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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Chevy, Cadillac, GMC and Buick will survive. Good-bye Saturn, Pontiac and Saab.

    I am sure if you buy any GM car and GM survives , you will be able to get service at any GM dealership. I could take my Olds Aurora to any Chevrolet dealer and get it services after Olds closed. It was actually kind of nice because the nearest Olds dealer was another 5 miles away.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    Chevy, Cadillac, GMC and Buick will survive.

    That seems to be the most widespread opinion these days, and I can see
    a model or two in almost each one of the brands above -- a model that
    can give the brand at least a small chance of survival, e.g. Malibu
    and Silverado for Chevy. But Buick? Which Buick model makes that
    make a candidate for survival? Or you think it can be a winner in,
    say, China, without a single model being at least slightly ahead of
    the competition?

    Good-bye Saturn, Pontiac and Saab.

    Pontiac, on the other hand, has Vibe, G6, G8 and Solstice, which are,
    at least, interesting.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    I would love to see Pontiac make it here over Buick. But, as you said , Buick is big in China. I don't think any of the Chinese model are sold here, so why can't GM just do what Datsun\Nissan do and just change Buicks name to Pontiac in China.

    I think even if Pontiac goes away the G8 and Solstice will be transferred over to Chevy. I heard GM was selling it's stake in the joint venture with Toyota. So the Vibe will be discontinued.
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    Is $18500 OTD a good price for a new 09 Malibu LS base + side moldings + mats? MSRP is $21650. It's in California with 7.75% sales tax. Thanks a lot!
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,060
    No! Anything beyond $17,250 OTD is too much. By the way, a good way to upgrade is to buy the base LS and install after market (Katzkin) leather. That's what we did and we are extremely satisfied with the result. It only cost $1,300 more for the two-tone cocoa/cashmere combo.
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    Thanks. But the three dealers I went to would not lower even to $18300 OTD. Some insisted on selling at over $19000 OTD. And that's the low LS model. How can I make a good deal? Now it will very near the end of the year, will I get a better price? Thanks.
  • Just some food for thought. $18.5K OTD for a 2009 Base LS Malibu is pretty good. Comparing it to other base midsize sedans, that is a really good price. I bought a Accord LX automatc (base) for $20K OTD less then a year ago. Resale value is another factor to consider. How long will you keep the car?

    The new Malibu has held its value better then previous Malibu's, if you check on kbb. On the other hand, I have seen used 2008 Malibu LT1 and LT2 going for $18.5K OTD with about 10-15K miles on them. Something to consider. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time (over 5 years), I say go for the deal.

    Regardless, the Malibu is a very nice car.
  • Looking at an LT2, 6 cyl, sunroof for 22,400+TTL. What do you think?
  • I just purchased a black 2009 LTZ 6 cyl with sunroof for 22,600+TTL. Additionally I was able to use 3,117. of GM credit card $ and a 6,000 trade for a net cash cost of 13,483 + sales tax of 1,776.75. Very professional people at Conte in Freeport LI
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    $18.5K is the best I am getting. I am heading out now to buy it.
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    My wife and I just came back from John L. Sullivan Chevy dealer in Roseville, CA. The sale manager was unbelievably rude and drove us out the door by the rudeness. We agreed on a OTD of 18500 over the phone with a salesman, but we had a glitch at the dealership with the GM card credits. The manager just went ballistic after 15 min of trying to figure the problem out. We were called "terrorists" and "game players" among other things. Geez! We were just trying to figure out how to solve the problem so that we will have a new car and he would sell a new car. I read some reviews online about the dealership--most feedback were terrible. Now I know. Be aware of them.
  • I suggest Maita Chevy. The internet salesperson is a really good guy. I can give you his name. I think they are the best dealer in town. Mike Daugherty seems good too. Also, Micheal Stead Chevy in winters is good. They have some low prices. Good Luck.
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    Thanks, Mazda6dude! I will figure out the GM card issue when their office opens on Monday before I see a dealer. I visited the Davis dealer and they seemed to be nice but they didn't have the color my wife wanted. Thanks a lot!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    these are the kind of stories that give GM a bad name...yes an independent franchise..but if you dont represent the product name well...then you shouldnt be in this economic would think a sales manager would be VERY customer oriented in order to gain a sale......apparently not in this case....I would report the dealership actions to the GM customer service line......

    it seems apparent the sales manager was either not knowledgeable of the GM points or unwilling to do the work to research and correct the problem....and by his actions cost him a sale...
  • Just signed up on this forum specifically because of the pricing mentioned. I don't know where most of you live (I am in Grand Rapids Michigan), but anything over $17,500 OTD , you are being had. I have 2 quotes I rec'd yesterday for less than $17,000 for a 1LT w/ a 6 cyl engine, another for a rental return with 3007 miles on it for less than $16,000. Also, go to, punch in NEW, 2009 Malibu and you'll see a ton less than $18,000. Happy shopping Hal
  • I concur. I also made a deal and went there and they wouldn't honor it. They steered me to buy my Chevrolet from Performance Chevy in Sacramento. John L. Sullivan Roseville Toyota is just as bad.

