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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    What is this $1000 rebate certificate that you received in the mail? Is this for frequent buyers or what?
  • about the $1,000 certificate.

    I've owned GM products since the early '80s (with a Honda for 4 years in the middle), so if it's loyalty based, I'm concerned.

    Or is it because you or a family member is a GM employee?

  • The $1K certificate was sent by GM in an advertising piece that my wife received. We believe that they utilized a mailing list from a nursing association. The booklet gave an overview of the entire GM line. The last page was a detachable certificate for the additional rebate. It said to make your best deal, take the available rebates and then present the certificate for an additional $1,000 off. I did just as they said and the certificate was accepted without question. I was somewhat amused that the sales manager asked to see the booklet as he had not seen it before. As to location, we're on Long Island, and the dealer is in Hempstead, NY. The showroom and service area are right across the street from my office which makes the purchase and future service visits very convenient. It was also a very positive experience. I was greeted with a warm handshake and was treated as a valued customer, which is much better treatment than I have received in other dealerships. I got my price by an internet inquiry through GM Buypower. They were one of a very few dealerships to respond to my inquiry with an offer and to follow up on it. As to depreciation, I tend to keep my vehicles for at least 8 to 10 years, so I really have very little concern about it. The Maxx offers all the equipment I wanted in a great package at a price I can live with... what more can you ask for. And it also fit in with my desire to try to keep my money here in America. By the way, the sticker was $27,945 and other than the engine block heater I can't find anything in the brochure that isn't in the car. Yeah, $24,400 is a lot of money, but I think it's a lot of car for the money.
  • My experience with Power Chevrolet was kinda interesting as I had simultaneously contacted the fleet manager and the internet sales people - all three were trying to figure out who got the comission! As for the pricing, it was kinda inconsistant as GM (not Power) decided at the last minute to raise the Maxx prices by $300, and several documentation fees were not included in the "out the door" price I was quoted several times. The dealer was very short staffed that day and I went out the door without being asked to fill out the checkout forms or anything. Not up to SATURN, but they were polite and called back the next day to see how the car was doing.

    As for the CAR (a TS with preferred options) so far, save for a few minor rattles, it seems to work well.
  • Folks have asked what I paid for the car -- for a LS Maxx with 1B option group (curtain bags, 6 CD stereo, 6 way power seat), the real out the door price ($1K chevy discount, all taxes, fees, last minute Chevy markup, last minute dealer "fee insertion") was around $22800.

