89

    I too noticed vibration (even when car is in parking mode) on XC70 and V70 2.4 (less than the XC70) but not on V50. They were all brand new. I did not think a brand new car should do this.

    I am with you on your second concern - all cars are negotiable, especially when the car is in later phase of its lifecycle when all new design will come soon. One thing in particular that holds me back from buying a Swedish car is I am not certain if I get the best price, as Volvo/Saab's discount can be so huge at the end of a model year. I know I may not get the exact car I want. But I personally do not feel any color / option is a must. I would check with other dealers so you have something in hand to negotiate with your local dealer. Since your dealer is a monopoly local power, I am not sure they would give in. So you might have to drive to other dealers to get your car if the $ difference matters.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • dhaliwasdhaliwas Posts: 2
    Anyone have any recent buying experience with Stutz Volvo in Salem, MA?

    They seem to be offering low prices ($8,000 below MSRP) for the 2005 XC70.

    They seem like one of the smaller (smallest?) dealers in the Boston area, so I would like to hear any feedback on them - good or bad.

  • capoanycapoany Posts: 32
    I have a 2004 v70 2.5t Titanium Edition...follows on the heels of an s70 and s80 t-6. The vibration is a common problem at highway speeds (which are now close to 85 mph around here). My sense is it is primarily related to the tire/ wheel combo. While I love the look of the 17"/ 45 series combo, it really isn't ideal for this type of car. NJ/NY roads have taken their toll...2 bent rims and 2 tire bubbles (NOT ON THE RIMS THAT WERE BENT!) on the awful Pirelli P6's.

    Car is great. Deals are great ( stay very close on information regarding Volvo dealer and consumer incentives which change dramatially month to month) Performance and reliability great. ( 2.5t is a torquey devil, much improved over the 2.4t and matches nicely with the 5 spd auto). Stealthy, comfortable, very attractive. Stash $1000 away for inevitable rolling stock problems if you live in northern clime.
  • dduffydduffy Posts: 4
    With the 2006 models out, I figured I could get a good deal on a '05, so I contact the one local dealer (San Antonio, TX) and two in the next closest town (Austin, TX). Below is what they are offering. I personally think that they are still asking too much, but would like your input.

    05 V70 2.4 with premium pkg.
    Dealer A - 29075
    Dealer B - 30412
    Dealer C - 29965
    (Note: A&B are owned by the same folks but in different parts of the metro)

    With the 4K manufacturer to dealer incentive, I would think they would be lower. I am wrong?
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    dhaliwas, I have also seen these very attractive prices from Stutz Volvo and I believe that they are true to their word. Their web site is pretty transparent. Stutz is a small dealer and the current owner/operator is the son of the founder. The founder really paid attention to his customers and had great service, however his son that now operates the dealership has a poorer reputation in this area. If you're looking to buy a car and have it serviced elsewhere then their prices are to be taken. I'm thinking of doing this myself. Good luck.
  • dhaliwasdhaliwas Posts: 2
    Thanks. I ended up buying the car, and paid exactly the price they showed on their website. I have to say it was an amazingly easy experience.

    I already had done my research, so after checking their website which quoted a $32,420 purchase price for an 2005 XC70 w/ metallic paint, premium, climate, and booster seats ($40,475 MSRP / $38,020 invoice), I called and did the deal over the phone. I FedExed them three personal checks: $32,420 payable to Stutz for the purchase price, $1,707 payable to the Mass RMV for sales tax, title and registration, and $25 payable to their runner who did the insurance & registry leg work. That was it. Next day I went down there, checked over the car, signed the paperwork and drove off within 30 minutes.

    Thanks for the advice on their service department. As far as purchasing goes, I would highly recommend Stutz. The guy I dealt with was very professional, and their price and sales approach was way better than the other dealers around Boston.
  • pj1949pj1949 Posts: 4
    Planning to buy a XC70 within the next few weeks. What are the pros and cons of bi-xenon lights on this model?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • tgraysontgrayson Posts: 15
    I was offered a XC70 today (metallic paint, satellite radio pre-wire, booster, climate and premium) for 33,675. MSRP was 40,540...this was in Warwick RI. Any idea how to drive the price down a little?
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