    Btw, Performance Chevrolet has the best service department in the area. Sullivan's and Daugherty's service departments do poor work.
  • famusfamus Posts: 9
    I wonder who would buy a GM car now without some GM card credits. With the new car warranty potentially invalidated due to the collapse, the value of the car is substantially less than invoice. The sales service was completely opposite of customer oriented. We calmly asked a few questions and proposed a few solutions to resolve the issue. But the sales manager would not even let us speak! I guess it is a trained dealer strategy to intimidate a customer (we were docile looking I guess), but it totally didn't work toward closing a deal. From what I know, they didn't sell a single Malibu in the two-week period I searched their inventory. I just don't understand what their logic is. Enough ranting. Happy holidays, everyone!
  • I am not sure where you are seeing this kind of pricing. I went to ebaymotors myself today (the 29th), typed 2009 Malibus and checked for new ones, and I found exactly three Malibus less than $18.6k. One had nearly 500 miles on it, the other two well over 1,000 miles. This was not even a geographic search - it was nationwide.

    I am in western NY and if you offered 17.5 for a 2009 1LT here, you'd be escorted off the dealership lot by security. Too many classified ads and other pricing which started in newspapers makes a lot of assumptions when it comes to GM cars. The bottom line price is good only if:

    1) You are trading in a lease.
    2) You are putting down $2-3k for a down payment or trade
    3) You are a member of the armed services.
    4) You are buying a car from the same dealer you bought the last one from.

    That's because that price is valid only when you meet all of the four above conditions. Oh, and usually that price is good for the white or black car.

    I generally ignore these kinds of "ads" and "sales" in the newspaper and try and focus on the invoice price minus rebates and then work from there to argue over dealer profit.

    The "red tag" pricing deal also has some of our dealers saying the negotiation is already done for you in the price. That's not usually true with most, of course, but they are using that in their arguments. Another hurdle to overcome.

    We have dealers locally that are simply not going to lose money just to move a car. They will tell you honestly they cannot do business on your terms and will themselves end the negotiations and show you the door. I think the marketplace in different areas and the costs of doing business can make a lot of difference in pricing. My experience has been, in this area, you can usually get a GM dealer to do a deal for $200-400 over invoice (factoring in rebates as well), but that's about it. I see in suburban DC and Virginia lower pricing on some vehicles than is possible in this market, but then it comes down to convenience and time as to whether it's worth it to you.

    I despise car shopping because I hate the games and the nonsense. I probably am not getting the best possible deal I could, if I bought my car from a dealer 100 miles away I spent days or weeks trying to argue down a few hundred bucks, but it's just not worth the time, aggravation, and stress to me. I don't buy base, which is often where some of the mass market deal competition is. I will walk into one or two dealerships with the invoice price (note that with GM, some of the supplier/employee discount pricing does NOT work with GM Card points unless you have their special GM Family & Friends card) and armed with the rebates, and then argue over how much more they'll get from me for profit. And then I'll say no to the finance guy who will try and pad extras, and will arrange for my own financing in advance and let him or her try and beat it if they can so I don't find my loan rate jacked up.

    And then I'll be glad it's over and done with.
  • TomNYTomNY Posts: 8
    I'm in western NY also (Rochester) and found the local dealers to be fairly inflexible on their prices also. I ended up buying it from Simmons-Rockwell in Bath NY (about an hour and a half away) and ended up buying a LTZ for $400 more than I was quoted for a LT1 in town. They were a pleasure to work with.
  • I am also in Rochester and was contemplating Simmons-Rockwell myself. Any advice for dealing with them Tom? Did you initiate contact online or by phone or just schlep down to Bath. Also, what kind of wheeling and dealing did you have to do to get them down in price. How much lower do you think one can get from their website pricing to their actual pricing. And did you deal with an Internet contact there or just a regular salesperson.

    I'd love to get as much info as possible, as I am not adverse to heading on a road trip for a decent deal.
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