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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for sharing your buying experience.
    Our salesman also factored in the rebate in his initial offer. I inmediately pointed it out. Ugh!

    Can't sales people learn to spot informed/educated buyers so that we can all cut the BS and save time? I've spent over 6hrs spread over 2 days to close the deal.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    You got a good deal, read my post #99 mine came to 11K I had the money from the totaled car in my pocket. Cost me $5500 the wife came up with the other $5500 after all its her car lol.
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    We got our 2004 on Monday...last day of the 4K rebate I think. We bought the base LS at $22,305 sticker and then got 4K off for the Chevy rebate and another 2K from the our price was about 16K. I had to shop at two different dealers and spend 3 plus hours at each...but I think the end result was worth it.

    We traded in a 2002 Axiom (4WD) that has a KBB value of about my numbers above were assuming they gave me the KBB value for my Axiom (which I believe they did).
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    welcome to our small but growing Maxx forum here....congrats on your purchase
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Can't get my wife out of her Malibu, 1k in 9 days it's now slowing down a bit.
  • Is there anyone that has financed from GMAC without using the 0% rate?

    My understanding is that you can select either the $3500 rebate, or 0% and $1500. However, it also appears that if you get standard financing through GMAC, you can get the $3500 rebate and the $1500 Bonus cash. In that case, does anyone have any idea what the rate would be?

    It appears that Raybee (Post #125) got an interest rate of 2.1%, which is pretty good. That in combination with a $5k rebate would be an excellent bargain.

  • Just clocked 800 mi on my Maxx LT and was wondering if I am the only one having a chime go off and the info screen flashing "Check Gas Cap". This has happened twice so far. I check the cap and it seems OK. The manual states this condition will clear after a few trips, which it did the first time. Now it has started again and I just clear the message by hitting the "Enter Button" and just ignore it. I will mention this when I take the vehicle in for it's first service. So far I think the Maxx is a honey of a car and extremely satisfied with it. My out the door cost loaded was $19000 with rebates and GM Card ernings for this top of the line LT.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    did you make sure that the cap clicked several times...when you tightened it....I beleive you must insure that to insure a good vacuum seal...which might be setting off your light....I havent had the problem....anyone else???
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I posted a response in Malibu Problems and Solutions Area
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Any large fuel system leak will set off the gas cap warning , it just means there is a leak and GM has found the most likely cause is a loose cap. The computer would not know if the gas cap was loose, just that you have a fuel system leak some where.
  • We're set to take delivery of a new Maxx tomorrow.

    Silver, LT w/1SB, DVD system & Six disk CD changer.

    MSRP: $26,925
    Price: $24,837

    We're trading in our 02 Venture LS, and they've allowed us Edmund's trade in value.

    I've decided to finance through GMAC with a 7.99% rate, and will refinance later at my Credit Union. This allows me to get the $5000 rebate ($3500 + $1500 Bonus cash). The dealer says that I can refinance anytime, so I'll be checking the paperwork carefully before I sign to make sure thay aren't making a mistake (I don't intend to get stuck with this high rate for long).

    We test drove it a couple of weeks ago, and my wife was looking at a black one. However, my new Blazer is black, and shows dirt overnight. Thus, she decided that Silver would be fine.

  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    I've seen posts that refer to total rebates of $5000 and $5500. Here in Boston, the rebates are showing up as $4500 total ($3500 from GM plus $1000 from GMAC).

    Could someone please provide more info on that extra $500-1000 that is being referred to.

    In Boston, for an LS with 1SA I've found:

    MSRP 22,305
    Dlr. Disc. 2,806
    Rebate 3,500
    GMAC rebate 1,000

    Net: 14,999
  • Go to the website, and select Current Offers. Then select a different region, such as the Midwest. If there are different offers, you'll see them there.

    In the Midwest, the offers in effect last week were $3500 rebate and $1500 in Bonus GMAC cash if you financed through GMAC. Oddly enough, there is absolutely no pre-payment penalty, so we intend to refinance at about half the GMAC rate (7.99% vs 4.05%) with our Credit Union.

  • mfletouvamfletouva Posts: 166
    Is that at Quirk?
  •  I live in Louisiana (Louisiana Driver's License), the Special offer and incentive for a Malibu says $3500.00 (with an * refering that the GMAC bonus is included) or the different APR plus the $500.00. Let says I do not want the the "GMAC prefered aprs" Am I going to get $3,500.00 rebate or $4,000.00?. Also, one of the dealersships I have been dealing with is in Gulfport,Mississipi in a county where Chevrolet/GMAC is offering a better rebate ($4000/$1000). If I bought the Malibu form this last dealership Will I get the higher rebate? or I will get one for Louisiana. Please let me know I am almost ready to close my deal.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Yes, Quirk. $299 doc fee sours it a bit.

    Prices are coming down in the area. I sent out powerbuy price requests to a bunch of dealers. Most came back around 17,5 for an LS with 1SA. When I emailed them back with Quirk's ad price, a few came back with offers in the 15,5-15,7 range (along with the obligatory Quirk bashings).

    We've been looking since Friday, but we still have not seen a single Maxx on any road, highway, or parking lot from the NH to NJ.......
  • walletwallet Posts: 38

    Thanks. I had already checked out the different geographic offers. What I was wondering about was Madmaxx's rebate of $5500, which I couldn't find anywhere, including WA state.

    Was thinking it might be 4500 current (3500 GM + 1000 GMAC) + 1000 Olds loyalty??? Is that possible....?
  • Hi, Wallet -

    There is another way.

    Many Chevy dealerships have special $500 coupons that GM provides in order to close deals.

    I have been the recipient of two such coupons. When we purchased our '02 Venture, the dealership 'found' an extra $500 that was applied as a rebate at the time of purchase.

    In July, I purchased an '04 Blazer, and the rebates totalled $5500, not the $5000 that was shown on the web site the day I bought the vehicle. When I asked the dealership about it, they explained that GM had a special program for making close deals work.

    Informally, I have heard that dealerships are awarded these coupons based on their sales, with between five and ten awarded to the high volume stores.

    I don't know if that is how Madmaxx got the $5500, but it seems reasonable.

  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Thanks Steven! good info to know

    So that's where that extra $500 rebate came from when we bought our Tahoe back in late June. We had reached an impasse and I was just walking out, when the sales rep ran to the front desk and found us a different Tahoe with more options for a few $ less. On the BoS, it listed a total of $5500 in rebates when $5k was the max at the time. My Dad's theory was that they had fudged the numbers/facts and had slipped me a recent grad or military rebate to make the sale.

    When I had previously spoken with the sales manager, he had mentioned that they can sometimes call in to corporate and 'persuade' GM to throw an extra 'coupon' their way on a case-by-case/day-by-day basis (this is the 5th largest Chevy dealership in the US). I had been led to believe that it was partly dependent on the vehicle sitting on the lot for an extra long time.
  • madmaxxmadmaxx Posts: 44
    MadMaxx here--
    My $5,500 rebate is broken out as follows:
    $3,500 from GM.
    $1,500 from GMAC + 6.49% interest rate.
    $500 Seattle Seafair "Bonus Cash". I was told by several dealers the the bonus cash would end the 17th (yesterday).
    Maxx LS with floor mats.
    Window sticker $22,305
    Dealer discount -2,506
    Rebates -5,500
    Net Price $$14,299
    Hope this helps.
    I just finished my first road trip. Even with the Seattle I-5 traffic, I computed 32.8mpg!
    Very Happy with my new Maxx.
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