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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Share your RAV4 purchase experience here.

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  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    Anyone bought a 2004 RAV4 recently?

    How much did you pay?

    Is invoice + $100 doable?

  • Can anyone tell me how much each one cost? And which one is better in durability? I appreciate any and all responses!

    BTW, how much is APR rates if my credit is 758? My uncle said about 4% but I just want to make sure before I negotiate with my dealer.

    I appreciate your help!
  • celica115celica115 Posts: 169
    Unlike Honda and Subaru, nobody would like to share RAV4 purchase experience here.

    I checked on many web sites, it seems like we can't get the RAV4 under invoice.
  • I bought a 2004 RAV4 in December. At that time, the dealers were all eager to sell me one. I used the Internet to check their inventory. On average, a dealer had about 10 in stock, so the supply was excellent.

    I got a RAV4 L 4WD with side curtain bags and other options. The MSRP is about 25.2K. I paid about 22.7K (excluding tax, title, etc.).

    I heard people could get one under invoice.

    The key is to have the cash ready, let the dealers know that you want one by the end of 1/2004, and will only pay for the invoice.

    Note that you need to calculate your own invoice price. Some dealers add bogus fees like "ad fees" to their invoice.
  • celica115celica115 Posts: 169
    There is 2.9% APR for 60 months this month. I may take this advantage. I am comparing the price for the RAV4 and CRV. The CRV EX is almost 2K more than a RAV AWD auto. I am going to try to get their invoice price. Hopefully under 20K with Destination Charge.

    One thing I don't like the RAV4 is too many options. Please give me some advice.

    1/What is the different between V5 (V.I.P R3200 Plus Security System) and V3?
    2/Is keyless entry requied for either V3 or V5?
    3/Should I get the Anti-Theft System w/Engine Immobilizer?
  • The key is to find a car on a dealer's lot that has the options you want. For example, here is an 2004 RAV4 4WD auto with the following options:


    According to this site, the MSRP is $21,930, and the invoice is $19,982.

    If you want the keyless entry and security, you may need to buy one with the "L" upgarde and other options that will bring the MSRP to $25K+.

    I believe you need to get KE in order to get the V5 (my car has both). I don't have V5 or Engine Immobilizer.

    Security systems can reduce your insurance cost; check with your ins. company.

    I would buy the base model and install the security system later if needed.
  • I don't have the V3 or the PN (Anti-Theft System w/Engine Immobilizer) option.

    The 2004 RAV4 is very nice and a good value if you buy the base model (no "L" package, aluminum wheels, and side air bags). It has more standard safety features than the CR-V EX.

    Beside the side air bags, you can add the aluminum wheels, rear spoiler, etc. later when you have more budget to customize your RAV4.
  • I will be buying in the next month. Keep going back to the Highlander 6 Cyl AWD but don't really want or need that 3rd seat. The Rav is getting my attention. I am looking at a loaded sports edition AWD w/ leather pkg. What can I expect to pay ? Also, will I have a problem finding this vehicle in stock ?
  • Ohmygosh... I am also about ready to buy and have found Edmunds perfect for getting pricing. I also spent time surfing the local dealers websites for availability and pricing. I test drove the Highlander and determined it was more vehicle I needed. RAV4 are running around the low to mid $20s for the loaded versions here in Richmond, VA.