    Chevy dealers I dealt with were not Persian bazaars, but definitely not as good as Saturn.
  • My Maxx LT with all the bells and whistles (all the options available except the engine block warmer and the smokers group) listed out at $27,945. After the rebates (I was lucky to get a GM promotional certificate for an extra $1,000 rebate) of $2K and a dealer discount of $1,800 (including an internet extra discount coupon for $300 on the dealer's website) it cost me about $24,100 before taxes. Then I met with the closer - the dealer's finance and add-on guy. When you take a 60 month loan, you don't really want to settle for a 36 month warranty. I ended up with the GM 84/84 bumper to bumper, but it cost me an extra $2K plus tax. Has anyone else bought a GM extended warranty, and if so, what did it cost? I like the dealer, and it's a very convenient location, but I can't shake the feeling that everything I saved on the car, I gave back in the warranty...... although, one major problem down the road, and my investment pays off!
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    Yeah, one major problem down the road and you've already paid for it! The odds are against you that you'll see your 'investment' again, otherwise, there would not be so many service contract companies in business (and in bankruptcy-see Warranty Gold discussions). You could have negotiated the price down several hundred dollars from what I've read on this site. As far as service contracts go, you got the best kind, but you sure did pay for it!
  • I know I paid top dollar, but they were ready to let me walk rather than cut the price, or so they said. I did get them to drop another $300 on the car for an internet coupon I found on the dealer's website after I had signed the contract. I know I paid a lot less for the contract I got from Chrysler for my Jeep, but DC already allowed 7 years 100K miles on the drive train. The 2 year service contract I got on my daughter's used Cherokee has already paid for itself many times over. I like the security of knowing that for the next 7 years, I'm covered.
  • I paid $1800 for a 60/90 majorguard warranty. The only reason I got it is that according to Consumers Union, the Malibu has developed major electrical problems after the first three years. They do not say __what__ the problems are, but given that electrics can be expensive to replace (I used to work for that GM division and know it is true!), the warranty seemed a worthwhile safeguard.
  • I feel a little better knowing that what I paid is in the same ballpark. It's tough trying to compare the old Malibu with the new since so much of the car is totally redesigned. I know buying a new model in the first year is chancy, but I did fine with my '02 Liberty, and I'm sure that this will be no different.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I am glad you purchased the GM Protection Plan. I normally do when I purchase a car that is still under the 3/36 factory warranty. The price of this extended warranty varies widely between dealers -any GM dealer can sell you one -and it can be sold anytime during the time that the car is under the factory 3/36. I have never purchased this warranty at the same time that I purchased the car and have priced it at a number of dealers. The price varies by hundreds of dollars. One thing that always struck me as odd. When you purchase a certified Cadillac as I did recently the car comes with a 6 year 100k 0 deductible warranty (starting back when the car was first put into service). If you get a current year or year old one it is a great deal. When you purchase another certified GM used car you get a lousy 3 month 3,000 mile "extended" warranty. There is no comparison.
  • Today I went to a dealer looking at a Maxx LT. They only had ones with all the options, MSRP $27945. While running numbers to "get me in the car today," they came back with $25400, and that was after the $1K rebate (notice, not the $1750 rebate that Chevy is offering). This was the price before freight, taxes, etc. I only got the price after the salesperson went to his sales manager twice, he came and spoke to us twice, and I stated four times that this was more car than I was looking for, anyway. They kept running finance options, increasing the term to 72 months to try to get my monthly payment at a reasonable level to get me in the car. They offered $1500 on my trade-in, which Edmunds valued at $2900. My trade is a Pontiac, and I have read on this board that there is a GM loyalty incentive, too.
    I feel I was lucky to get out of there with my Pontiac at all. I was sold on a Maxx until this experience today. Was this a fluke? Should I find another dealer, or expect this everywhere?
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    I bought a LT MAXX with the 1SB option. Sticker was $25,630. Dealer price $21,588. less the certificate valued at $500 the GM card sent to add to the $1950. credit I had coming with the card earnings. My net cost was $19138 plus a $20. document fee. I was not trading a vehicle and was not financing. I looked at a number of different makes and styles and decided this would be my "running" around town car.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Either the huge discounts on these redesigned cars are because GM wants to get them out on the street or because they just aren't selling. Look at the Honda Pilot and Odyssey when they first came out - you either paid MSRP (or more than MSRP) or walked. A friend wanted a loaded Camry last year and went ballistic because he was afraid that the lousy $1,000 rebate might expire before he could get the car. He drove 200 miles to find one. The big city dealers especially in Southern California are discounting the Camry though. New ones are $17,900 in Albuquerque, NM. and the base Camry 4 is pretty well equipped. No wonder GM is having problems with the Malibu.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I know the malibusare selling a a better pace then the 2003 Malibus. Of course that is not saying much. You have to remember that buying public has gotten used to having rebates and discounts attached cars esp. the domestics. For the past 3 years they ave been flooding the market with them to move their cars. So while $1750 rebate may sound big, it's much smaller then what GM has been advertising over the past 2 years. I believe th goal is to ween people off rebates. Although I doubt that will happen any time soon. People are not read to pay full MSRP for a Chevy, no matter what GM believes.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, I have mentioned that before-here in Los Angeles you can get a Camry LE for $16,800.00 all day long. The "one only" Malibus I have seen in the paper are slightly more than that. So-the automotive press has pretty much said this Malibu is a good effort. It's a MUCH BETTER car than the model before. But they have also said that it is not up to Camry and Accord standards. And this isn't saying anything about it's love or hate it styling. I was looking at the new Malibu today, while I would consider buying one, I really do not care for the front of the car. The car does look better in the lighter colors, IMO. So whats the deal with GM trying to charge a higher price?
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I will probably get a Solara - Malibu just looks like a normal rental car -nothing to write home about, but I'll get a Solara 4. The Toyota Camry/Solara 6, unlike the Malibu 6 requires premium fuel and gas milage on the highway is 29 instead of 33. People who compare Camry and Malibu should take the premium fuel requirement into consideration with the price of gas nowadays.
  • A followup for LA, CA folks... My dealer experience was helped by going through the dealer's internet group, which migated most of the horsetrading bazzar nonsense. Still, finance managed to slip in a few extra last minute charges. The pathetic part was when the dealer begged me to classify my experience as "completely satisfied". They didn't get it.

    Chevy should learn some things from Saturn before the latter gets their Malibu Maxx clone in 2005.

    However, I have had three surveys and one phone survey regarding the Malibu since I bought it (two from Chevy and two from other research groups). Have others here been surveyed this much??
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I supppose that positive surveys help a dealer get incentives from GM down the road. If you put anything negative in it you will get a call from the dealer. I wouldn't submit any surveys through the dealer if I were you. I had a doctor once who used to send out letters soliciting bids on a particular car he wanted - this was in a big city where there were a number of competing dealerships all selling the same make. He got his bids back and the one that was lowest sold him the car. He knew the "invoice" price out of the books so he could tell if he was getting a decent deal. I wonder if that would still work. It sounds reasonable.
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    I received the standard mail survey from Chevrolet. I also received a call from GM wanting to know if I would have purchased a competitive brand if I did not have the credit from the GM card. How many vehicles I looked at, etc.
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