    Happy shopping
  • I believe this combination is rare. If it can be ordered from Japan, then a dealer can order it for you. Be prepare to pay close to MSRP (or more) once the dealer knows that you want this car badly. The dealer may require you to put down some deposit to make sure you won't change your mind when the car arrives.
  • I paid $24K for a loaded 2004 RAV4 AWD; the MSRP was $26.6K. A factory order was my only choice; certain options like side airbags were unavailable anywhere in California. Now I've got a RAV4 equipped unlike anyone else in CA! My philosophy is simple: if you're gonna spend 20K or more on a new vehicle, make sure you get exactly what you want. Take the time to research and pick the options you want (Toyota's options can sometimes be a bit confusing); you can select up to 15 options on a factory ordered vehicle. Then sit back and be patient: it's a 3 month wait.
  • I was in a car wreck and had a Corolla, I wanted a Toyota and wanted a SUV, so I searched the Toyota site and local dealers also on Edmunds and any search engine I could find to look up more info on the RAV4--I went to three local dealers and looked at the 2004 models and they also had a 2001 and 2002 on the lot, I was able to get a '04 but it would have left me a bit tight money wise, if the best deal was the '04 I was going for it-all the research I did, I printed and had a large folder also, I ended up getting the '01 model it had only 9,830 miles, it was certified and it had the roof rack,mud guards, tinted windows,air conditioning and I had them put in a keyless entry alarm with auto start, the money I save on insurance will pay the alarm system in no time....I live in NY, we get the insurance discounts.......the '04 has a larger engine and more horsepower then the '01 but I am not going to a race track that the faster motor will really make a difference...the RAV4 is in tip top shape and I also took out an extended warranty on it also---the RAV4 cost me $15,900 and it saved me $7,000 if I bought the new model....from the outside you can not tell what year it is and I can deal with the smaller if u want to be able to compare what years are better, do the research and figure which one is better for your needs, then go into the dealer and u make the deal not them, I told them what I was looking for and how much I was not going to pay, if they can help me great if not good bye......I feel I got a great deal and I am very happy with my RAV4---good luck to all........
  • chrizchriz Posts: 3
    I bought my RAV4 model 2004 and paid 40.000 US $...that may sound MIGHTY expensive, but in Denmark that's the price -and then it only comes with the frontseats because of some government tax rules (you are not allowed more than 2 people and to make sure of that they rip out the seats in the back and fine you to death if they catch you doing any tricks!!)...if I wanted (or rather could afford) the RAV with backseats....I would have to pay: 69.000 US$!!!!!
    If I had gone for the Landcruiser VX100 with 4 seats: 210.000 US$
  • Why so expensive? Is Denamrk protecting the local car makers?
  • chrizchriz Posts: 3
    We have no local car makers in Denmark. Our neighbours, Sweden and Germany, are doing just fine while all we seem to do here is add taxes upon taxes which makes this country a living nightmare for car when I read about you guys complaining about RAV4's at a price of 20 K's - you have to understand if I don't sympathize!!!
    On top of the "knock out" price for my RAV4 I have to pay the yearly insurance of 1400 US$ and another yearly tax of 1500 US$ for all adds up!
    Gas here in Denmark is 1,2 Dollars a liter.....don't know the calculation into gallons -but expensive anyways!
    Writing all this makes me wonder if getting that car was such a good idea after all!!!
  • Good thing you have a Toyota. Perhaps the most reliable car line today. I also own a VW Jetta. To-date it's had 22 parts failures, but I love it. If I paid $40,000 for it I would drive it through the VW dealers front window.
  • Well we just bought our FWD RAV-4 with these options Roof rack w/ center rails
    16" aluminum wheels
    keyless entry with 3 button comf tone
    front and rear mudgards
    rear privacy glass
    removable non retractable tonneau cover
    prefered accessory package
    convienience package
    towing reciever hitch
    auto dimming mirror with compass
    VIP RS3200 plus security system

     for $18900
    $20000 even TAX, Title, fees out the door.
    $4000 under sticker and a fair amount under invoice for my area. Norfolk, VA.

    Despite that i would have rather had the Honda CR-V but my Wife wanted this one for some reason.We could'nt get the Honda dealers to budge that much on price but the toyota dealerships seemed to be having trouble getting the Rav-4 off there lots. We were offered quite a few deals. I have only had the car now a few days and while i enjoy the ride the lack of space is killing me and the interior wich is much prettier than the CR-vs seemed made for a smaller person perfect for my wife a little cramped for me. How is everyone else enjoying there vehacle so far.
  • hoodyhoody Posts: 25
    Drench ... can you post the dealers name or number there in Norfolk?... I'm about 90 miles west of you (Pburg area) I checked with CarMax and they didn't have a price like that....
  • hoodyhoody Posts: 25
    BTW What is the "prefered accessory package
    convienience package"? is this like the "L" Model?
  • We purchased it threw checkered toyota you may also want to check out priority toyota. Priority also was dealing hard on the rav-4 they gave a simular deal on a sport package with moonroof. I belive it was 20990 out the door. And gave us the impression they would of gone lower but the car was the wrong color and checkered offered us this deal so we just took it.

    We negotiated both times with the carsDirect internet salesmen. The negotiations were pretty smooth everytime we tryed to leave to look at the honda CR-v for comparisons they would comeback with a lower price. Just tell them you are ready to buy that day. They seem very eager to get the Rav-4's out the door. Seems to be a norfolk thing, does'nt seem to be much use for SUV's here.
    Anyway good luck

    P.S. The prefered package is just floor mats, first aid and cargo nets nothing spectactular convenience package on the other hands puts in a nice stainless steel step up tube looks real nice. And stainless steel racing petals. Mostly superficial stuff. That make the car looke more fresh and sporty.
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